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Dana Loesch says the quiet part out loud

Did you ever wonder how Herschel Walker got so close to winning a senate seat in Georgia in spite of his massive hypocrisy, lies and traumatic brain injuries?

It’s because the Republican voters in Georgia have only one thing on their minds:

The thing that bothers me about this clip, well, there are a lot of things that bother me about this clip, is the concept of using women’s bodies as stepping stones to unlimited power to do whatever the f}%^ they want once they get into power.

By the way, tax dollars do not pay for abortions. See “Hyde Amendment”. Been that way for decades, Dana, though I know of at least one Republican who didn’t know this. So I’m assuming that it’s a fairly common misconception among her audience.

Still doesn’t change the fact that women are being used by people of bad intent to take over the country.

All the more reason to vote them all out and keep them out until the flame of fascism burns itself out.


14 Responses

  1. Republicans have no moral line. There is nothing that goes too far for them. They will do anything to win. Cheat, prevent voting, overturn the election results. They will lie about everything, and put up with anything that their candidates say or do. It is an insane greed and religious fervor which excuses whatever they do, because they have convinced themselves that the Democrats are the party of the devil.

    This is obviously the darkest time in American history, with a tyrannical religious sect seeking to gain and hold absolute power. Democrats must not be that way, but they need to go further than they might feel comfortable with in their campaign ads, in order to fight against it.

  2. they need to go further than they might feel comfortable with in their campaign ads, in order to fight against it.

    IMO, we are still fighting the Obama “when they go low we go high” bullshit. It did not help then, and it certainly will not help now.

  3. There have been very strong ads run against Herschel Walker. Ads that show his profound ignorance and his pathological lies. Ads that show his ex-wife talking about his attempts to kill her by putting a gun to her head. None of that seems to matter to his supporters. He continues to be in a close race with Raphael Warnock, a man who has led an exemplary life. What more can be done to demonstrate that Walker is unfit for office? We have to face the fact that we are living in a bizarre new world where the old norms no longer matter to a certain percentage of the population. They are brainwashed cult followers who can’t be reasoned with. What we can do as Democrats is vote in greater numbers. There are more of us than there are of them. We need to do everything possible to get out the vote.

  4. Most people are familiar with the ‘fight or flight’ acute stress response to danger. But there is a third response that is less well known: ‘freeze’. The freeze response is especially common in regards to repeated trauma. The body and mind become immobilized as a way of self protection. People shut down, they withdraw, they ‘play dead’.

    Our society is in a constant state of hyperarousal in response to acute stress. This acute stress comes from many sources and predates the Trump years. Trump, who is perceptive on a primitive level, was able to tap into the ‘fight’ response among some voters and his doppelgangers continue to do so with alarming success. But far too many Americans are caught in the ‘freeze’ response. They give up, they withdraw, they don’t vote. (What can be done about this? Ideas?)

    Most Democratic leaders appear to not even recognize the acute stress that Americans are experiencing. The few who do attempt to create a safer environment through legislation which is then blocked by the usual suspects.

    My hope is that if Democrats are successful in holding the House and gaining seats in the Senate, legislation (hello, Build Back Better with teeth!) will be passed that will ease the acute stress that so many people are experiencing. People will feel safer. Then we can move out of the ‘fight or flight or freeze’ response to danger. A society where people feel safe, both collectively and individually, is not apt to be attracted to fascism.

    Let us repair our world.

    • What can be done about this? Ideas?

      Use Aussie voting rules:

      Australia has compulsory voting, in which all citizens over the age of eighteen are required to vote at elections. Only nineteen countries in the world have compulsory voting. Australia introduced compulsory voting in 1924 – at the election held two years previously, only 59.39% of eligible voters had voted.

      • A very good idea. I am in favor of compulsory voting but the question is how can it be done here? Perhaps beginning with one state or local government? It would no doubt be challenged as unconstitutional by those who want to limit the vote. The current Supreme Court would not be favorable to us. One more reason to expand the Court.

        • A cautionary note: my recollection is that voting was compulsory in the USSR, as well. 100% turnout isn’t everything.

  5. OPEC has announced that it will cut production of oil by two billion barrels a day beginning in November. Does anybody doubt that this is a step by what is the actual axis of evil, to help Republicans win the midterms?

    Everything Trump did in office can be seen as part of the alliance among him, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. The stolen documents are part of it, too, and the two billion dollars Saudi Arabia gave to Kushner. There is a cartel, not just the oil cartel, which wants to rule the world. Of course the Saudis were big friends of the Bushes, too, and Iran worked with Reagan and Bush to hold on to the hostages in 1976. This is the story the mainstream media will not delve into, but you can bet that as gas prices go up now, they will be all over that, and how this will destroy Democrats’ election chances. The causal connection is ignored. The American voters are played for willing suckers in this game.

  6. Another reason that Walker is doing so well despite his incompetence and immorality is that many supporters don’t want competence and could care less about his morality. They want government to fail. They stupidly think that they will be better off the more the status quo goes off the rails. They don’t want decent competent people in charge. That would be no fun. They want things to blow up. They have no respect for governance or the public good.

  7. Couldn’t not could, or whatever you prefer

    • lililam, you are right, of course; but as we know, from elementary school days, one sometimes said, “I could care less!” as sort of sarcasm, the opposite meaning of the statement. Sort of like, ‘That’s really great!, when you mean it is not. Anyway, that’s my excuse. 😉

  8. A new SurveyUSA poll released today shows Warnock with a 12-point lead over Walker (50% to 38%). Women voters favor Warnock 57% to 28%. The poll was conducted between Sept. 30th and Oct. 4th.

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