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    Propertius on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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The Fool

I don’t know what else to call this post. The topic for today is why should we believe that the FBI planted evidence at Mar-A-Lago?

Yesterday, Judge Aileen Cannon once again demonstrated just how unfit she is for the office she holds by putting her thumb on the scales for Trump. Special Master, Judge Dearie, asked Trump to be specific about the documents that were collected at Mar-A-Lago on August 8, 2022. He wanted Trump to detail exactly which ones were declassified and what was taken from the residence. In other words, put up or shut up about whether the documents were declassified and inventory all of the items that were Trump’s and all the things on the inventory that were not Trump’s. The assertion that Trump is making is that some of the items recovered were not originally among the documents he took.

Judge Cannon said, “yeah, Trump doesn’t have to do that. AND we’re extending the deadline to sometime in December to get all Trump’s challenges heard. That drags this whole process out a lot longer. You’re welcome!”

There’s just one little problem with the new big lie that the FBI planted evidence at MAL (it’s too long to type it out with the hyphens. I’m going to the abbreviation from now on). This is the argument that I’ve heard from career prosecutors in espionage cases. It goes like this:

The documents that were recovered were so secret that some FBI agents aren’t even allowed to know about them. That makes them unuseable as evidence during trial. That’s right. You can’t present this evidence to a jury that doesn’t have the right level of security clearance.

So, recovery of TS/SCI documents from MAL is irrelevant from the prosecution standpoint. If the FBI was going to plant evidence, it wouldn’t be nuclear defense type stuff that requires compartmentalization and “need to know” stipulations. That would be foolish. It doesn’t help their case and they couldn’t bring an indictment because there would be no way to present the actual evidence. It would have been a colossal waste of time, money, resources etc etc etc. No evidence means no conviction. From what I understand, that’s not how DOJ works.

They’re not stupid.

We can only assume that Trump thinks his base are fools.

Only the dumbest f{#%s in America are going to believe that the FBI intentionally planted evidence at MAL that it can’t use.

If they’re going to prosecute, they’ll most likely use something lower down in the classification scheme as evidence and for that, it recovered 43 empty folders. It’s almost as if someone knew what could and couldn’t be used as evidence and got rid of the stuff that was the most prosecutable. I could be wrong about that because Trump doesn’t appear to be the smartest bulb in the pack. But he does have an uncanny knack for running out the clock. That’s why Judge Cannon is so handy.

Nevertheless, Dearie released those 100 secret and top secret documents to the FBI and they’re doing a criminal investigation. I guess we’ll see what they come up with. Hopefully they’ll have fingerprints and DNA traces and will know exactly who’s seen the secrets that no one should have been seeing. The actual contents might not be knowable but the illegal exposure? There’s probably something there or they wouldn’t bother.

Fortunately for the FBI, they didn’t have to plant anything. The Fool had it in his office for the last year and a half.


5 Responses

  1. Somehow none of this proved to be an impediment to the convictions of the Rosenbergs, Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanson, or Jonathan Pollard and his wife. Espionage prosecutions almost always result in convictions. DoJ, and especially FBI counterintelligence, has a long record of obtaining convictions in cases like this (although none were as politically charged as this one). The Classified Information Procedures Act allows redacted documents and unclassified summaries of classified documents to be presented to an uncleared jury as evidence.

    Yeah, he might skate but it won’t be because the prosecutors don’t have a way of introducing the evidence against him.

    • I’m sure you’re right. I think the difference between Trump and all those other people you cited is that we don’t yet have proof that he transmitted the materials to someone not authorized to see them.

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