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Aileen Cannon Is A Corrupt Judge

That is the essence of it. She is corrupt. There are not many corrupt judges, but there are certainly some. And Trump, and the Heritage Foundation, and all those forces which have risen in the last decades, want corrupt judges, on their side, of course.

A judge can be corrupt in various ways. Taking money is the most obvious form, but there are other enticements to corruption. The promise of advancement and fame. Being part of a political or social or religious sect whom you believe you are helping by your favorable decisions. The corruption comes from judges simply deciding cases based on whom they want to help, whom they want to defeat.

Probably most corrupt judges do not see themselves that way, not like various ones in Western movies who good-naturedly admit that they can be bought. I would say that Judge Cannon can convince herself that she is doing the right thing. She is protecting Trump. She is worried about his “reputational damage.” She doesn’t trust the DOJ, and the FBI. She thinks that Trump is more important than anyone else, so must be accorded rights that no one else has.

The corruption is in that, and more. She is so biased that she says that there is doubt as to which or any of the documents he stole (a word which of course she doesn’t use) are classified; so it must be decided by a Special Master, whom she manages to retain the ability to fire at any time. Now, the only evidence is that various documents were marked as Classified. She thus does not believe the markings? Oh, she would never say that overtly, but that is the import.

As to the absurdity that Trump somehow declassified all of these documents, this has never been alleged in any of the filings. He says it on television, a week after he first said that they were planted by the FBI. And he says it to someone who is on his side and will never question him. But he is very careful never to say it in a judicial document, nor have any of his attorneys said that. They don’t want to be disbarred, or put in jail.

But Cannon says that there is doubt. Based on nothing but her love of Trump, and whatever promises she made to him to get her appointed in his last few months in office, and of course her allegiance to Heritage, and the Federalist Society.

The idea of judicial oversight is dependent on judges following the law, following precedent, treating everyone equally, and actually trying to make the fairest decision. Cannon and the other corrupt Trump judges do not do that. The infuriating problem is that the legal system is such that a judge can do almost anything from the bench, and get away with it. She or he can come up with some ridiculous argument, and just cloak it in language so that the supporters of that position will feel gratified and righteous.

The only protection society has is that the judges are intelligent and honorable people who do their best. If that is not true, we have some kind of totalitarian state which pretends that it is not one.

The rather amazing thing is that Trump and his forces were able to get this case out of the DC courts and over to his handpicked judicial fixer, Cannon. They apparently did that by filing a case for return of property, and getting another jurisdiction. It seems to me that Garland and the DOJ did not handle this as well as they had to, knowing whom they were dealing with, but that just my opinion from the bleachers.

I do respect attorneys like Andrew Weissmann, Neal Katyal, Asha Rangappa, and most of the others who are guests on MSNBC. But they have often continued to believe that Cannon cannot possibly be so bad as to ignore the facts and the law. Barbara McQuade, another highly respected legal mind, said that DOJ offered Cannon an off-ramp, and she did not take it.

Well, that is the point. She is corrupt. It is like saying that you thought you had a deal with the mafia, but they broke it. They are the mafia., they are not to be trusted. Cannon was, from the outset, from the minute that Trump’s people got the case to her, completely on his side. She would do whatever he wanted. So why would they think that she would let DOJ have access to the marked Classified documents, so as to protect against the very real danger that they said the country was in, if they could not work on the case?

That is not how she is. The respected legal minds are the ones who out of trust, and decency, and the belief that any judge who takes an oath will try to follow it, kept hoping or even assuming that she would not make decisions like a crooked mafia-employed or gangster-bought judge of earlier eras.

But that is what we are confronted with. These are people who somehow have what is like a religious fervor, and nothing is able to permeate that. Cannon is, and will always be, a…handmaiden? worshipper? political asset? of Trump and the MAGAS. Again, from the stands, I would have immediately appealed her first decision, to get this out of her hands. Yes, the 11th Circuit may be corrupted, but some Trump-appointed judges have ruled against Trump. And as awful as the Supreme Court is, I still can’t quite believe that they would rule for Trump in this case. If they did, they would change the law for many years, and give free tickets to many criminals besides Trump.

Of course, that might be a year away. The major goal of Judge Cannon was to stall this. By so doing, she tied the hands of the FBI and other bodies to protect the information in those documents. Our agents abroad, our data, information about criminals, foreign and domestic. All intended by Cannon to be stymied, in order that she could protect what matters to her: Trump, and her chances of being on the Supreme Court, and her keeping high standing in the land of MAGA.

At long last, will people stop believing that anything good ever comes out of these people? They are agents of our domestic enemy. They believe in a theocratic and autocratic state. They are willing to do anything they can do achieve this. The idea that they are corrupt is anathema to them; they believe that their enemies, the liberals, the Democrats, now the DOJ and the FBI, whom their forces are threatening with violence, are the corrupt ones.

We have to somehow find ways to work around them, over them; win enough elections to try to change the court, as immense a task as that is. But not trust them, or hope that they will adhere to the gravity of their positions, and have a regard for hundreds of years of jurisprudence. Because that is outside of the boundaries of their corrupt natures. Cannon, and most of the Secret Service detail of Trump; and most of his cabinet, and all those others still wreaking their damage, wherever they were situated by him. The poisoned seeds of his tree.