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    Propertius on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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Newty Newt Newters

I never trusted Newt Gingrich, even since my school board days. He always got my inner cult awareness watchman’s attention. You wanna know why we are so divided as a nation? Newt. You wanna know how he did it? Look up “Language, a Key Mechanism of Control” that GOPAC used as its standard operating procedures manual. Newt did that.

If there’s one person in America who embodies pure malice in the pursuit of power, it’s Newt. He understands how to push the buttons of lazy minds.

Well, it turns out he was behind a lot of the rhetoric undermining the results of the 2020 election as well and the 1/6 committee wants him to testify. Good luck with that. I doubt he’ll sit for anything without a subpoena and a long drawn out fight.

Fortunately for the committee, Newt was arrogant enough to write it all down in email format and the committee has copies:

Trump infuriated me. But Newt Gingrich makes me feel genuine hatred for the man. If I had a voodoo doll, it would be of Newt Gingrich and I would wish unending Bad luck on his bloated body.

Some people deserve only a tiny soupçon of mercy. Newt Gingrich isn’t one of them.

Deplorable Fascists

Do you remember when Hillary Clinton used the word “deplorables”? She said that about 25% of the Trump supporters fell into that category. She was being generous, as is usually her way.

And the media went crazy. She was condemned and mocked for saying that. It was called mean-spirited and unprofessional. Trump supporters went around online calling themselves “Deplotable John” or “Deplorable Marge.” The media told us that this was a terrible mistake by Clinton, and could cost her the Presidency.

It didn’t cost her the Presidency. James Comey did, and a few others like Mark Zuckerberg. But it was a shocking display of how much the media hated her, and would do anything they could to paint her as the bad person, as against an insane, stupid, malicious would-be fascist. Yes, fascist.

And over the years, we have seen that 25% was very low. We have seen a violent attack on the Capitol, with hundreds of people trying to kill police officers, looking to murder Pelosi and Pence. We saw a plot to kidnap and kill Gretchen Whitmer.

We listen to daily threats and calls for violence and civil war. Hourly, really. And yet when President Biden actually does talk about this, the media cannot wait to call him “unpresidential,” and wonder if the speech will help Republicans. Actually, the media always “wonders” if what a Democratic leader says or does will help Republicans. They wondered if the FBI “raid” on Mar-a-Lago would help Republicans. Generally, they would far rather speculate about whether Republicans are helped, than about any of the essence of what is happening in our country.

We know that the Republicans, even leaders like Kevin McCarthy, and of course Trump, incessantly call Democrats names like “libs,” “dangerous Leftists,” “people who want to take away your freedom,” “Communists,” “socialists,” “woke,” “groomers,” “pedophiles,” and the Hitler and Goebbels standard, “enemies of the people.” Their forces go to every event chanting “Let’s go, Brandon,” their joke meaning “F— you, Biden.” This is almost never criticized by the media, it seems to be something that the Radical Right is allowed to do by the rules that the media has set up.

They even use the word “fascism” to describe “Democratic ideas. No one commented about that. Their goal is to use every word of opprobrium possible, as a weapon, as brainwashing propaganda, and as a protection against being called any of it. “The Democratic fascists and Leftist revolutionaries are calling US fascists?”

But woe betide any Democrat, particularly a leader, who tries to tell Americans how dangerous and violent and insurrectionary “some Republicans” are. Actually, it is much more than “some,” it is probably 80% or more of them. Biden used the term “mainstream Republicans” last night, to try to draw a distinction. But can we name any “mainstream Republicans”? Maybe the small group of “Never Trumpers” in the media. But in office? Cruz? Hawley? Graham? Grassley? DeSantis, very likely their next nominee?

If ever I have seen a fascist in office, it is DeSantis. He finds ways to remove people who were elected to positions in Florida. He stacks a grand jury to use to remove some of them. He accuses them of disloyalty to him. He tries and basically succeeds in turning classrooms in his state into theocratic right-wing laboratories. He gets math books banned by claiming that they are teaching unacceptable doctrines, when he really wanted to give the book contracts to his allies.

If DeSantis is ever elected President (and the odds have him the favorite) we will have a fascist state here, though the media will not call it that. That is one of the things about fascism; when fascists take over, they eliminate their enemies, they take control of all media; so there is no one to call them fascists, they have been jailed, or pushed out of windows.

And the people running for election as Republicans this year; we see an almost incredible group of totalitarians, people who want to make sure that no Democrat can ever win an election. They suppress the vote, they want to control the state mechanisms so that their people will throw out any Democratic victory, and give the election to the Republican candidate. Forever and ever. Just like in Russia, and China, and Iran, and North Korea, and now Hungary.

Oh, yes, Hungary, the now totalitarian state whose leader was invited by the Republicans at CPAC to be their keynote speaker, and who was loudly cheered by the MAGAs. Does this get mentioned every day by Biden? It should be. Orban is not a “semi-fascist,” he is a true fascist, and maybe the face of upcoming Europe. Trump had a document about French President Macron, undoubtedly to be used to help Marine Le Pen, the fascist who keeps running for that office, and whose forces gained seats in the last election.

That is the goal of fascist Steve Bannon and others: to bring a fascist regime to the United States. This isn’t a fantasy. January 6 could well have done that, with Trump declaring martial law, and becoming dictator. In the midst of all we have learned from the hearings of the January 6 Committee, and now about the Top Secret documents which Trump stole from the White House and refused to return, we still have much of the media focusing on the wrong thing, and minimizing the dangers to American democracy, which former FBI and CIA and State Department officials express greater and greater concern about.

Of course, some of it (it all blends in to their plans) is Republicans trying to win the midterms, by finding anything they can come up with to outrage their supporters. They are trying to use the FBI taking government documents away from Trump, who stole them, as a reason to be angry at those “Communist libs.” Now they think that they can use Biden’s speech as a weapon to get their people angry, and out to vote. It may work, it has in the past. It is a time-dishonored fascist tactic, “the enemies are at the gates.” Soon we may hear of another caravan.

Nikki Haley, who somehow is portrayed as a moderate, but who is one of the most unpleasant of the Far Right people, jumped in, to attack Biden for being against unity, and saying that voters will speak up against him. This is a Republican Party which doesn’t even accept that he won the election! This is a Party which is determined to impeach him the minute they gain control of the House. They are lying through their teeth, trying desperately to find the ways to get people to vote against the Democrats.

I didn’t watch too much of Biden’s speech. I have read about it. I know that he means the best, and that in the part I heard, he seemed to be bending over backwards to include “mainstream Republicans” as part of the good forces. He still is hoping or trusting that there are mostly good people in this country. I don’t think that there are; they may be a nominal majority, but there is evil all over, and insinuated into significant places. Look at whom the Republicans have on the ballot in Pennsylvania and Arizona and Wisconsin, not to mention the Deep Red states.

Biden is right that this election is a battle for the soul of our country. The Republicans also feel that way, but they are striving for a theocratic fascist dictatorship. The media, which should be a bulwark against it, is not. Biden is doing a good job, he is trying to help the average citizen; the economy is actually in good shape; we are trying to deal with climate change as best we can, given that the Republicans completely are against anything to help, and are planning to ban abortion nationwide, among other things.

And yet what to me is a clear battle between democracy and fascism, is deliberately misportrayed, and attention attempted to be diverted, by the very forces which want the fascism; and a media which either wants it, or thinks it will profit from it, or is too foolish and cowardly to stand up against it. Biden, who still has some problems reading the teleprompter, is not really the best voice to articulate this, but he is in the most important and essential position to do so. They didn’t listen enough to Hillary, and what she warned us about. Will they listen more to President Biden, after all that we have seen in the last six years?