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Trump’s in a tight spot

The DOJ submitted a 36 page response to Judge Cannon’s request for more information before she decided on whether to appoint a special master to review the materials seized from Mar-a-Lago. Joyce Vance helpfully breaks it down from legalese to human in her substack article “Trump in Trouble”.

Short summary: Trump ain’t never going to get that stuff back. It didn’t belong to him in the first place. The materials were found in close proximity to Trump’s personal items, like his passport, in his desk, in his office.

The documents recovered were of grave national importance and if they have fallen into the wrong hands, could pose a severe threat to the US and its allies.

I’m going to guess that Trump never thought that his office would be searched so he didn’t GAF how the documents were stored. But somebody who had access to his office clearly thought otherwise.

So, the three questions are still unanswered:

1.) Why did Trump have TS/SCI documents at his personal residence?

2.) What was he planning to do with them? The DOJ response made clear that Trump and his lawyers assured DOJ over and over again that they had no more documents. But the ones that Trump retained were among the most valuable and dangerous secrets our country has.

He must have saved those particular documents for a reason. What is it?

3.) Who turned him in? Was it secret service? Family member? The usual suspects from the 1/6 planning days? Someone tipped off the federales after June 2022. Who visited Mar-A-Lago since June 2022 who might have been shown around Trump’s office?

(That’s how you know it’s real, MAGA fans. Someone turned him in.)

I highly recommend the Vance breakdown. It’s easy to read so there’s no excuse to not read it. Which is probably why his staunchest defenders won’t read it.

But the Trump allies with law degrees are going to see the writing on the wall. It doesn’t matter when Merrick Garland pulls the trigger on an indictment, whether it’s before or after the midterms. Trump is going to get indicted for obstruction of Justice at the very least. It remains to be seen whether he shared the country’s national security with people who clearly shouldn’t have had it.

Who are we kidding? Of course he shared it. He probably has screenshots on an SD card or on a private server just waiting for a Julian Assange type person to get the mayday signal from Trump or his associates to release the Kraken. After 7 years of Trump, we know this man’s character very, very well.

There are going to be more revelations of an ugly nature. There have to be if several informants cooperated with the FBI. There may have been a line that even the scum of the earth were unwilling to cross.