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The Versacology of Lindsay Graham.

I don’t know if you’ve heard by now but Lindsay Graham went on one of the Talking Heads programs yesterday and declared that if Trump was indicted in the course of the NARA-Lago investigation, that there would “be riots in the streets”.

To which I say, “Bring it on”.

Unlike some news anchors tonight, I’m inclined to believe that there will be violence but maybe not in the streets. The riots might be chilled by what potential rioters have seen in the wake of the 1/6 insurrection. The little people do go to jail, sometimes for a very long time. And who wants that? So maybe not riots. But other types of trouble where the actions are less concentrated? Well, have we found the person who left the bombs in front of the parties’ offices in DC on 1/6? I’d look to one of our Trump friendly neighborhood paramilitaries for that kind of thing.

But why would Lindsay even say this? Here’s where the versacology comes in. Versacology is a word number 1 child invented when she was around 4 when she meant to say reverse psychology. It’s the concept of encouraging one action in order to get something opposite, with unexpected consequences. In this case, the idea is that threatening violence will keep the DOJ from indicting Trump. The unexpected consequence is that this threat is almost certainly an admission of Trump’s guilt. Lindsay is that hostage who is trying to blink out a message to us on national TV.

I heard this theory on Beau of the Fifth Column‘s YouTube channel. It’s pretty perceptive. Here’s how it goes:

If Trump were indicted and had to stand trial, the jury could be a problem. That’s because there’s a very good possibility that a die hard Trump supporter would end up on the jury. That’s great for Donald, right? That juror could be counted on to be the hold out on a conviction. The hung jury would look like a vindication to the MAGA crowd. It would be nothing of the sort and they know it. But they like enabling Trump to get away with things because it’s very macho outlaw behavior.

But the DOJ is unlikely to bring an indictment against a former president unless the evidence they had is so solid and serious that even the most loyal MAGA juror wouldn’t be able to deny it. Honestly, I don’t know how the DOJ would be able to pull this off. Due to the nature of the sensitive material that would need to be described to the jurors, the whole trial would be a bit of a black box to the public. The jurors would have to be sequestered. I don’t think it could be done any other way. But if the evidence is that strong, and Garland moves to indict, we can be pretty certain that whatever it is he has on Trump is going to be extremely serious and watertight. It would have to be so serious that concerns about national security would far outweigh the political handwringing over whether a former president can be charged with a crime.

In other words, the indictment and trial would present evidence of Trump’s guilt so strongly that even a MAGA loyalist would vote to convict.

So, would there be rioting in the streets? Maybe. I think they’ll be more covert than that. But I think we can be dead sure that an indictment of Trump is going to lead to a conviction. Garland wouldn’t do it otherwise.

We will once again have to be patient. Trump and his mouthpieces are going to try to drag this out again. But they waited too long to request a Special Master and the DOJ likely has plenty of material already. The FBI has already gone through the treasure trove from Mar-a-Lago and it’s going to present its argument to the court tomorrow. A special master is not going to slow things down too much. We’re probably just waiting for the National Intelligence agencies to do a damage assessment and for NARA to determine if there are still documents missing. I haven’t read the affidavit completely but I’ve heard some references tonight that there may be electronic copies.

Take that in. We all know how fast naked pics fly around the internet. Imagine e-copies of our national defense information as espionage porn.

So, regardless of what comes out of Lindsay’s mouth, what he’s really saying is Trump’s guilty and the only way to prevent him from going to jail is to threaten to bring the country to a dead halt with raging MAGA dudes toting guns and shooting the place up.

Let’s see how many of them figure out they’re being used before they end up as numbers on the FBI’s most wanted photos.

Here’s Beau’s video on this topic. Enjoy: