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Who is Donald Trump?

What is the real story behind Donald Trump? I wonder if any one person knows all of it. For our part, we get bits and pieces, hints, intimations, some coming from people who may well know, others just suppositions or guesses.

There is a book, “The Making of Donald Trump,” by David Cay Johnston, and when Mr. Johnston used to be a guest on MSNC news shows, near the beginning of Trump’s purported presidency, he said that the title was intentional. The implication was that Trump was a “made man” in the mafia. Others have suggested such a connection. Then there are some who keep insisting that Trump was some kind of government informant, and that is why he never got in trouble for anything. The implication there was that he had broken laws, but had protection. This theory seems less credible, but who really knows?

The Russian connection has to be there, but again there are mostly intelligent suppositions based on reasonable interpretations of facts. It has been strongly suggested that Russian leadership and Intelligence considered Trump as a major potential asset, as early as the 1990’s.

We know that Russian oligarchs bought up some of Trump’s real estate at excessive prices, and of course they did it for a reason. It seems that Trump, who declared bankruptcy many times, who failed at every business, kept being bailed out, and it is likely that it was Russia which was doing it.

I did not know much about Trump twenty years ago; certainly those in New York, particularly in real estate, knew much more. I mostly knew about him when he briefly owned a team in the rival league to the NFL, the USFL. The team was the New Jersey Generals, and Trump was determined to somehow parlay this into an NFL franchise. He made a big splash by signing Herschel Walker (imagine that). The USFL filed an antitrust suit against the NFL, but though they nominally won, they were awarded only $1, and the entire league folded after that. An article from CNBC from a few years ago, said that Trump was the one who had wanted the league to sue, while other owners wanted to move gradually to establish itself.

It was amazing to me that after hearing about all of Trump’s bankruptcies, he somehow kept coming back, with more money. Was that due to Russia funding him with a purpose?

I used to listen to Howard Stern’s radio show sometimes on the way to work, and Stern would have Trump on,he was an entertaining egotist. He said he supported the Iraq War, then when it was unpopular, he said that he was always against it. He said that he had been right about every issue that they discussed. It was laughable, but it seemed harmless enough, then.

There is a writer named Thomas Kelly, whom I really liked. He wrote about New York, focusing on the construction business. He wrote “Sandhogs,” then a brilliant novel, “The Rackets,” in 2001, and then “Empire Rising,” literally about the construction of the Empire State Building, in 2006. I don’t think he has written anything else since then, I do not know why; I saw that he was listed as a writer for a TV series, but that was quite a while ago.

“The Rackets” was about many things: construction workers, unions, bosses, and the mafia. One aspect of the book was how the Russians had come in and were supplanting the mostly Italian mafia, being more brutal and relentless than even they had been. I did not know much about this then, but it was unsettling, even as bad as the mafia had been for many years.

I have read more than one person speculate that Rudy Giuliani, supposedly the person who went after the mafia in New York, was actually either working for one group of the mafia, and trying to eliminate all the rest of them, or working for the Russians, and helping them take over. This theory does not seem far-fetched. And this connection between Giuliani and Trump has gotten stranger and stranger in the last few years.

We know that Russia was instrumental in getting Trump supposedly elected. We know that when Trump said, “Russia, if you’re listening, find Hillary’s emails; “the media” will greatly reward you if you do,” that was absolutely intended as a signal to them, as they hacked the DNC email that night. We know that Russia poured at least hundreds of millions of American dollars into putting completely fabricated news stories on Facebook, and running ads, all of which Facebook was happy to sell the country out for the money they got out of it.

We know that Comey was fired very soon after Trump was installed in office, because of what he knew about the Trump-Russia connection. Lavrov laughed about it. Strozk was gotten rid of, as well as other FBI people. Most of the rest of the story we know, not the beginning of it.

I remember Trump talking about running for President in 2012, and then announcing that he would not. That seemed very strange to me at the time, as if someone told him not to run then. I didn’t know who it was, but it seems obvious now. Then someone decided that he should run in 2016.

Trump seemed to own the New York Times. The day, about a week before the election, when they ran two headlines, “”New emails jolt Clinton campaign in campaign’s final days,” and “FBI sees no clear connection to Russia” (regarding the Trump campaign), were chilling, and perhaps the lowest point ever in American journalism, worse than anything William Randolph Hearst had done.

The truth is that there were no new emails, there were just duplicates on Huma Abedin’s laptop. And there was a blatant connection between the Trump campaign, Trump, and Russia, it was screaming out at everybody but many of the media. It was suggested even then that Guiliani had power in the SDNY section of the FBI, and that the various stories during the campaign about “Hillary is about to be indicted,” were a product of Guiliani and his cabal there. And then the planting of this “no clear connection” lie, along with the fact that somehow the FBI had Anthony Weiner’s laptop for months, and held it, so that they could make this the big story right before the election.

All these connections, some obvious, some murkier. All completely denied by Trump and every asset he controls, from Republicans, to the Wall Street Journal, to his own cabal. Why did Trump take all those “top secret” documents? Among other reasons, did someone tell him to, list what things they wanted to see?

Tracy Walder, a former CIA Agent, very recently quoted something written by Paula Chertok, which no one has discredited. “Last year, a top-secret memo sent to every CIA agent around the country, warned about a troubling number of informants being captured or killed.” Is this due to Trump? Is it specifically the result of the documents he stole, which contained the names of sources?

Has Trump been giving Russia information for years? Have they just extrapolated from what he gave them and what they have seen, to now have a large store of knowledge about our entire Intelligence network, which could be so severely compromised as to not only have little value, but also will keep allied networks from ever trusting us with information?

We don’t know, we can only surmise. Has Trump been an asset of Russia for years? Does he think that he owes them so much in money and information they have on him, that he will do everything they want? Does he have a group of people who aid him in this? Manafort. Flynn, Bannon, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Mark Meadows, others?

I doubt that we will ever be told the whole story, we usually are not. Probably we should not be. But far from being told everything, so much has been hidden from the citizens. Somehow I think that we need someone of legendary stature to put this all together. Who that would be, I do not know. Maybe Adam Schiff, but of course no one on Trump’s side would believe him. I think that Nancy Pelosi knows a great deal.

I do think that we will start seeing some books which attempt to go through Trump’s life from the beginning, to trace what I think is much more than just a stupid jerk indulging himself with a desire for wealth and power. I am thinking of perhaps the worst saga in American history, if we learn it all.