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Mar-a-Lagogate: It’s time for those three questions again

Donald John Trump (his serial killer name), has done some tricksy acrobatics on the legal front. First, he waited two weeks before legally responding to the search of Mar-a-Lago. Now, he’s trying to forum shop a judge in Florida to delay the inevitable and give him his documents back. Yeah. Take that in. He wants his boxes of documents back. Also, he wants a special master to go through the papers and pick out anything that he thinks is covered by “executive privilege”, which may mean “everything is covered by executive privilege”. The special master request isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The justice department has a filter team, or “taint team” that goes through materials like this. They take out all of the documents that aren’t relevant to the case or are covered by attorney client privilege.

That’s what those 30,000 documents taken from Hillary’s private email server were all about. They were private messages that were unrelated to her state department duties. But you can’t tell MAGA people anything. They just won’t believe it. Now that the shoe is on their boy’s foot might be a good time to take them aside and explain what the “taint team” does.

So, it’s not a bad idea for Donald John Trump to ask for a special master to make decisions as to what is executive privilege but why does he have to go over the head of the judge who issued the original warrant?

By the way, I highly recommend following this Twitter account:

Back to the three questions:

1.) Why did Donald John Trump have TS/SCI documents at his private residence?

2.) What was he going to do with them?

3.) Why did an informant know about them and report them to the FBI?

Michael Cohen, Donald John Trump’s former personal lawyer has a theory. He thinks that DJT was planning to use the most sensitive classified information as leverage in case he was indicted on something else. Sort of like holding a gun to our heads and saying “If you try to indict me on anything, all these very secret national security secrets that could open the US to danger will be published. I got copies. Don’t test me.”

Nice guy, preciousss.