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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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A note of caution on those documents.

We have an inkling of what the FBI was looking for when they searched the basement of mar-a-lago and removed FIFTEEN boxes of documents. I think it’s safe to say that there was something in those documents that Trump didn’t want anyone to know about or why didn’t he turn them over back in June?

But that being said, we still haven’t seen the contents of the warrant or the reasons why the FBI thought he might have documents that could affect national security. We also don’t know if the FBI actually found what it was looking for or whether the material in question reached the level of DEFCON Red in importance.

So, until we know the answers to those burning questions, it’s all just speculation. One thing is for sure, TFG shouldn’t have been hoarding classified material. But unless we know for sure that he sold it to Putin or the Saudis or exposed intelligence assets in Ukraine who were murdered in Bucha because their names were on a list, then we’re all freaking out over what might turn out to be wildly overblown.

I mean, I wouldn’t put anything past him. The man doesn’t have a patriotic bonespur in his body. But we gotta be patient.

4 Responses

  1. Nit: There ain’t no such thing as “DEFCON RED”. They go from “5” (best) to “1” (worst, i.e. nuclear attack is imminent or has already occurred).

    And yeah, TFG hoarding classified documents is now a felony, thanks to an act he scrawled into law with his own pudgy little hands.

    • Lol!! I was wondering if anyone would catch the defcon status. It was intentional. It’s like “rocket surgery”. Could it get any more serious than defcon red?

      Yes, he should be prosecuted. But we don’t want to exaggerate. It could be just a bunch of White House menus and guest lists in those boxes. I don’t want to blow this up to the 30,000 emails thing. We all there was nothing of any importance in those 30,000 emails that was probably a lot of catering details for Chelsea’s wedding, scheduling coordination with Bill, “who’s going to take the dog to the vet?” Inquiries and snarky one liners about Barack Obama or George W.
      I’d hate to find out that those 15 boxes have that kind of stuff in them. I hope they recovered the documents they were looking for if for no other reason than it’s unsafe to have them out there.
      But I think Garland is still a very cautious AG. He’s going to do things very carefully so as to not unsettle the public too much.

      • The funniest thing is Andrew McCarthy’s comment in the National Review today about the FBI going “DEFCON 5” on Trump. DEFCON 5 is the lowest readiness state: it’s basically Biden, Putin, and Xi sipping margaritas in the club after a leisurely 18 holes. If the FBI was “going DEFCON 5”, it basically means that they showed up to buy him drinks and give him a foot massage.

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