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Explaining Trump’s criming in terms that Donald and his droogs can understand.

This is going to be quick. Here it goes:

Donald John Trump is a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for cause. But before he left, he stole intellectual property from the company in case he decided to sell it to the highest bidder.

Now for the fun toppings:

I don’t know Donald Trump hardly at all. I think I saw him around here making coffee once or twice. But he was a real loser and very bad at his job. Before November 2020, he came to my office and got down on his knees begging me to keep him on. I told him he wasn’t wanted. Terrible attitude. Threw things at the wallpaper. Nobody liked him.

Ok, your turn.

Welease the documents!

Update: Confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, the FBI found 11 classified docs in Trump’s basement, including Top Secret docs only meant to be read in a SCIF. They also found “binders of photos”, some docs on Emmanuel Macron, president of France, and a hand signed executive order granting Roger Stone clemency. That’s quite a collection. Weird that the top Republican Twitter accounts are quiescent right now. I can’t understand it. Hmmm…

Update 2: I’m sorry. I’m trying very hard to keep a clear head on this but the more I read about every revelation this afternoon, the more I want to cry. The election of Donald John Trump was worse for the country than even I could imagine on November 9, 2016. It was worse in every conceivable way. This man has a soul sickness and he can’t rise above it. What I’m about to say comes from me as an American, not a Democrat. The USA has great power and has committed itself to other nations as a surety against harm. We are responsible for the welfare of many across the globe. I am genuinely glad that we have the capability to help so many countries. I’m delighted that the Marshall plan worked out as well as it did in Europe even as we put our own domestic needs at the bottom of our priority list. We’ve had bad presidents and congresses before but every four years, we had an opportunity to hit the reset button. That gave the rest of the world confidence that they could rely on us. But with the election of Trump, we have put our own safety and security at risk and consequently those of our allies. I’m proud to be an American. I’m so lucky I was born here and lived all of my life here. I loved the military that helped raise me and all the benefits that came with that. I am immensely proud of my dad who worked in the US Navy’s nuclear reactors sector. His character had to have been close to impeccable to be there.

For all those reasons and more, I just don’t think I can sit back even one more day with Donald John Trump walking around as a free man. He must be indicted. It’s urgent.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably all caught up on the probable cause warrant for searching Mar-a-Lago. You can go about your day. See you at 3pm for the hearing.

For those of you who have been glued to Fox or Newsmax, here’s short take. DJT posted on Troth Central that he wants the documents released. He is even encouraging the DOJ to release the documents. See the following screen shot. (I don’t link to his stuff. If you want it, you have to put some effort into it):

It *looks* like he wants the warrant unsealed, which is what the hearing is about at 3pm. But his enthusiasm is too cute by half.

What he really wants released is the affidavit that the national security officials at the DOJ put together in order to get that warrant. The affidavit, not the warrant, has all the juicy stuff. First, you have to explain to the USAG why you think a search is necessary. This will likely include the details about what the National Archive says is missing. Then you have to explain why it is urgent to search Mar-a-Lago. For example, how would the country be compromised if the info fell into the wrong hands. And you probably have to have some insider who will say they have very good intelligence about where those documents are. All that has to be signed off by the USAG and presented to a judge who issues the warrant. The warrant itself is not likely to go into great detail.

Naturally, DJT and other Trumper officials are going to insist that the affidavit is released. That’s because the affidavit can’t be released as is. There’s sensitive national security info in it and there is also likely the name of the informant. Oh my goodness, if I were DJT, I’d want to know who ratted me out. Bigly.

The bits that can’t be released will need to be redacted if the affidavit can be released at all. So, we won’t know what the DOJ expected to find because we aren’t supposed to know those documents even exist. The public doesn’t have security clearance even fo the extent of acknowledging there are specific documents with highly sensitive information that impacts national security. So, for SURE that’s going to be stricken out. That opens a crack for DJT and his droogs to say that there’s no THERE there because most of his fan base has been lulled into a state of believing everything DJT says as the gospel truth. They’re not going to stimulate their lazy brains enough to work through what’s actually going on.

It FEEELS SO MUCH BETTER to just give in to the emotion of fury and vengeance against libs. To think that DJT and his associates might be playing them again does not make them feel as good. It doesn’t make that part of their brains tingle like a good ASMR video. It’s a buzz kill. Therefore, they’re going to jump on the bandwagon once again and ride this outlaw to glory. Whoo-hoo! Freedom from classified information bureaucracy, gun regulations, IRS agents and masks! (Mask time might be over but when was your last polio booster?)

The shrinks are following Trumper reaction to this news as well:

It looked like Mitch McConnell was confronting this reality yesterday and at a loss as to what to do about it. I think it’s safe to say he knew exactly what was missing from the National archive. He was going to ride Trump for as long as the base wanted him to but I think he’s getting off at the next stop.

That’s what’s up. The talking points are starting to trickle out. Elise Stefanik thinks this just isn’t as important as Hillary’s emails, and mid term elections. At least she is admitting that hoarding national security secrets about our nuclear capabilities at your house looks bad and scary, and that refusing to give them back could negatively affect elections. Good, good. You can be taught, Elise. But she just can’t help herself because DJT would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those effing federales. It’s all the FBI and DOJ’s fault. We should have expected the GOP to double down on this like DJT is some kind of plot armored character in their big lie script. It’s their default. They get all dangerous and aggressive and then dare the rest of us to do something about it. “Oh yeah? Make me! You and what army?”

What she didn’t mention was Hillary Clinton cooperated completely with all requests, sat for multiple depositions and the FBI found… nothing. Well, a handful of docs that were classified after she sent them and didn’t rise to the level of information that can only be read in a SCIF, like the kind DJT was keeping in his basement. It was a simple request. Why didn’t DJT just comply? What was he going to do with all that stuff, Elise? And how many agents are you going to put in harm’s way?

There will be more stuff on inflation, the inflation reduction act, whining about Biden not doing something, then whining about Biden doing it. Just more whining in general, as if Republican politicians are directionless corks bobbing along in an ocean of currents over which they have no control. Screw bipartisanship. That stuff is for Democrats who actually take this governing thing seriously. Their wet dream is to do whatever they want with complete liberty and privacy and not have any governmental institution or regulation stand in their way. Thank god most of them don’t have uteruses.

So, that’s the short(ish) takes. Get your rage on and Crank up the right wing Wurlitzer! Let’s get this party started.

A note of caution on those documents.

We have an inkling of what the FBI was looking for when they searched the basement of mar-a-lago and removed FIFTEEN boxes of documents. I think it’s safe to say that there was something in those documents that Trump didn’t want anyone to know about or why didn’t he turn them over back in June?

But that being said, we still haven’t seen the contents of the warrant or the reasons why the FBI thought he might have documents that could affect national security. We also don’t know if the FBI actually found what it was looking for or whether the material in question reached the level of DEFCON Red in importance.

So, until we know the answers to those burning questions, it’s all just speculation. One thing is for sure, TFG shouldn’t have been hoarding classified material. But unless we know for sure that he sold it to Putin or the Saudis or exposed intelligence assets in Ukraine who were murdered in Bucha because their names were on a list, then we’re all freaking out over what might turn out to be wildly overblown.

I mean, I wouldn’t put anything past him. The man doesn’t have a patriotic bonespur in his body. But we gotta be patient.