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They just really hate Democrats.

The Trump cultists were extremely touchy last night on Twitter. One of them took the time to point out how ugly my Twitter pic was. We went through something similar back when I first started this blog. Lots of Obama trolls popped in to tell us how fat and unattractive we all were, as if telling us how unfuckable they think we are, while simultaneously telling us how they would rape us to death, would make us feel bad about ourselves and make us go away.

Ok. Whatever. I don’t know why beta males think this works anymore. I’m still going to tell you what I think.

There was something different about the outrage last night. It didn’t come from a place of genuine fury because someone had taken away their rights like the Dobbs decision did to women. That is, unless you count the right to hold Trump up as some kind of 21st century Jesse James or other outlaw anti-hero who keeps getting away with it.

Yeah, their dude wasn’t weak like Brandon. Until he was raided by the FBI. We clearly have different definitions of weakness. Brandon’s just minding his own business, presidentin’, keeping calm and carrying on while everyone around him is losing their sh#%. A man who had the ability to lower my blood pressure after 4 years of non-stop chaos to the point of postural hypotension is a pretty powerful man.

Then the MAGA Twitter brigade did what every single one of them has ever done when confronted by an unpleasant reality about Trump. They blamed it on us:

Brandon is a loser. It’s a partisan hit job. You people are snobs. You’re ugly.

Oooo, touchy. It’s like being on a playground in elementary school. Like mature adults who expect better from their leaders are going to be taken aback by some mean and small minded twerps calling us names.

Get it through your lazy, Limbaugh soaked brain cells. This is only a partisan issue in the sense that the Republican controlled senate had two opportunities to stop him and chose to look the other way. They left it for the new administration to follow up just so people like YOU would react just the way you did last night. You’re being manipulated.

WHAT did the FBI take from Mar-a-Lago and WHY did they seize it? Those were the only questions they should have been talking about. Those were the questions than exactly zero Trumpers asked on Twitter last night. Not one of them expressed any curiosity whatsoever about the contents of the boxes taken from that safe. None of them said, well if was so harmless or insignificant, why was it in a safe at Mar-a-lago? Not one MAGA hat who is so determined to drag us back to the glorious 1950s had any interest whatsoever about the contents of those boxes.

Well, we don’t know the definitive answer to that yet but it sounds like there is classified information that presidents get to see that almost no one else in the world gets to see. And that’s the classified stuff might have been locked up in Trump’s safe.

Classified information that is so secret that the US Government is forbidden to acknowledge that it exists. That kind of classified information might have the ability to compromise the national security of the United States and other countries around the globe. If it fell into the wrong hands, it could be used for extortion purposes or petty acts of revenge. It could be very dangerous.

There are few things I can think of that would cause a gun shy Merrick Garland to sign off on a raid on a former president’s personal residence less than 100 days out from a major election. The person who signs off on that has a really good reason for risking political upheaval and the prospects of armed to the teeth MAGA nuts roaming the streets.

You only do that when there’s something enormous on the line. Something uglier than a Twitter pic of a woman growing her hair back after chemo.

Something that is so big that it rattles the dedicated Trump supporter to their very bones and makes them squeak out little things like “Brandon is weak!!” because confronted with the truth, that’s the best they can do. So what if Brandon is weak and old. At least he hasn’t betrayed the nation with the classified information he has.

We can’t say the same about Trump yet.

If he has betrayed us and put all of our lives at risk, I think that might have the potential of making even the most religious MAGA hat throw up a little in their mouths before they vote for him again.

WE didn’t cause that. Trump did.


A couple of other perhaps meaningless and unrelated things happened recently that have my tin foil antenna twitching.

About six weeks ago, Garland made an unannounced visit to Ukraine to investigate war crimes.

About 4 weeks ago, there was a hastily called meeting with members of Congress in the SCIF. Can’t find the link. Does anyone remember this?

Recently, Zelenskyy fired a lot of people from his security ministries.

I squirreled those events away in the back of the head in the “Curious” category. They might be nothing but my elves are already busily constructing a scenario where someone in Ukraine had access to information that they shouldn’t have had.


12 Responses

  1. Interesting… My comment seems to have gotten eaten when you posted the update.

    I would assume there are at least some Republicans who have to be happy about this. At a minimum this should clear the deck for the other 2024 GOP hopefuls, and some of them are such snakes, they could be the ones who supplied the info to the Feds to get them to act.

  2. My first thought was that Trump the business man stowed away the precious classified documents to “sell” to the highest bidder regardless of who they are and what their intent might be. We know he could not care less about any damage this might cause to people, let alone our national security.

  3. I am not sure my comment got through. So bare with me if I repeat myself. But my first thought was that Trump the businessman was stowing away those classified documents to sell to the highest bidder, regardless of national security or whatever.

  4. I guess my skepticism has me thinking that how can there still be anything incriminating in that safe or elsewhere in that sh*those place. Don’t you think trump already squirreled it all away? Maybe I missed something.

  5. I think that Republicans have a different set of neural responders. Everything is to them something to try to exploit to anger their voters and media, as part of the war that they believe they are in, a fight to the death.

    The reactions from the Republicans whose comments make headlines were insane in a rational sense, but very usual for them. They attacked the FBI, the DOJ, Hillary, Biden, Democrats. The people who participated in leading “Lock her up” chants now act as if Trump;s appointed FBI Director signing off on this action is not only treason, somehow directed by Soros or woke libs, they must get revenge for it. Defund the FBI, and they are serious. They want to get rid of any barrier to a complete Nazi state here, where every official has no other purpose than to serve their supreme leader. They want to get rid of the civil service. DeSantis fires elected officials in Florida who express views contrary to his.

    That is what they are playing for. If they can change the recent momentum in favor of the Democrats, and get their forces to come out in great numbers to “save the country,” it is a big win for them. The collateral damage is unimportant. The other day, one of them said that the “vote-a-rama” on the IRC was going to be “hell.” It was just a bill, but they portray it in apocalyptic terms. Your reference to “The Crucible” was very apt. They voted against the bill to provide veterans health benefits, because they were angry that they were “tricked” into voting for the CHIPs bill and then the IRC got revived. They have no interest in anything but trying to inflame their populace and validate all the illegal things they want to do to everyone else. It is a holy war for them, leavened with political plotting. And yes, it is very likely that the records which Trump took were being used for very evil purposes, the very thing that the Republicans like to act that they are concerned about, when Hillary did not protect three barely marked “Classified” mails, which Comey said that no prosecutor would bring a case on. Trump stole “Top Secret” documents, for a purpose.

    • Golly, when you put it like that, it looks like the forces of against the Trumpers are bombarding the Republicans with wedge issue votes, major bills passing with Manchin and Sinema onboard (gaggg), one 1/6 hearing after another with a surprise meeting or two, and FBI raids on John Eastman, Peter Navarro and the big orange himself.
      Just one thing after another. Over and over again. Pummeling and punching back relentlessly and making Jim Jordan sweat through his/her short sleeved shirt.
      It’s almost like they’re getting a taste of their own medicine from the party headed by that Brandon guy who they keep saying is weak.
      Where is the party of “personal responsibility” and “law and order”?
      God, what a bunch of whiners and babies.

  6. “…the prospects of armed to the teeth MAGA nuts roaming the streets.”

    So, basically, this…

    (second post to follow)

  7. Vs. THIS. 😈

    Call me an unromantic killjoy, but I know which one I’d bet on…

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