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So what’s your point?

I might be dreaming this but it seems like a lot of Republican MAGA tweeters are getting defensive. I know, right?? Who expected that? They’re usually just up in your grille or shaking their junk in your face or shrieking about the commie lib snowflakes wetting their pants over Covid.

It’s been 6, no, 7 years of this obnoxious flurry of “we DARE you to make us stop” non-productive assholishness.

But something has changed in the last few days. I’m not going to say that the over the top thugishness won’t return but there seems to be a slight pause.

One thing is for certain though. They intend to play this inflation thing for all it’s worth. Here’s how it usually goes:

Them: “so what if xyz, inflation is still catastrophically horrible and we are all suffering unimaginable awfulness because of it (implying that it’s all Biden’s fault)

Us: Inflation is up globally. Biden isn’t the president of Yurp. So what’s your point?

Them: We aren’t allowed to drill for more American oil and that’s why gas prices are astronomically high.

Us: Really? I thought that Biden is allowing for a lot more leasing for drilling. So what’s your point?

Them: Keystone! Keystone! Keystone!

Us: That was a pipeline for Canadian oil to pass through the US to the Gulf of Mexico. The oil in that pipeline isn’t ours. It’s for other countries. So what’s your point?

Them: Gas costs more than it ever has and that’s because we aren’t producing enough American oil.

Us: Enron debacle- refineries offline. 2013 high gas prices- refineries offline. 2022 high gas prices- refineries offline. It’s almost like there’s a correlation… Back in the first pandemic year in 2020, oil companies couldn’t give oil away. Prices were very low because no one but essential workers were driving to work. Now that more companies are requiring return to the office, oil companies are trying to recoup their losses by choking supply. To bring down the cost of gas, those who can work from home, should WORK FROM HOME. Demand will decrease dramatically and so will prices. You can’t overprice a commodity that no one needs. So, what’s your point?

Them: You’re being insufferably smug and uncivil to Trump voters. That’s why we don’t like what you say and we’re going to continue to hate your Fucking guts.

Us: Since 2020, I’ve been called a snowflake, a bed wetter, un-American, a traitor for not fellating Trump like the MAGA crowd. I’ve been told I’m a communist without any justification whatsoever. I’ve been yelled at to leave the country of my birth because I’m not patriotic. And all this from some of the people who I’m closest to. It has been insult on insult on insult. Now I’m smug because they have finally realized that their strongman chucks his lunch at the wall when he doesn’t get his way, and their policies on abortion have turned out to be a giant Fucking PR disaster and getting worse as MAGA politicians are doubling down, and there’s a new mass shooting everyday and expecting Americans to twist themselves in knots trying to not be decapitated by an AR-15 is tricky and extremely unpopular. But the MAGA crew is just getting started in statehouses and governor’s mansions and AG offices in red and purple states all over the country and every day, they seem to exceed themselves in how insane and out of touch they are.

The MAGA crowd has caught the bumper it has been chasing for 49 years, it has seized the tar baby, it has knocked itself out and keeps punching anyway. Our country is lagging behind in healthcare, infrastructure, economic equality and life expectancy due to Republican, Tea Party, MAGA obstruction in the senate for years and years. Nothing has gotten done because it is the stated policy of Mitch McConnell to never let Democrats claim one single victory even if it’s good for the vast majority of Americans. The goal is to make Democrats look bad by blocking every bill. They suck Republican voters back into their event horizon not by providing policies that would make our lives better but by being the stick that jams all the cogs in the machinery, makes their lives more miserable and refusing to do anything about it, except point fingers at anyone but themselves. Their compensation to their supporters was to allow them to sip the tender tears of their fellow Americans.

But the MAGA crew think we’re exceptional and that Europeans are unwashed and don’t have toilets because the only experiences they have of other countries are stories they heard from veterans of WWII because they never leave the US.

We’re not smug. We’re disgusted. And I’m used to having my fucking guts hated.

So what’s your point?


6 Responses

  1. IMO they are all Obleo.

  2. Yes, Republicans find or invent one issue to focus on, and then fill the airwaves with it, the intent is to drown out everything else. This time they may have problems, because the social issues: abortion rights, gun safety, the coup against America, are so important. But it’s worked for them before, so they will try to get every network emphasizing inflation as the most important reason to vote for Republicans. Democrats should just keep focusing on the social issues, “Republicans will ban abortions everywhere.” They will hound you from state to state.” They want a fascist government.” “Gun violence will get worse.” And I wish that we would hear more about drastic climate change, which is far more important than whether drilling for more fossil fuel would lower the inflation rate by one percent or so.

    Almost always, the midterms are won by the party whose voters are more energized. Perhaps this time it will be Democrats, trying to save America.

    • The whole inflation thing makes me laugh. Do they want deflation like we had in 2009 where people were upside down in their houses and were just walking away? Here in GA we have the highest inflation in the nation. So they are arguing against reelecting Brian Kemp then too. I see a lot of engagement here on the ground. I hope it is enough.

  3. And why should we care one iota what a maga moron thinks about anything or says? Honestly I’m sick of conservatives and their mountain of BS and their mountains of lies. So now they want to murder women along with their genocide against people of color. There is no lie they won’t tell no smear they won’t try to keep their greasy paws on the lever of power. They want Americans to suffer because they think it helps them.

  4. “They’re usually just up in your grille or shaking their junk in your face or shrieking about the commie lib snowflakes wetting their pants over Covid.”

    You can see their junk when they shake it in your face?

    You must have sharper eyes than I do. 😈

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