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The January 6 Hearing That Hasn’t Been Scheduled – Yet

One thing stood out to me during yesterday’s hearing. Over and over again, Trump and the Crazies talked about the crowd that was angry that the election had been *stolen*, they were filled with righteous indignation and that’s why they violently attacked the Capitol.

Here’s my question. There had to be a plan in place to deal with what would happen if the insurrection was successful, Mike Pence had been spirited off to Alaska, and Trump finished things off by showing up in the House chamber taking Congress leadership hostage. Or whatever. I don’t think Trump was going to wait for the election to be thrown back to the House. He wouldn’t have had to show up for that in person.

What was supposed to happen next?

Here’s why I ask. I think California and New York and other big blue states would have been stunned but their votes were not the ones that Trump was trying to disenfranchise. It was Pennsylvania’s and Arizona’s electoral college votes that were contested and set the whole chain of events in motion. There were other states that sent real EC slates of electors based on the popular vote and a fake set of electors picked by the Republican legislatures of their states. Those fake slates were sent to the national archives, all ready and teed up for the moment they would be needed.

The thing is, if Trump and the Crazies thought the irrationally outraged and deluded MAGA people would have been angry enough to storm the Capitol, they had to have known that their coup would infuriate those of us whose votes were just dragged to the trash as if they were artifacts of meaningless wastes of our precious time. That former Oath Keeper yesterday hinted at what they were thinking. They were preparing for a bloodbath. They would have expected trouble and they would be right.

I would have been on the road to Washington with my own sharpened flag pole to ram up the ass of the first guy I saw wearing a red baseball cap. Oh yes I would. You wouldn’t like it if I got angry.

Did they think that the illegally disenfranchised would just sit in a corner, shaking with fear and completely submissive just because a bunch of reactionary chauvinistic nut jobs didn’t like that their guy lost an election?? That we wouldn’t fight back?

I don’t think they believed that for a minute.

So what was the plan? I’m sure it was more than just mere words flung around for emphasis during the Red Wedding meeting in the yellow oval room. Someone must know that there had to be real plans for martial law or insurrection act invocation. What were the specific plans? Was that what Mike Flynn was for. How many MAGA sympathizers and white nationalists were in the military at the time? Why did Defense Secretary Miller feel that it was necessary to issue a memo saying that the military would be staying out of any actions on January 6 and could be actually keep that commitment if Trump had been successful or any of the Congress had been killed?

And note that the insurrection act wouldn’t apply to the MAGA mob. No, it would apply to the voters in Pennsylvania and Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin and Nevada. THOSE voters, who had a real reason to get angry, they would be the ones accused of insurrection even if they were the true Americans defending democracy.

So, is there going to be another hearing planned after the next one to tell us what their plan was for us? I think that’s the one that we all need to hear.

What were the next steps if they had succeeded?


6 Responses

  1. My scenario is this:

    1) The crowd breaks into the Capitol led by the Oathkeepers and the Proud Boys (man y of whom have military training).

    2) Pence and a number of Congresspeople (especially leadership) are severely injured or killed

    3) Trump declares martial law and invokes the insurrection act.

    Basically the Reichstag fire playbook.

  2. What would those of us who are angry, can’t fight their way out of a paper bag and can only throw f bombs do to fight back? These scenarios really scare me and they have been on my mind for some time. What of the children, the sick and the elderly? We know what the plans would probably be for the unworthy poor and anyone who does not look like them. The Jan6 committee is doing a superb job of educating both those who weren’t paying attention and those who believed patently ridiculous lies, assuming both groups are watching, but will it be enough? The GOP are masters of manipulation, divisiveness and fear mongering. I really don’t see that changing even if some of their voters do.

    I find it interesting that the only “card” I heard the ex Oath Keeper mention was the Queen of Hearts (Hillary). The depth of the Republicans fear and hatred of my shero both appalls and terrifies me.

  3. One would hope that Secretary of Defense Austin is working on plans to defend the country against an armed insurrection, The thought I had over the years was that our military would stand up against it. But so many of the police and the FBI and other groups have been so turned into MAGAs, makes me wonder if they would fight on the Trump side. Or maybe they will just do nothing.

    Republicans have plans to take over the country through vote fixing, so the violence is a fallback for them. It does make AG Garland’s agonizingly slow work look completely unfit for the moment. The AG of Indiana looking to arrest the doctor who provided the abortion for the ten-year old girl who was raped, an abortion which the right-wing media first said was all made up, gives one a sense of what we are looking at if there is not an immense response from our side. I know that butter prices went up 5% or so, though, so the media is focusing on that right now.

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