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And so it begins…

A 10 year old rape victim was denied an abortion in Ohio after that state’s fetal heartbeat bill went into effect 3 days after Roe was overturned. She had to travel to Indiana for the abortion. She was 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant so I’m betting she got a medication abortion (just pills, no surgery).

The forced motherhood crowd is probably not really thinking about rape victims this young but they should. Just because that little girl was ovulating doesn’t mean the rest of her body was mature enough for labor and delivery.

This kind of story is an edge case and it is horrific. But the truth is, no one should have to be raped to have our empathy and understanding. If you have HBO, go see the documentary on The Janes to see what it was like in the late 60s before Roe. Hospitals back then had “Septic abortion wards” that were always full. We’re probably not going to go down that path too far because medical abortion pills will become ubiquitous. But for 10 year olds or people who confide in others who don’t have their best interests at heart or the traps that will be set up online to capture women seeking pills or travel to safe states and all the violations of online privacy that we failed to secure before Roe fell, yeah, septic abortions will be a real thing.

5 Responses

  1. Please tell if convicted rapists will be punished with some physical reprimand…forced vasectomy, penile removal? Calling Gregg Abbott…

  2. Forcing a 10 year-old to try to carry a child to term is just barbaric. This really has become a ghastly country.

    • The pre-Roe era was a bit like labor. Intensely painful. But once it was over, it was amazing how quickly everyone forgot that pain.
      I grew up in a country where I never had to worry about not being able to access an abortion. I never needed one but I knew it was available to me. I think that had an affect on people in my age group. We were bolder, fiercer, more confident. We didn’t know how terrifying it could have been for us. For my generation, the first that never knew that kind of immense pressure, limited opportunities and shame, pre-Roe is like studying The Salem witch trials. You just never expect being turned in by your neighbor in this present time. It’s unthinkable. Well, some of us have studied history now and we have a pretty good idea what’s coming. But it’s going to catch some people completely by surprise, including SCOTUS. If it thought that it having the last word on the subject was going to allow us to focus on more important things like the nuisance of voting rights and the administrative state, then they should have their IQs checked. Owning the libs is not a sound constitutional law strategy and no one I know has any intention of just rolling over and letting religious nutcases tell women to go home and accept their role in subjection to absolutely everyone who desperately wants to control other people.

  3. I watched The Janes documentary. These women almost spent time in jail, a long time, if not for Roe being overturned shortly after they were arrested.

  4. Weekly reminder here, since I can’t post any links on William’s posts.

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