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Just Asking Questions

OooOooo! Something about Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony yesterday certainly has the MAGA Twitter contingent’s knickers in a twist. I am not at all surprised that they focussed with laser like intensity on what she was told happened in the SUV when TFG was driven from the Ellipse to the west wing against his explicit orders.

Unsurprisingly, the Secret Service “disputes” this account. Therefore, according to MAGA Tweeters, she must have lied.

Let’s unpack this to get to the heart of what is freaking them out.

First, Hutchinson wasn’t lying about what happened in the SUV because she wasn’t there. Her account was that the secret service agents in the SUV had told her what happened.

They told her that TFG ordered his secret service to take him to the Capitol. He ordered it because he was “the Fucking president”. When they told him that they didn’t have enough advanced knowledge to do that and that they would be returning to the White House, he lunged over the front seat and tried to take the steering wheel. The agent then grabbed his arm and told him to take his hand off the wheel. At that point, TFG put both hands around the agent’s clavicles, as if he was intending on strangling the driver.

Well. That sounds pretty bad. But I probably would have done the same thing in a life threatening situation. I’d have fought like hell to wrest control of the vehicle from the driver. But that’s not what is happening here. TFG is actually trying to go into danger and the agent’s job is to protect the president, not Donald Trump. Personal relationships don’t matter in this situation.

The thing is, TFG never seemed to think he was in danger that day. The reason for this is obvious.

So, to recap, TFG wanted to go to the Capitol to egg on his supporters and confront and challenge Mike Pence. He was never in danger, except from maybe Liz Cheney who knew exactly what was going on in the Capitol when it happened and knew that Jim Jordan was involved. (She told him as much st the time)

But he was trapped in a car with a couple of bodyguards who weren’t doing what he demanded. When he tried physical force his bloated 75 year old body found no purchase was flicked away like a fly.

Well. She must be lying. Because that is not the image they have of their perpetually dour faced fearless leader. That’s not the strength and STA-MIN-A he boasted of. In this scenario, he comes off looking… dare I say it?… Weak.

He’s a pathetic old man who decisively lost the election and tried every trick in the book to overturn it and stay in power indefinitely. And none of it worked. He could not use his alpha male superpowers to make them do what he wanted. And Hutchinson related the whole thing in front of the whole world. Also, he throws his food like an angry three year old.

That’s not the picture of TFG that his supporters want anyone to see in their minds. They can’t even bleach the image out of their own minds. The guy looks like a pathetic loser.

They’re more used to imagining this:

I have no idea what animal that is but I’ll bet any six year old obsessed with dinosaurs knows the Latin name, where it lived at what it ate.

That’s an image of bravery. Riding the back if a dinosaur, taking on the forces of whatever with a handgun. And there’s a giant flag so you just know he’s patriotic.

But what Hutchinson relates doesn’t look anything like that.

Therefore, they must discredit the witness. Yep. She’s lying.

No she’s not. There’s a good possibility that the secret service was exaggerating. Or they made it up. If that’s the dispute, it’s easy to clear that up. All they gave to do is swear an oath and correct the account.

If they don’t, it looks like she’s recalling the event accurately and the secret service looks like cowards.

Finally, it’s not Hutchinson’s responsibility to prove the secret service agent’s account as true. It’s the prosecutor who has to prove it. But this is Congress. It’s a felony to lie to Congress. And while these people can’t actually indict anyone because that’s not their scope, the committee is made up of lawyers and US Attorneys who used to work as prosecutors for the DOJ and were appointed to their offices by a former US president. They are pretty much the go to guys on how to collect and present evidence they think is enough to get an indictment from a grand jury. They’ve done it enough times. Now they’re just doing it as Congressmen

So, discrediting this witness is going to be much harder. I’m sure they’re going to try and they have a tendency to believe the most convoluted, bizarre sh]# so I count nothing out.

I just don’t think that’s going to work this time. This time, we almost caught him throwing his feces and it sounds all too real.


Outstanding questions:

Who was Mark Meadows texting all day?

Who was Mark Meadows talking to on the phone when Hutchinson tried to get in the car? I mean besides Jim Jordan?

Did Mark Meadows talk to Ginny Thomas on 1/6/21?

Why won’t Mark Meadows testify?

Why won’t Pat Cipollone testify? He seemed to know or suspect what was going to happen on 1/6. Did he warn anyone? If not, why not?