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The real cancel culture

This picture was taken on October 10, 2020 when I dropped off my mail in ballot for the general election at North Park Ice Rink in Allegheny County. The Republican went with me. He drove me there. He saw me hand it over to the election official.

As you can see, families brought their children. Due to Covid, the venue was outside.

I wanted to drop my ballot off in person because Louis DeJoy was already creating havoc with the postal system and even though the majority Republican legislature approved mail in balloting in 2019, when it saw that Trump might actually lose PA in 2020, it started to put speed bumps in the way of actually using that option.

For example, drop boxes were restricted to a handful of locations in each county and only for a few weekends before the election. Mail in ballots couldn’t be counted before Election Day. A day or two to process the ballots that had arrived early would have alleviated the GOP concern that an early in person vote lead would be seemingly wiped out by the mail in ballots that were forced to be processed overnight, casting doubt on the final outcome. You’d think they’d want to get a jump on mail in ballots to get all votes counted by Election Day but it’s almost like they wanted some controversy around mail in ballot counting. So there was great resistance to counting the ballots prior to Election Day as some other states did. Also, the ballots had to be postmarked by Election Day but due to the recent glitches with the postal system, three days were allowed for postmarked ballots to be counted.

Well, the legislature didn’t like that last bit and took it to court. The compromise was that the mail in ballots that were postmarked by Election Day but didn’t arrive at the election offices until 72 hours later would be sequestered. The ballots that were actually counted were the ones that arrived in the elections offices by Election Day. The rest would be withheld from counting. I don’t know under what circumstances they would have been counted at the same time as the others but in the end, they weren’t needed for Biden to clinch the state. Yep, he won the state without the sequestered ballots. I’m assuming they were counted after the state called for Biden. Biden won PA by 80,000 votes.

So, you can see why I was concerned. There were some earlier shenanigans with a ballot printing vendor who sent mail in ballots to nearby townships in Allegheny county that had the wrong precinct information on them. All of those ballots had to be thrown out, reprinted correctly, and mailed back out. The vendor was reported at the time to have Republican connections. I have to follow up on this but I think the short summary is that the printer’s contract was immediately terminated.

I wanted to be absolutely sure that my ballot was in the hot little hands of the elections officials before Election Day. I didn’t trust that the mail in my heavily Democratic township wouldn’t be “unofficially” sequestered in a dark little corner of my local post office until it was too late to be counted.

These were the thoughts that were going through my mind as I took my ballot to North Park. After turning in my ballot, I checked my ballot status on the Allegheny county website several times a day to see that it had been received and then counted. I had to make absolutely sure it wasn’t tossed out because of something stupid I might have done, like not putting it in the envelope in the envelope or forgetting to sign it. Yes, it was ridiculous that voters like me had to jump through so many hoops in the middle of a pandemic before there was a vaccine in order to vote by mail and have my vote counted.

Such is the plight of a Democratic voter in a key battleground state.

But all this was irrelevant to the PA Republican legislature that was planning to disenfranchise any ballots it didn’t like and mail in ballots were on its radar. If they could just find a way to legally throw them out, that’s what they would do. Failing that, they were planning to submit a slate of electors not based on actual voting results but ones of their own choosing that would vote for TFG at the electoral college. Those electoral college ballots would be the ones counted on January 6, 2021.

No matter how you looked at it, they were going to elect Donald Trump to a second term regardless as to what the voters of Pennsylvania wanted.

Yes, they were going to let us vote and then the Republican legislature would make the choice for us.

Well, it didn’t quite work the way they planned. We had a very vigilant attorney general in Josh Shapiro who is now running for governor. He made sure that the votes were protected in court. The Republicans in the PA legislature weren’t able to carry out their plans before January 6, 2021. That’s why it was necessary for their conspirators in Congress to challenge the Pennsylvania results on the day that the electoral college ballots would be counted and certified.

That’s as much as I know about the PA part of this whole chaotic debacle that resulted in an attack on the Capitol. As a Pennsylvania voter before January 6, 2022, I was already horrified and furious that my own state legislature was trying to cancel me as a citizen of the United States. Fury doesn’t really describe it.

If the PA legislature had been successful, turning over my mail in ballot to my election official in person before the deadline would be a pointless exercise.

What do you call it when you can vote but your votes are canceled and some other body of people make the choice for you so that they can make all other decisions about your government without your input?

Russia. Hungary. Belarus. Any dictatorial regime anywhere at any time in history.

This evening, we’re going to find out about how the conspirators planned and carried out their attempted coup in January 6 and what they’re doing for the less flashy but just as destructive coup they are carrying out now.

It touched me personally and almost canceled me as a citizen and I am not going to ever let that go. I care and I want to get to the bottom of it so it never happens again.

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  1. You’d think they’d want to get a jump on mail in ballots to get all votes counted by Election Day but it’s almost like they wanted some controversy around mail in ballot counting.

    Exactly. In fact one of the commercials run by one of Mastriano’s GOP opponents made a big deal about how Mastriano supported the Unconstitutional vote by Mail law. I don’t know how anyone can remain in the GOP, the cognitive dissonance should crush them.

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