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I’m now a single issue voter: abolish the filibuster

There is no good reason for keeping it. If any legislation manages to get past it, it will pass or fail on a simple majority vote as it should.

The filibuster does two things: it prevents the United States from evolving in response to environmental, economic and social changes, and it serves as cover for politicians, primarily Republicans, who don’t want to be forced to vote on some very controversial issues because they know their policies are wildly unpopular to voters. In the latter case, partisanship is used as a tool to prevent any legislation at all.

The majority of Americans who voted in 2020 have seen their hopes and expectations dashed by the filibuster. And let’s not forget that although Republicans NEVER break ranks on a filibuster when they’re determined to block something, it’s Democrats Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema who refuse to override a filibuster. They’re the ones that are preventing any changes whatsoever to anything we care about.

It’s incredible to me that the 5th largest economy in the world, California, has virtually no say over federal legislation. Everything it cares about is passed in the House and blocked by filibustering Republicans in the Senate. California has less sway over federal legislation than West Virginia. That’s outrageous. Regardless whether you approve of California or not, if you truly believe in democracy, its voters deserve to be heard in the Senate, not buried under 50 red state senators and two rebels without a cause.

Yes, Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema are defying the will of the 81,000,000 voters who gave the Democrats the senate. They are putting a stop to everything that the majority of us value. These two, incredibly selfish, clueless, tone deaf, compromised senators are standing in the way of the vast majority of the rest of the country on policies that make significant differences to our lives.

And worst of all, we are being held hostage by the domestic terrorist ammosexuals who call themselves Republicans.

The voting rights bill filibuster should have been the last straw. The failure of Build Back Better with its shitty and paltry paid family leave should have been the last straw. The failure to pass legislation protecting the ability of women to choose when or if they will have children should have been the last straw.

But I think Uvalde really is the absolute last straw. It’s the one that broke the back.

The filibuster has got to go. We don’t need it. We will need to learn to create policy and vote on it in a different way, without fear.

Ending the filibuster covers all of the policies that have been stuck in the Senate. Take it out and the legislation will flow again. Maybe we won’t get everything we want but we won’t be spinning our wheels going nowhere while classrooms full of 10 year olds are slaughtered and their parents stand outside the school and scream helplessly. That should NEVER happen in this country again and all of the lame solutions that Republicans have suggested are either impractical, extremely expensive or dangerous.

So, I am a single issue voter this year. My goal is to see that we elect as many senators as possible that will either eliminate or seriously undermine the effect of the filibuster. Even if Republicans realize the jig is up on passing universal background checks, I’m still voting exclusively on ending the filibuster. I am very lucky that I live in a state where I can do that. I’m putting my vote behind John Fetterman. There will be others that will get a bit of cash when they text me. It won’t be a lot but combined with other people who have also become single issue voters on the subject of the filibuster, it may be just enough to offset Manchin and Sinema.

We need four new Senators who will vow to remove the filibuster out of the way of important legislation in order to make Manchin and Sinema lame ducks for the rest of their terms.

Who’s with me?

10 Responses

  1. I think you meant “50 red state Senators”.

    Also, I think you meant “rebels without a clue“. 🙃

    But yes, this mess will only start to end when the Republican Party starts losing election after election after election after election.

    Actually, more than anyone else, the blame for our current mess falls on the Voluntary Non-Voters of the USA–not the people who were prevented from voting, by GOP dirty tricks and/or other factors beyond their control, but the bad citizens who just couldn’t be bothered to vote because “both sides are equally bad”, “they’re ALL crooks”, et cetera, ad nauseam.

    I suggest we call such people “Vote Slackers”.

    Benedict Donald–and Bush the Younger (and Actual Prez Darth Cheney) before him–“won” by the skins of their teeth. Indeed, no Elephascist (fka GOP) Presidential candidate has won a clear, indisputable victory since Bush the Elder in 1988.

    If only a tiny fraction of the Vote Slackers had gotten off their sorry, lazy butts and voted for Gore and HRC, all the tantrums of all the Purity Ponies would have made no difference, and Uncle Ruckus would now be the only Elephascist “Justice” on the Supreme Joke.

    I expect this is true of many other Federal, state, and local elections as well.

    • They’re vote slackers because they see that nothing is getting done so why bother? It’s intentional learned helplessness perpetrated by Mitch and his droogs. They WANT voters to feel helpless so they’ll stop voting.
      But I don’t think most voters know what the problem is. It’s the 60 vote threshold on the filibuster. Even if we got Manchin and Sinema onboard, we need 10 more Republican senators to agree to end it.
      That doesn’t make any sense to most Americans who only understand simple majorities. And Manchin and Sinema are hurting the Democratic brand by refusing to do anything about it. But it’s the filibuster itself that is the problem.
      I feel like getting T-Shirts made. Anyone got a snappy slogan?

      • “It’s the Filibuster, Stupid”

      • The GOP is the problem. If enough Vote Slackers would get off their asses and vote enough Elephascists out, especially in the Senate, we could get some positive things done, filibuster or no–although I also agree that the filibuster has outlived any usefulness it may have once had.

    • Exactly. And the people who caused this, both on the media side and voters, never even state any regrets about it, seem to have no capacity for self-awareness. From one perspective, the Nader and Stein voters, and the Gore and Hillary refusers were the crucial factor in all of this. And it was obvious, and we told them over and over, and they arrogantly laughed and ignored us.

  2. No arguments… the good news for us (since we get a vote) is Fetterman won. I don’t know if Lamb would have been for/against, and it doesn’t matter now, but he is enough of a corporate Democrat that I wouldn’t be surprised if would side w/Manchin & Sinema.

  3. Nope. As long as Wyoming has the same number of votes in the Senate as California, we’re fucked. Ending the filibuster will just make it worse. Don’t abolish the filibuster…abolish the Senate.

  4. I strongly agree. But since very few Democratic candidates will ever come out for abolishing the filibuster, even if they would vote to do it, one is going to have to vote on faith, that an otherwise good candidate will be apt to try to end the filibuster rule. One would think that this would be a major issue in elections, but it is virtually never discussed, except when the filibuster is used to block another popular bill, and people get upset for a while.The media is always aghast when Democrats consider changing a rule or procedure.

    What we specifically need is: Turning over the Senate seats in Pennsylvania (very possible) and Wisconsin (I think we need Godlewski to win the primary, but we’ll likely get Barnes). Winning a winnable race in North Carolina. Maybe somehow winning Florida with Demings. Holding Arizona, New Hampshire, and Nevada. Somehow voters realizing what are the overarching issues at stake: abortion rights, gun safety, and of course the filibuster which stops all of it even when Democrats nominally control the Senate. Every other issue is essentially a misdirection and distraction thrown up by the Right and the media.We probably need 53 Democratic Senators, but at least 52 to have any possibility of ending the filibuster rule.

  5. Well, now we know the real reason the GQP opposes abortion.

    They want plenty of little kids to use as target practice for their Second Amendment Microphallic Compensators(TM).

  6. The filibuster is approaching the absurdity of the liberum veto of the old Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


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