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Come on Wordle, Play Fair!

Yes, there are far more important things to worry about, but since that can be too enervating sometimes, it is a relief to occasionally focus on something else, in this case, Wordle. If you are still waiting to do today’s wordle, or if you don’t care a fig (I actually just now figured out what that British phrase came from, how naive of me) for wordle, do not read the short rest of this post.

Today, Wordle did something which I have warned about, but they do not listen to me! Of course, I do not write to them, so why would they? They set up a word where the last two letters are E R. What that meant, is that the word could be any one of a number of words which use er as a suffix, a descriptor which makes a noun out of a verb.

Someone or something that saves, is a saver. Someone who fakes something is a faker. Someone who bakes is a baker; someone who takes is a taker. There are a whole bunch of those words, and thus guessing which one is the answer, becomes very dicey.

Now, there are words which end in er which are not of that group. But many are. So if you, as I did today, have – a – e r after four guesses, you are in big trouble. Yes, you can eliminate the consonants that your earlier guesses showed were not letters in the word, but there are too many consonants left. I had eliminated D, T, L, S, N, P, C, H, even Y. Now, perhaps I should have gotten to – a – e r in three guesses, not four. But even so ,here are some possible words which have to be guessed or eliminated. Baker, faker, gamer, gazer, maker, rager, raker, raver (there still could be another r in the word), vaxer, wafer, wager, waver, waxer.

Now, a guess on a few of these will eliminate more than one possibility, but still leave some. I guessed wafer on the fourth guess, maybe a longshot, but at least it got me the a, e, and r, in the right order and showed that there was no w or f in the word. But then what? I perhaps should have thought harder, but I went with baker, and neither the b or the k were in the word.

So now I had one guess left. I had gotten 111 wordles in a row, 127 of 128 since I had started playing. And now I was down to one guess. Words still possible as answers, were gamer, gazer, rager, raver. Even razer, if I were to describe something or someone who was razing an edifice. Vaxer, if they were to use the slang term, and risk political complaints, the kind that made them change the word “fetus” and replace it with another one during the same day.

I didn’t even like these words, as most were slang. Gamer is a newish term, describing someone who engages in games, usually computer or video games. Now, in earlier days of sports, the term “gamer’ referred to a player who hung in there, battled all the way, “he’s a real gamer.” But that usage is barely known now. Raver is a mostly British slang term for a party at a “rave club,” involving music, and often drugs. It also could be a descriptive, someone who raves about something; that is a stretch of a word, but who knows what they would pick, it is their game.

So, to end this limited suspense, I decided that gamer was the most likely, and I guessed it, and it was the word. Phew, as the message says on the screen when you get one in six guesses; it was only the fifth time I had to get to that spot, along with the one word, perky, I missed months ago.

My “point” is that while one could contend that I should have played better on my earlier guesses, though the ones I use have gotten me to this record, they should not use words as answers which are suffixes: one who games is a gamer, one who rakes is a raker, a floor implement which waxes is a waxer. At that point, it becomes a pure guessing game of letters. I sometimes note that the dreaded combination in wordle would be – a-e d, even worse than – a – e r. Fazed, gazed, hazed, lazed, razed, faxed, maxed, taxed, waxed, caved, laved, paved, raved, saved, waved, etc.

Okay, that is the end of my rant, if it fits that appellation. Is rant a wordle word? Is appellation? No, too short or too long, but words pop into one’s head, mostly five-letter ones, and I think, “I hope they don’t use that word!” Maybe I am exaggerating a bit for effect. Anyway, I don’t think that today’s word was “fair,” and not because I am not a computer gamer. I knew the word, but it was only one of the possibilities in that sequence which ended with “er.” Of course, I never liked the puns in some of the “clever” crossword puzzles, either; I like nice, straightforward clues and definitions!