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Comprehending the Motivations of Elon Musk

I never knew or cared much about Elon Musk. I did know that he was an immensely rich person, who had something to do with electric cars. Then later he went into building spaceships. My essential read of him was that he was an complete egomaniac who thinks he knows more than anyone else.

That would not make him much different than many of the entrepreneurs who invented or stole this or that, and who, the more millions they made, the more imperious and arrogant they became. Millionaires are passe now, billions is the new standard. And Musk is winning, he is supposedly worth $250 billion, the richest person in the world.

But like others before him, Musk has greater aspirations. He wants to be the most important person in the world. He probably would like to be the Grand Emperor of the World. He cannot be President of the United States, because he wasn’t born here–unless he can buy his way to getting that law changed. Nothing is impossible if you are the richest person in the world, at least in his mind.

i wrote earlier that I have almost never, maybe actually never, been surprised to the upside by anyone in public life whom I sensed was some kind of sociopathic, incalculably arrogant, immensely rich person. Some of them like to pretend to themselves and the world that they are free market libertarians, but they turn out to be fascists who want everything to be done their way, and to destroy anyone or anything who dares to differ with or fight them. It goes with their nature.

So while I could not tell you two things about electric cars or spaceships, or even the business model of Twitter, I could always say with near certainty that Musk is a very ignorant person when it comes to politics or history or human issues, and that he thinks that because he was smart enough to make his billions in the world of business, he is smarter than everyone else in every way, which is not only not true, but is even more ridiculous than that. But because he has all this money, he has the ability to get himself into the headlines any time he wants to, with his pronouncements and predictions.

So that was bad enough, but I mostly ignored him and them. But suddenly, this has become more ominous. Musk announced that he was thinking of buying Twitter. Then this quickly accelerated, as he made an offer to buy it, and it was pretty quickly accepted by the predictably mercenary Twitter shareholders, who would sell to an underworld demon, if he offered them the most money per share.

And almost immediately after “Musk is trying to buy Twitter,” became a daily news story, there was wild celebration by Fox News and other members of the Republican ruling class. He was hailed as the person who can save Twitter and the country.. That was far too coincidental. I surmised that there was some kind of deal made between Musk and the Far Right powers. Maybe not explicit, maybe not in every detail, but some kind of deal.

Everything which has happened since then has made this more obvious. Musk started out by saying that Twitter had become “too political. Let’s get back to having fun.” He then said that he would remove Trump’s ban from Twitter. Then he started making daily pronouncements about how much he disliked the Democratic Party. Yesterday, he said that while he once voted for Democrats, because he thought they were kinder, he believes that the Democrats are “the party of hate and division,” so he is going to vote for the Republicans.

This was immediately hailed by the RNC, and other Far Right entities. Now why would someone who was trying to take over a very large social platform, keep veering further to the Right with every daily statement? And right during a crucial election cycle? The only logical answer, is that this was part of the deal.

Who proposed this deal? The strange and evil Peter Thiel, another fascist who wants to own every Republican official with his web of dark money? Trump, or more likely the people that own him? Russia? The horrifyingly rich cohort which which runs the economics of the world? Some combination of those, almost certainly. Musk didn’t just suddenly come up with the idea of branching into owning Twitter. Somebody suggested it to him. Deals were made.

And Musk is immediately fulfilling his part of the deal by unleashing a steady stream of attacks on the Democratic Party and its elected officials, right before this crucial election. Does anyone doubt that he will continue this, and that he will in some way fund billions of dollars of ads against Democrats?

What does Musk get out of this? That is actually the more difficult part of the hypothesis. He doesn’t need more money, though to these people, there is never enough, that is how they keep score. I have read some speculation that he wants to insulate himself from any antitrust or monopolistic charges against him by various governmental entities. By attacking the Democratic Party as “the party of hate,” he helps to give Republicans political control, which protects him from any antitrust laws. If there is executive-based action against him, he will claim that it is a witch hunt, instigated by Democrats who seek revenge against him, purely political. We have seen that playbook recently.

I would have said that Musk was angling to be President, a stand-in for Trump, who may not want to run; or maybe to run as Vice President on his ticket. But he can’t be President because he was born in South Africa. Again, though, that law could be changed. Or maybe Musk would indeed like to be some kind of Ruler of the World. Or maybe he wants to be the equivalent of J.P. Morgan, who had so much money and power, that he loaned millions to the country, at interest, of course, and ostensibly saved it from various threats of economic collapse. The power behind the throne, who was admired and feared

Musk can’t get enough of himself, he loves to make statements about all sorts of things of which he has no knowledge and understanding. He craves headlines and attention. This Twitter idea has to have that as one of his major sources of motivation, along with the billions he has been promised in various ways by the Republican power elite. He will have a major seat at the table with regard to all sorts of policy issues. All you need to have that in the halls of the Far Right, is to have immense amounts of money, and the ruthlessness to do anything to win in all channels of this country’s processes.

This is not just something that happened. it has been planned.. Musk quickly turning from, “I’m a libertarian who does not like either extreme, let’s just have fun,” to “Twitter obviously veers very far to the Left, ” to (less than a week after a horrible murder spree by a racist and anti-semite who espouses Tucker Carlson’s and the Nazis’ “Great Replacement Theory, “where Jewish people plot to replace “legacy White people” with “obedient immigrants who will vote Democratic) “The Democratic Party is the party of hate and division,” is far too palpable, far too obviously scripted for desired ends, which is the totalitarian takeover of the entire country, by an alliance of billionaires, White Supremacists, and theocrats.

The joining of Musk with this group, is a coup for them They are smarter than he is, in an evil and calculating way. They will help each other, that was the arrangement.

I would now be inclined to urge everyone to get off Twitter, but of course it is not my call. I understand that some people do not want to abandon the platform to the Far Right, because where could people go to support liberal and humane issues? I don’t know, but I don’t think it would be on Twitter, where I am certain that Musk and his collaborators will shut down any opinions which they don’t like, while unleashing a torrent of fascist propaganda which might occasionally be disguised as libertarianism.

Their goal is to win it all, to blanket the media, broadcast, written, and social, with their propaganda, fake news, lies, and hate. Elon Musk, whatever he thinks of any of this, has bought into a role as a major figure in this ongoing coup against democracy. I would hope that sane and caring people stay as far away from him as possible, it is a battle that cannot be won, not on his terrain. Musk is not your friend; he is not an entertaining rich man, a gadfly. He is a supremely arrogant person who is now, if he ever was not, clearly on the Dark Side. And I never thought that I ever would reference anything from “Star Wars.”


9 Responses

  1. he thinks that because he was smart enough to make his billions in the world of business, he smarter than everyone else in every way

    Making billions does not mean you are smart, in about 99% of the cases, IMO, it makes you RUTHLESS.

  2. I have never cared for or about Musk but I literally laugh at all the so called “progressives” who used to hang on his every word when he was an Obama fanboi.

    I’m on twitter and so far at least plan to stay on twitter even if Musk ends up owning it. I could end up leaving just depending on what happens or how it is run.

    • I would hate to see the many decent people on Twitter abandon it to the bad people, but I would also not want to see it turn into one of those other right-wing sites, where the algorithms are subtly and then more obviously set against them..

      Do you think that we have any chance to win the GA gubernatorial race? It was so close last time, but it does not seem so now. And from what i have read, Herschel Walker is ridiculous, he does not know anything, and fabricates his record; but the voters come out to shake his hand and get his autograph, because of the one thing he could do well, run with the football. I keep hoping that candidates like this would be seen through and rejected, but so far no sign of it in this race.

      • That latter of course referring to the senatorial race of Walker vs. Warnock.

      • The GOP even thinks Walker can’t win simply because he’s too easy to take apart, wife beating, threatening to kill the police, former wife has a standing restraining order against Herschel. He is a complete mess. His opponent in the GOP senate primary says he will not endorse him. Last poll from SUSA had Warnock beating Walker 50-45. As far as the governor’s office, I really don’t know. Kemp’s antics have turned off a lot of voters and if 25% of the GOP who says they won’t vote for Kemp sits home he’s a dead duck. Of course, there’s always the racial animosity angle for the GOP here in GA when you are running against a POC like Abrams. Abrams has 2 strikes a woman and a black woman at that. The voting base is changing and there’s no telling how many of his own voters Kemp has killed off during the pandemic. The polling so far has not been good for Abrams with her losing by 7 points or more. I hope she can turn that around and I have to say the heartbeat bill Kemp signed is really going to come back to haunt him when/if Roe is overturned because he has very harsh things like miscarriage as murder in the bill.

        • Ga6thDem, thank your for your always astute insights. I had seen polls with Walker ahead of Warnock, which had caused my concern.

    • It is good that this story came out. Maybe Musk was trying to preempt it by attacking the Democratic Party. Republicans never mind it, though, as long as the person is on their side.

  3. On the subject of deductions, how about t learning that “Larry Ellison, who is one of the biggest investors in Musk’s bid to buy Twitter,, joined a call in November, 2020, which was focused on challenging Biden’s win and overturning the election”?

    This certainly fits together even more now. Vert few coincidences, if any, in the world of MAGA and fascism.

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