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    • Now That We’re At Peak, How Fast Will Civilization Collapse Be?
      Last week I wrote an article about the future of civilization, collapse centered around a graph from “Limits To Growth.” I spent a fair bit of time staring at this graph yesterday, and I want to return to it, because it says some very important things about what’s coming up over the next decades. The first thing to understand is that the future is, as Willia […]
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The Saga of Getting My Driveway Paved.

I’m still working through this ordeal but oh my, do I have some interesting tidbits about what asphalt contractors really think about people who have jobs that are under $100K.

One was even stupid enough to put it in a chat when I asked him to read a previous quote and asked if he could meet it. Apparently, I’m not a friendly customer because I have a current quote with a list of requirements. This was the same contractor who quoted me a $1500 lady upcharge last year.

And *I’m* being unfriendly.

Note to contractors: this isn’t a friendship. It’s a business transaction. If you perform the work at a reasonable and customary price, on time and with quality, you will get a good recommendation and your money. That’s how it works. We’re not exchanging Christmas cards and making plans for a cookout and beers.

Anyway, I have had zero luck with any of the contractors who I’ve dealt with on Angi’s List. I’m not sure this is all their fault but I will be sending them this little chat thread to give them an indication of what I’ve had to put up with from their certified asphalt contractors. I’m going to have to try another option that I’ve recently gotten. Not Angi’s List but forwarded to me by family members. Let’s hope this interaction goes better.

This whole process is going on the second year now. Let me check the text thread… yes, since MARCH 21, 2021. I have a small driveway but I bought a foreclosed property and ran out of fixer upper money in the first year of owning this house. So I delayed replacing the driveway until I had saved up the cash to do the project. It should be a short, uncomplicated job for these dudes, which is precisely the reasons they are avoiding it until it is convenient to them. I’m just not a high value customer with a $100k job. And now I have proof that if I’m not worth that much, then I should be lucky that they are considering taking this job at all. I should be grateful. I should beg nicely.


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  1. Mom had a medical issue Thursday, but she’s back home and better now. Between that, Beaker Street, and my working yesterday, I never got around to noting that I completed my 59th solar orbit on Friday.

  2. Happy Birthday, IBW!!!!
    I hope your mom is feeling better.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I also hope that your mother is improving. I saw a movie a few days ago, “Operation Mincemeat,” and the lead actress, Kelly Macdonald, playing a young woman in 1943, from certain angles looked a good deal like my mother at a similar age.

    • She is doing better now. Thanx to all of you for your concern.

      These episodes come and go at no regular intervals.

      Meanwhile, another birthday-appropriate song.

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