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The Media’s “Both-Sidesing” Just Never Stops

This will pretty well epitomize things. I turned on the TV for literally ten minutes this morning, and heard about the upcoming Senate vote on codifying Roe v. Wade. We knew that the vote would fail, because we would need 60 votes to break the Republican filibuster. So all that one would turn on the news for regarding this, would be the comments, which as always, were not only not helpful, but biased in perception.

There was Andrea Mitchell, looking concerned. They showed Senator Manchin, who had announced that he was going to vote against the bill, giving one of his ludicrous explanations. I don’t know if he is that stupid, or he just keeps doing it for some kind of cover he thinks it will give him.

He said that he is for abortion rights, but that this bill goes further than Roe; and that “politics are the problem,” not people’s views. He seems to be blaming the dreadful upcoming denial of abortion on politics, including both parties. This makes no sense whatsoever. Abortion was a right, and now it will not be in many states, because Radical Right judges put into place by Radical Right Republicans, took it away. Democrats had nothing to do with it, they are fighting to try to get it back. And I have no idea how “politics” in general is causing the right to abortion to be taken away, and not be saved in many places, maybe everywhere, if Republicans take power and codify a complete ban on abortion.

Then we had A.B. Stoddard of Real Clear Politics, formerly of The Hill, both Far Right-owned, who wrote a column I have not forgotten, in 2020, saying “If Hillary Clinton doesn’t shut up, she will lose the election for Democrats.” Stoddard is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, but she does not like Trump, making her better than some. She probably favors abortion rights, but her comment today was that what Democrats should have done, was to put up a lesser bill, so that Collins, Murkowski and Manchin would have voted for it.

This is another iteration of “It is the Democrats’ fault.” Somehow, by not putting up an abortion bill which could not possibly break the filibuster, but might get 51 or so votes, though I doubt it, they have hurt themselves, and helped to cause the removal of abortion rights. This is so common in the media: everything that is done by Republicans is also attributed to Democrats, both sides somehow at fault, when it is only one side.

Then we had Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post, who said that Democrats threatening Supreme Court Justices, as Mitchell expressed concern about, will cause the Justices to react negatively. First, I don’t know of anybody threatening any of the Justices, and if anybody did, it is likely the Far Right doing their version of the Reichstag fire, like when they blamed the Left for the Capitol insurrection. Someone wrote a pro-abortion message in chalk near Susan Collins’ home, and she was so aristocratically appalled, that she called the police to have them wash it off, and this led to the completely predictable attempted inversion of the story.

Claire McCaskill was on there, too, but she had nothing much to say, except how bad it was that the Democrats could not stop the states from completely eviscerating Roe.

There is this abiding need on the part of the media, to refuse to put any disastrous thing squarely at the feet of Republicans. Millions of womens’ abortion rights are going to be taken away, and some of them, and their doctors, are going to be thrown into prison, because of what certain hateful state legislatures are doing, after this was sanctioned by a Supreme Court dominated by religious zealots. Democrats did not in the slightest cause this; and trying to dilute the impact of the story by somehow saying that if only Democrats in office, and among the common folk, had done this, or not done that, it would not have happened, is terrible and untruthful journalism, doing exactly what Republicans want.

Democrats do make their mistakes, and I am often not happy about how they politically strategize before elections. But they are on the right side of just about every issue, and that is what most matters. It would be like having somebody beat up someone and throw them in the street, and then someone else running over to try to pick them up, get them to safety, and get some medical help; and the observers saying to those who did not see it, that the person trying to help didn’t do it quite right, so that they are both at fault, that is the main takeaway from it, not the attack and the attempted rescue.


2 Responses

  1. Collins is a pathological liar. She would never have voted for any bill, although she would have talked about it endlessly. I cannot fathom how she keeps being reelected.

    • I had not actually thought of it that way, that she is incapable of telling the truth. And virtually every one of her votes is exactly the same as the worst Republican senators, with the rare exception of ACA, and the very few votes that McConnell lets her have when he knows he has enough to win, and wants to shore her up in her home state. She really is a repulsive public official.

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