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Women are Catholic Now

Politico is reporting that they have a draft of the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion and it’s militant. They are overturning Roe. Alito was the asshole who wrote the opinion.

Alito flippantly writes that we can’t predict the fallout so let’er rip! Like, all those years preceding Roe just never happened. But I have a pretty good idea of what will happen in my former kind of work because I have seen it happen. There are policies already in place that will affect women who are forced to stay pregnant and there will be consequences.

As a former researcher who used to work in a lab, I can say with 100% certainty that this will affect the careers of women in the biotech sciences. There’s no way around it. Lab researchers frequently work with teratogenic compounds or substances where the toxicity and teratogenicity is unknown. The company I worked for immediately pulled women out of the lab as soon as they reveal their pregnancies. They had to wait it out doing paperwork in the library. That’s if everything is normal. But if there’s any indication that the fetus has been affected by working in the lab, there is not going to be a way to abort without taking extraordinary measures. Maybe an industrial researcher can take a vacation to Mexico or Canada or New York but I don’t know how easy that’s going to be for students and academic researchers where pay is pitiful.

Companies may prefer to not take the risk for fear of lawsuits and that may affect hiring or the type of lab work women can do. In fact, should women of childbearing age be in the lab at all? We may lose some of the finest minds of this generation. There will be fewer CRSPR’s and groundbreaking vaccine technologies in the future.

The thing that really annoys me is the decision is CLEARLY based on religious belief. At this point in time, women do not have freedom of religion. I can’t understand how this is constitutional.

Republicans should be careful what they wish for because there will be backlash.


For the record, the pre-Roe years never affected me. I came of age when biology was not destiny like it soon will be for the vast majority of women in the south and plains states.

But I remember a book that I ordered from the scholastic book club. It would probably be on the banned book list now but even when I ordered it the subject was settled law. It was called Bonnie Jo, Go Home. It was about a girl from the Midwest who had to go to NY for an abortion. It turns out that she was too late for a simple procedure so she needed to go through a second trimester abortion which was a lot harder on the body and a lot more expensive. The whole story was sad and all too believable. The ending was sobering, as it probably should be. The moral of the story wasn’t that abortion is wrong. That was never even implied. The moral was to be responsible so this doesn’t happen to you. I took it to heart. I never needed one. That’s not to say I’m more virtuous but I was a lot more careful.

There have been movies that are similar to Bonnie Jo but they make the person seeking the abortion into too much of a victim. Or they emphasize how degrading the procedure is for women who have to get one. I hope we can go back to the days when it wasn’t degrading. The states where it will be legal will be a refuge and will give women their lives back.


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  1. We knew it was coming, but it is still devastating in so many ways. The actuality and the implications of it. And the fact that for the first time in history, the Supreme Court took away a personal right that had been affirmed to exist for anyone who chose it.

    Obviously, the 70-75% of the people who were consistently polled as favoring Roe v. Wade not being overturned, did not, at least not enough of them, realize the effect of their votes or non-votes for President, Congress, and state offices. Or some of them got distracted or deluded by the issues that were invented by Republicans and pushed by the media.

    One side wanted this result more than anything, and worked tirelessly to obtain it The other side did not want it, but, let themselves be lulled, or believed lying nominees to the Supreme Court, or didn’t want to “challenge procedural norms,” so they didn’t go all out to stop this. I include George Mitchell and Barack Obama in that.

    Congress could pass a law making Roe a national law. The filibuster would be a barrier, of course, and the Republicans could send it back to the Supreme Court; but if they overturned the law, they would lose whatever influence they had remaining. and Democrats could add 8 or more seats to the Court. Millions of people might decide to vote for Democrats now, and help them take over national and state offices. “I don’t quite like Biden’s position on student loan debt,” or the next version of “emails” or “laptop,” or “If Garland doesn’t arrest Trump, I’m not voting” will hopefully become pathetic excuses which are rejected by a vast majority of people. People need to wake up and stay awakened, which has nothing to do with “wokeness.” None of this takes away the current reality of this tragic day for America, particularly American women.

    • Yep, elections have consequences, and for me that includes the 2008 primaries. The Democrats now really reap the seed they sowed when they put their fingers on the scale in 2008 for Obama. I hope you are right that this will wake up the people and lead to a Democratic landslide in 2022, but my observations of the American public tell me to temper my hopes.

  2. should women of childbearing age be in the lab at all?

    Should men be in the lab at all? The toxins also affect their sperm.

    • Good point. Maybe no one should be in the lab. Maybe labs should just close up for good and any good portfolio items transferred to Europe. (Asian scientists are good but their governments stifle innovation)
      So yeah, that would be a great idea.
      But it’s never going to happen.

      • Just pointing out that it makes no more sense to ban women from the lab than it makes to ban men from the lab. But yes, they’ll ban women if they choose, but not men.

  3. It’s Lysistrata time.

    The women of the USA should answer MAGA with MAMI — Make All Men Incels.

    Why yes, I do enjoy being a gender traitor. Why do you ask? 😈

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