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The Lusty Month of May

Today is the first day of the ancient Celtic summer. Happy Beltaine.

I’m so glad the weather in Pittsburgh is warming up in spite of itself. I’m trying to weed and my feed my lawn. Applying this stuff is like some kind of GRE logic question. The grass must be wet but it can’t be wet from watering it. It must be wet from a recent rain or dew or something 🙄. You must wait 2-4 days after mowing before applying, after a rain, but only when the weather forecast says it won’t be raining in the next 2-4 days.

Screw it. I’m applying it this evening.

The good news is I’m getting a new driveway this week. Yay!! The driveway was already in rough shape when I bought the house 9 years ago but I ran out of money and couldn’t get out of post 2008 financial crash plus pharmageddon precarious employment hell for a long long time. I’m fact, it’s only in the last couple of months that I realized that I will probably not have worry about unemployment that way again. But that means my home improvement projects had to be put on hold for an extended period of time and it’s all catching up with me now. My furnace needs to be replaced. That’s next. Then there are some windows that need to be replaced. So even though my employment woes are over, I need more money to do all of this work. I’m always running the numbers in my head. It drives me crazy because it looks like I’ll have to postpone my vacation for another year so I can pay for having heat this coming winter.

But when I DO go on vacation, I’m going to be able to wear nice shorts again because…

I’m inching (literally) closer to that 5K run. It looks like there is going to be one locally in June, which sounds great except, if you’ve ever been to Pittsburgh then you know that the run could include some soul crushing hills. I live on the hill I used to climb on the way to middle school for a semester and it crushed my little 11 year old soul every morning. If the route includes that hill, I’m going to start looking for a 5K in Iowa.

But I am running. I’m on week 6 of Couch to 5K with my coach, Johnny Dedd. He’s a Walker of the “icepick to the base of the brain” variety. Last Thursday, he got me to run 20 minutes straight. Then I took a couple days off to do other things, like mowing. You’d think mowing one’s lawn would help condition the heart. Alas, Johnny had me doing intervals this morning and it was a killer. Omg. I need a nap.

On the playlist this morning were the usual. I can now run all the way through Jessica without stopping. But I’ve changed it up in the cool down. Today, I revisited two old favorites.

Short skirt, long jacket. This takes me back to lusty months of May past:

And a little tribute to Johnny Dedd:

9 Responses

  1. I used to listen to the “Camelot” soundtrack virtually every day, and I remember that song. “That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray.”

    Good luck on the arduous goal you have set. Even if you don’t run the 5K, the training is the end in itself. I’m just hoping that they fix the starter on my car for 2K or so.

    • Starters are way less expensive than $2K. I had to have mine replaced last year. It died on me the day of my inspection. What kind of timing was that?? Anyway, inspection included replacing brakes, tires and starter. $1200 total. Yes, it was painful. Recently, I got in my car in a parking lot not far from my house and when I stepped on my brake, my foot went to the floor. Yep, brake lines developed a hole and needed to be replaced. $500.
      It’s just one damn thing after another.

      • Actually, the repair section of dealer said that the starter was $450 or so, but it is the labor which is the cost, maybe 8 hours. ??? Said something about having to go through the manifold. So said price was about $2300, but he would try to get it down to $1750. LOL. I do not dare to take it to Pep Boys or somewhere like that. I had car parked near beach, I tried to start it, it did not, I thought it was battery, auto club person said no it was starter. Just like that, like yours did. Repair person said, yes, that happens with starters. Lucky I was not up in the hills somewhere. Towing to repair shop cost $100, because I had “regular” AAA, not premium, ah.

        At least car is in shop, I have loaner. But yes, very frustrating to have such things happen! Then I decided to do the wordle before I went out, and it was very difficult ,I did not make ideal choices in guesses, and I had only two letters after four guesses, and then I had an idea, but I had a question as to spelling of word. I got it in five, but I still think it looks better with the other spelling, but that could not have been answer, because it would be an extra letter. Hopefully that is opaque enough for anyone who has not tried it yet.

        • I have no idea what car you drive but that sounds like you got an upcharge of some kind. Did you call around and get other estimates? Just tell them the make, model and problem with your car and see what kind of numbers they give you. You can always go with the dealer if you still want to.
          Even your AAA sounds expensive. I got a tow to my garage across the river with AAA for no additional charge. It’s about 8 miles away.
          Haven’t tried the Wordle yet today. I start with the same two clue words that eliminate all vowels +y and all major consonants but it might be time to change it up.

        • Got Wordle in 4. Yes, it was tricky

          • Very good! I like to spell the word with an additional letter, like the name of a famous and elegant sports figure of the 1970’s, but,I had to do it in the way which is probably more common, as I could not think of any other possibilities for the word.

            i have a used Lexus, and go to the Lexus dealer. That may be part of the problem. When I was sitting in the car, looking at the ocean, and knowing that on a Saturday, my first goal had to be to get the car out of there and into some shop, it was not conducive to calling many places, which is what the dealer counts on, of course. Thanks for the moral support!

        • Four here also… Had three in the right place after 3 moves, but really was surprised when I got it… I expected to get the shaky stack cause I thought there was an E

          • Me, too! I almost did not get the word because I did not think it was a word, spelled like that. But it is.

          • Ok, I admit it. I cheated (not cheating exactly. More like speeding things up) and used word hippo to sift and eliminate. When I saw the answer, it was already spelled that way because searched got 5 letter words.
            BTW, if you haven’t tried word hippo, it doesn’t give you the answer. It just gives you possibilities you might not have thought of yet.

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