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      So, a New York DA has charged Trump. There’s some posturing by DeSantis, but Trump will almost certainly go to New York and surrender. This is a watershed moment, no former President has ever been charged with a crime. This is a political act. Many President have committed crimes and have not been charged. It will lead to red state DAs indicting Democratic p […]
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McCarthy caught on tape

A new book by a couple of NYTimes Journalists is about to be released that says that a couple of days after the insurrection, House Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy had a conference call with Steve Scalise and Liz Cheney where he told both of them that Trump would be impeached a second time and that He should resign. Not only that but he was going to tell Trump personally that he should resign even though McCarthy doubted that Trump would do it.

In that same meeting, Cheney implied that there had been some plan fo invoke the 25th amendment.

In other words, the Republicans knew exactly who was responsible for storming the Capitol and that it was an impeachable offense and that Trump should resign over it. Just because he was acquitted in fhe Senate later doesn’t mean they thought he was innocent.

Even Mitch McConnell was hoping that the Democrats would impeach Trump again and get rid of him once and for all for the Republicans. Mitch speculated that there were seventeen senate Republicans who were pissed enough to vote to convict Trump. So why didn’t that happen?

It was because of the Trump base. They were so soaked in the big lie and so in thrall to Trump that they threatened the ability of the Republicans to win back the House and Senate in the future. So, neither of them had the cojones to stand up in front of the base and tell the honestly and with Grave seriousness that Trump needed to be held accountable. They were more afraid of the mob than they were afraid of losing their country.

And why were they so afraid of the Trumpers? Let’s think of this another way. In a recent man on the street interview on YouTube channel 1420, the question to ordinary Russians was “Is Ukraine full of Nazis?” There are a few Russians in that video who know exactly what’s going on but most of them have been sucked in by a relentless fire hose of state media that pumps out a steady dose of over the top rage about Ukrainian Nazis.

For those of us who have been paying attention, the answer is no, Ukraine is not full of Nazis. But there is a tiny political faction of Ukraine nationalists who are pretty close to fascist nazis. It’s a much smaller faction than our Proud Boys and Oath Keepers and “very fine people” who carry confederate flags and chant “Jews will not replace us”.

Ukraine’s government is liberal, democratic, progressive and not Nazi, and Ukrainians vastly are not nationalist fascists. Ukraine wants to join the EU, which is why Putin invaded. Russia, ironically, seems to be full of fascists and is run by a fascist dictator. Putin wants to stop Ukraine from integrating into Europe and escaping the Russian sphere of influence, because he insists that Ukrainians are Russian nationals and they just don’t know it yet. That is why he is tenderly shepherding them back into the fold by blowing the fuck out of their cities. So he made up this excuse that Ukraine has been taken over by Nazis, all Ukrainians are Nazis and Ukraine is about to invade Russia to justify his takeover of Ukraine.

The whole idea is absurd. Ukraine is 20 times smaller than Russia in size and has less than a third of the Russian population. Ukraine invading Russia is almost as improbable as Saddam Hussein launching a missile that would reach the US in 45 minutes. But you can always get a country to do what you want by telling them they are going to be attacked. I think Goebbels said that. “It works in any country”, he added. And Russian citizens are particularly vulnerable to that kind of messaging because they were attacked by Nazis in WWII. Nevermind that before 1940, they were actually taking Hitler’s side.

If you listen to those man on the street interviews, you can see how the general Russian public has swallowed that big lie and think that the invasion of Ukraine is justified. WE know it’s crazy and that they’re brainwashed by Russian media propaganda and that it’s horrific that Russian soldiers mutter that they’re going to teach Ukrainian Nazi whores a lesson as they rape the women and children. We know that their media fueled delusions are propping up Putin within the country and leading to dangerous destabilization around the world. We can see that Russians have completely dehumanized Ukrainians to the point where they deserve what’s coming to them and can be treated any way they want, defying international conventions of war and justifying crimes against humanity.

WE know that. But those Russians out there don’t and that’s what makes the whole country extremely dangerous.

I get the notion that Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell and a dozen Republican senators looked at the bloodthirsty mob that stormed the Capitol and heard their delusional rants about how Trump won the election when they knew he hadn’t and reflected with panic how they felt on January 6, 2021 and they crumpled. It is of no use to try to convince people to believe something different than what their media mouthpieces had been telling them for years. Even if McCarthy and McConnell had been honest with them, the Democrats and Liberals have been dehumanized. We’re evil, pedophilic communists who want to steal their hard earned money and they will do absolutely everything to prevent Democrats and Liberals from taking power.

McCarthy and McConnell looked at their choices and weighed whether it was better to say how they really felt about the insurrection in order to lead their constituents to getting rid of a dangerously unstable president or whether they should just keep their mouths shut so they could stay in power indefinitely. They chose the latter. They would ride Trumpism to the bitter end.

There has been some silly speculation with the news people tonight as to whether Mitch and Kevin would be held responsible, whether they would lose their leadership positions. I doubt that will happen. As far as the base is concerned, they are fighting the godless commie libs so lies are no big deal. Conscience is disposable as long as those animals can’t really run the country.

They’re safe, as far as I can see. Meanwhile, half of the country walks around with guns and hostility thinking the other half are as bad as Nazis.

Jung, Tucker Carlson and a Shortage of Self-Tanner

I was checking my YouTube recommends and ran across a video on quotations of Carl Jung. (Disclaimer: I have fun videos too. It’s not all philosophy and war strategy. Mostly, my subscriptions are for design, art, architecture. But they are FUN designers, artists and architects. Ok Nevermind 🙄)

Anyway, getting back to Jung. He was the founder of one of the two major schools of psychoanalysis that came out of Vienna. He was once a student and colleague of Freud but he and Sigmund disagreed on some key aspects of the psyche. I prefer Jung and see him as kind of a macro psychoanalyst where someone like BF Skinner was a micro psychoanalyst if that makes sense. And thus I conclude my review of Psychology 101 that I took (mumbles incoherently) years ago.

One of Jung’s focuses was on the duality of humans. Each sex has a feminine and masculine side. To be an integrated personality, you need to embrace the other side. There is also the concept of the shadow. The shadow is a part of your personality that you push away because it consists of characteristics that you have been conditioned to dislike.

So, I was reading these quotes from Jung and came across this one:

That made me think of Tucker Carlson and his new focus on masculinity. Apparently, testosterone levels are declining, which shouldn’t be THAT much of a problem. We have patches for that. What’s really confusing to me is why lower testosterone levels affect the MAGA guys especially. Why not the libs? I’ll let that question meander for a second.

Currently, the man with the biggest balls on earth is Volodymir Zelenskyy, a compact, Jewish dude in Ukraine with a pronounced liberal streak. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that there are women all over the world who want to sleep with him. And why is that? It’s because he doesn’t have to flash a giant ICBM called Satan 2 at the world to prove how manly he is. He puts on his military green T like all of the other soldiers in his army, without the flashy epaulets and medals or even a bespoke suit. He’s dedicated, emits a quiet strength, he’s humble, his conviction and Values come from the heart and are communicated with feeling to the rest of the world. We are drooling, guys.

Ok. Enuf of the fan girl crush. I have to get back to work.

My point is that Zelenskyy appears to have integrated both sides of his nature. I’m not sure what his shadow is but I’ll bet he’s pretty impervious to propaganda and psy ops.

Tucker Carlson is a purveyor of propaganda and psy ops. He is poking at the MAGA male’s fear of weakness and femininity. So his shtick is to focus on low testosterone levels, as if the loss of the hormone that makes you want to act like an orc is the cause of what ails this country.

The flip side of this is an utter contempt for women. Have you seen the absurd lengths that some states will go to in order to keep women pregnant and unhappy?? And why is he talking about “order” and why does he think that orderliness is a male characteristic? I know men who’s houses are chaos and disorderliness. Who cares as long as they are enjoying their lives and work? (But maybe they should work on their thoughts about neatness and procrastination. What’s THAT all about?? And yes, it’s one of my issues as well.) Not only is this tyrannical orderliness not exclusively male, it just shows that Tucker has never had a nun as a teacher.

But no one I know is asking for a daddy figure to protect them, by exchanging their safety for keeping them in line and enforcing order. Or at least they’re not admitting to it because what could be less masculine than being a grown up man who needs a father figure who will ground anyone who doesn’t obey? How is that masculine? Are they planning to take on this role themselves? Please refer to the sentence about no one is asking for this service from them. Besides, it’s not going to work. You can’t put emancipated women back in the bottle. You can only make their lives harde, reduce their domestic incomes and increase their responsibilities with no meaningful improvement in their quality of life or their safety. They’ll hate you for that. Or do you want to be more feared than loved? Where does that lead?

So, verily I say unto all you guys who are secretly considering sunbathing in the nude: don’t waste your time. Any guy who buys what Tucker is selling might as well buy a big bottle of self-tanner and apply it generously. You’ll get more out of it, pun intended.

What you really need to do is sit and have a think about why you have such contempt for women. Be more like Zelenskyy and less like the asshole who is sending rapists into Bucha.