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Can anyone verify what Abbott is doing to truckers?

Check out this video. (Not safe for sensitive ears) This guy is saying that Gov. Abbott is holding up trucking from Mexico in order to slow down delivery of goods. He’s doing it in order to increase costs to the consumer so that higher prices can be blamed on Democrats. Can anyone confirm what’s going on at the Mexico-Texas border?

More on this problem from the Texas Tribune. Abbott is using the end of title 42 as an excuse to slow down trucking. Title 42 prevented migrants from crossing the border during the pandemic. It’s scheduled to end next month. I repeat. It’s scheduled to end Next. Month.

I’m not familiar with Title 42. Ending it

supposedly means that anyone crossing the border can be picked up and returned to Mexico immediately. Instead of waiting in the US for a hearing? I guess that’s what it means. Can someone interpret what’s going on here? Im not an expert on illegal immigration policies.

In any case, Abbott is using the end of Titke 42, Next. Month. to tie up international trucking today and the results are going to hit the consumer in the wallet.

I can’t figure out why a Republican governor of a big state would do something like this unless he was afraid that Republicans were not going to do as well as they think in the polls. Maybe Beto O’Rourke is doing too well.

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  1. Lawrence O’Donnell showed a poll yesterday which had Abbott leading O’Rourke by only two points, 42-40. I have seen others with a wider margin, but it is somewhat hopeful. He had Beto on, who was enthusiastic and rather confident, although that is usually his nature. O’Rourke tore into Abbott for damaging truckers and consumers in Texas. He also brought up the freeze last year, where Texas’ business-owned grid did not supply enough heat, and then (he didn’t mention that part) bankrupted some people who had signed up for a fluctuating fee which then went up to financially devastating highs before they could even react to it. He said that Abbott is destroying Texas, and the voters need to save it.

    One can guess that Abbott and the Republicans have a plan to increase inflation, rely on the media to make that the big economic story, and then to blame it all on Democrats. However, it does not seem that many in Texas are falling for this, but that could be the general plan. If Democrats would directly and furiously attack Republicans for their actions or inactions leading to higher prices and less goods, we might have a chance to turn the narrative around. Also, Beto noted that Texas women were forced to go to Oklahoma to seek an abortion, but they cannot now, since the Oklahoma governor just proudly signed a bill to make abortion a crime with penalty of up to ten years in prison. So they would have to try to go to Arizona, if they can afford that.

    • My heating bill skyrocketed this year. I have gas heating. But I keep my house on the cool side, about 65-68°F and haven’t reprogrammed my thermostat. I swear that my utility company is paying off part of the Texas chill from last year by having to pay much more this year. And I don’t choose the spot market option. I have the regular old plan. The gas company still has to contract to buy. It’s just weird because PA is a natural gas producer state. The price increases happened well before the Russian invasion of ukraine. I can’t think of another reason why the bill is easily twice what it was last year but I’m not using any extra gas.

      • I believe PA is the 2nd largest natural gas producer (after TX). I also seem to recall that most of the natural gas is exported. Only a capitalist could make sense of such a system. If you used it close to the source one would expect it to be cheaper, but then there would not be as much profit for the corporations producing/transporting/etc.. Remember the most important corporate virtue today is: GREED, as proclaimed by the Profit Gekko.

        • Yeah I get it that they are exporting it but the jump in prices is ridiculous. Meanwhile, my house is sitting on it.

          • I see the jump in prices as totally expected. The corporations and their directors will take any excuse they can get to increase their profits. It’s a mentality that I just don’t get, and it is encouraged by many politicians, and sadly not just those in the GOP.

    • I thought New Mexico is their closest clinic in Beto’s area.

      • I think he mentioned Arizona, but yes, NM is closer geographically tot Texas. I think a a specific city in AZ was mentioned, maybe O’Donnell said that, I don’t know why.

      • Today, the Kentucky legislature just overrode the Democratic governor’s veto of the first state law to ban all abortions, no exceptions, after fifteen weeks. That is what happens when people keep voting for Republicans for any position. Meanwhle, 84-year old Frank Langella was removed from a TV series based on Poe stories, because someone said that he made an inappropriate joke and comment to the female co-star. They will reshoot all of his scenes. He was the only reason that I might have watched that show. So we have the fascists vs. the puritans, and the puritans win the meaningless battles, and the fascists win the big ones.

  2. Off topic; a song for tomorrow.

    Written by Bruce Belland and Dave Somerville.

    Sung by Willie Nelson.

  3. On topic: Way to go, Abbott. Driving up food prices should make you and your party real popular with the voters.

    Maybe their propaganda machine is so powerful they’ve come to believe it can never fail them, even against overwhelming evidence that their BS is exactly that? (*cough*Trump lost in 2020*cough)

  4. Off topic:

    I’m late this week; I was attending a Good Friday service.

    Friday nights 7 PM – 8 PM North American Central Time:

    The Magical Mystery Tour. Host Tom Wood takes a look at the Beatles from a different angle each week.

    Friday nights 8 PM – 12 AM North American Central Time:

    Beaker Street, the legendary rock radio program, has returned. Iconic host Clyde Clifford has returned from his medical absence.

    Both shows can be found at http://arkansasrocks.com/

    If you can’t catch Beaker Street live, MP3 files are available soon afterward at https://beakerstreetsetlists.com/

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