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Might vs Right could get us all killed.

We should all be discussing the historic nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court but the news is being dominated by Putin’s outrageous attack on Ukraine.

You know what’s more outrageous? The right’s stupid and childish finger pointing at Biden for not making Putin stop right this minute. They stomp their feet and shake their tiny fists and demand that Biden…

…impose tougher sanctions right away. And send more weapons. And they call NATO useless. Yeah, that’ll learn Putin!

It is at this point that I want to administer dope slaps to the heads of every one of them and remind them that their bloated orange hero was IMPEACHED because he tried to extort Ukraine into helping his campaign by threatening to withhold badly needed weapons to them a couple of years ago.

Remember that perfect phone call? I’ll bet none of you actually read the transcript. So here it is. The intention was very clear. Big Orange was deliberately delaying the Congressionally approved budgeted funds for the sale of weapons to Ukraine in 2019 in exchange for defamatory dirt on Hunter Biden. There are emails from people who were supposed to spend that money on weapons to Ukraine who were stopped from doing it. It was a very big deal because if the money wasn’t spent in time, it would have to be sent back to the Treasury and Ukraine wouldn’t get their weapons. As I recall, they didn’t get all of the funds allocated. Only a fraction of that money was used to buy weapons for Ukraine.

Here is the Politico article about it. It’s titled, “Trump holds up Military Aid to Ukraine meant to confront Russia”. It’s from 2019.

I repeat, since it didn’t sink in the first time when you guys were worried about transsexuals using the bathroom or the new wardrobe changes of candy coated chocolate avatars:

Former twice impeached president Trump pulled his ambassador from Ukraine when she was not helping him get manufactured dirt on Hunter Biden and he held up the sale of badly needed weapons to Ukraine until President Zelensky (you know, the guy who Putin is going to arrest and possibly execute any second now?) cooperated with his plan to bring down Biden with made up documents on Hunter Biden.

By the way, have any of you bothered to find out where Ukraine is located? It’s right next door to Russia. Nevermind. Here’s a map;

Putin could have marched right in whenever he felt like it. He’s got a bigger army, nukes and Ukraine wasn’t yet a member of NATO. You remember NATO, right? The big military alliance that keeps Western Europe safe from the Russians? The thing that Annoying Orange was always mocking, threatening to defund and wanted the US to leave? Yeah. That’s the NATO we’re talking about.

Oh, but now your mouthpieces like Hugh Hewitt are shocked, SHOCKED that Joe Biden isn’t doing something other than slow moving sanctions. Oh my god! Doesn’t Joe see that Ukraine needs weapons??

Yeah, probably. He probably recognized the problem right away. If only Annoying Orange had conceded back in November 2020 when he lost the election and had cooperated with the smooth transition of power instead of giving Vladimir Putin more lead time to get his ducks in a row.

He probably also knows that the US getting directly involved in conflict in Ukraine could get us all killed with that whole nuclear mutual destruction thing. Remember duck and cover drills? Good times, good times. We are very lucky that we don’t have a raging hothead in the Oval Office with access to the nuclear football and an attitude of why do we have nukes if we aren’t going to use them? He probably had a fantasy in his head where he vanquishes Russia and proclaims himself King of the World. It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

It is time for Republicans to grow up and pay attention. Pissing fellow Americans off is a distraction and not behavior worthy of a superpower. Putin took advantage of it. Congratulations. Now STFU.


2 Responses

  1. Excellent synopsis of where we are.

    Expecting that Republicans will grow up is a non-starter, they have proven their character with their support of TFG.

    Pissing fellow Americans (in their parlance ‘owning the libs’) is never going to stop either. Thanks to Rush this is a prime plank in any Republican platform.

  2. And Trump was for years funded and used by Russia, even before it was set up for him to run. And he got the platform plank supporting Ukraine taken out, and the media mentioned it once or twice, then rushed back to Hillary’s emails.

    Trump was told to do nothing to help Ukraine, and his actions were designed to keep them from getting weapons. None of this was just happenstance. And still the media doesn’t seem to interested in any of it. Trump sold out America and with it Ukraine, to the Russians. He would have pulled our country out of NATO in a second term. The media didn’t seem to care about any of his attacks on NATO, they portrayed it as an interesting policy argument. They had no capacity or interest regarding the easy to follow points wherein he was doing everything that Putin wanted, setting up not only the takeover of Ukraine, but other countries. This is treason pure and simple. But the media was much more excited about “Democrats in disarray.”

    And the Republicans, as you very effectively point out, exist only to attack Democrats and thus hold power. Whatever Biden does, they criticize. They had no problems with arms being denied to Ukraine, and only one single Republican voted for impeachment then. They attacked the Democrats for impeaching him essentially for treason, they defended Trump, they would not allow witnesses. But now they turn back into the war hawks of recent times. Actually, Bush and Cheney gave Russia cover for regime change, with their war against Iraq. Republicans have no morals, no intelligence, and they want Russia to win against Ukraine, and they will blame Biden for it. Daily Double for them.

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