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Why Are All The Vaccine and Mask Mandates Ending?

I live in Los Angeles, where there are still indoor mask mandates, though I doubt that they will remain for very long. The rest of the state, except for L.A., and one other county, has ended them. Why? I would say that it is because of the unending pressure and threats from various forces which include anti-vax idiots, right-wing insurrectionists, and shadowy foreign groups, mostly run from Russia, which were found to be behind the so-called “truckers protest” in Canada.

That event shut down traffic, including on an important bridge where goods flow to and from the United States. These people honked their horns for hours, making it virtually impossible for people to work in adjacent businesses. It was estimated that the cost to revenue was an astounding $300 million dollars a day. The effects will still be felt, and there will also be damage to the American economy.

And that, along with generalized chaos, was surely the goal. Canada has a 90% vaccination rate. There scarcely would be imagined that there were actually all these Canadians who were angrily protesting vaccine mandates for businesses. This was something else, both an effort to damage Trudeau and Biden, and the two countries, but a test run for more such events.

I have not done all the research, but various “troll farms” in other countries have been found to be part of this. It is assumed that Russia is behind much of it, in their ongoing efforts to damage and destabilize the United States. And people like Steve Bannon, who is an ally of theirs, are also probably involved. There was some indication that there were plans to disrupt the Super Bowl, but nothing came of that. But we can expect more phony and dangerous “organic protests” which not only cause property and financial damage, but help them to try to oust leaders whom they want to get rid of.

And there are also of course various right-wing cult elements, including those whom Trump has mobilized to express their anger through violent actions. And then the real powers, the immensely rich people who have no compunction about doing anything to get their way, which is defined as no impediments to business making trillions of dollars.

Obviously, vaccine and mask mandates interfere with that. So do airlines trying to ban passengers who endanger the crew and the other passengers, by attacking them. When we see eight Republican senators arguing that it is wrong for the airlines to ban them, we can be certain that this is not coming from their own mentalities, such as they are; it is being told to them by their owners, who are the immensely rich people who fund them, get them re-elected, and give them their talking points.

These people have gone beyond their paying hundreds of millions of dollars to have their people elected, and the Supreme Court stacked with them. They want to control every element of national policy. And that includes getting rid of all of the health mandates.

It seems that many leading medical people do not believe that the mandates should be lifted, not until we get a higher vaccination rate, and more information about the infection rates. We all very much wish that the pandemic were over, but it doesn’t seem that it is. Yet suddenly we see virtually every state and municipality ending the mandates. It is very unsettling, because it seems to me that this is a caving under intense pressure, rather than something that medical professionals are in favor of. I have seen many comments from them which either are against the end of mandates, or at least concerned about it.

Yet, they are ending. And we are seeing such nonsensical things as the rules for the upcoming Academy Awards, which appear to be an effort to “compromise,” assuage various people, to act like they are trying to be safe, but not do anything effectual. Apparently some audience members should wear masks, but the presenters and performers do not have to. The audience members seated in the section of the Dolby Theatre nearest the stage will not be required to wear masks, but they will be seated further apart than usual. The audience seated in the mezzanine must wear masks. And the theatre is in Los Angeles, where the indoor mask mandate is supposed to remain, but somehow is being worked around for this event.

Meanwhile, many people are not following the mask mandates, and they were not three months ago. I have never yet seen any authority figure in an indoor space tell anyone to wear a mask. Many do responsibly wear them, but some don’t. And now all the mandates will end, and have in most cities; and I think it is simply due to the nonstop pressure, complaining, yelling, ignoring, that goes on, as well as less publicized threats being instigated by the ultra-rich corporate people.

Remember the furor over California governor Gavin Newsom being seen eating without a mask at a restaurant? This was made into a major scandal by those who wanted to have him removed via Recall, so they could put in Far Right talk show host Larry Elder. Recently they tried to concoct another such scandal with Newsom, and with Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, but they both quickly explained that they took off their mask only very briefly.

But the question is who keeps trying to turn these things into scandals, and the answer is that it is those people who now are convinced that the country is theirs, and that they have the money and the power to get anything they want. What they want most of all is absolutely no restrictions on any aspect of business and corporations. Trump was on his way to giving them that, and they want him back, although they would settle for DeSantis, who essentially is Trump without the weirdness.

I do not like wearing a mask, who would? But I will continue to wear them, maybe for another year, unless I read that virtually all of the most respected epidemiologists believe that it is perfectly safe not to wear them. Right now, I do not see that being the case. Hopefully, wearing a good mask will be enough, even if most people are not doing that.

I am also worried about another variant, which we all hope will not arise. It has been over four months since I had a booster shot, and in Israel, they found that after four months, the protection goes down, and they were recommending a fourth shot. Here, nothing yet has been done about it, but I think that Dr. Fauci predicted that it would be recommended for certain groups. But of course there is pressure being exerted against all of that, by the same forces I am writing about.

I think that many of us have been astounded and upset at the angry resistance to vaccinations and masks. The pathetic perversion of concepts of “freedom” into the right not to follow health protocols which are designed to protect not just them, but everyone else. I think that we have declined in national intelligence and rationality.

But I am also thinking that this this idiocy is not just millions of people deciding that “the freedom not to be vaccinated, or to have to wear masks indoors” is the most important thing in their lives. It is something that they are being led into by those on the outside who want America to fall apart and be engaged in civil war; and by powerful people on the inside who want to get rid of Biden, have Far Right Republicans control everything, and thus be free to buy up whatever part of the country and its lawmaking that they do not yet own. Looking at it from that overarching perspective, all of this comes into focus.

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  1. Completely unrelated, though interesting, I got the wordle in four, and it took some thinking! That is 37 out of 38, but the one that got away still bothers me, and not being able to use “lynch” for the y, is a problem. I wonder if anyone else had to sit and think about it today before making a fourth or fifth guess?

    • I got today’s answer on the fifth guess. Yes, I did have to take some time to think about it! It wasn’t a difficult or unusual word but one that was hard for me to visualize and that’s how I think – visually. For whatever reason, I couldn’t see today’s word in my mind’s eye.

  2. I use the same word every day as my first Wordle guess. It is a word with four vowels (guess what it is!). Some people use words with several consonants as their first guess but that doesn’t work for me. I wonder what strategy other people use. Are you a vowel or a consonant person? Do you use the same first guess every day or do you vary first guesses?

    • I look for vowels first, and my first two words, which I usually use every day, unless the first word makes me want to find another second guess, have all five vowels contained.

      I have tried to think of a word with four vowels to start the game, but have not. But I did not try that hard. Let’s see… i still cannot think of one. I do assume that they are all different vowels, otherwise aerie, unless the NYT thinks it is too antiquated. I will try to come up with at least one word like that.

    • Yep Friday was another PHEW for me.

      I go for consonants on my first guess, always using a word with NO traditional vowels, lynch is on my list of initial guesses, but I have not used it. I almost always want a t and an s in that first guess.

      Adieu is almost always my second guess, periodically I mix it up and go for audio. IF I have 3 letters by this point, especially with some in position, I generally make a stab at the correct word in guess 3, if not I use a word which contains only letters not already guessed, so that by end of round 3 I have 15 letters tested and almost always have 3 known to be in the answer.

  3. About mask wearing: I always wear one in public and will continue to do so as long as necessary to protect myself and others.

    As the Elton John song says, it’s no sacrifice at all.

  4. These people have gone beyond their paying hundreds of millions of dollars to have their people elected, and the Supreme Court stacked with them.

    Is there anyone who thinks that letting more money into politics was a good idea? Elections should not be about who raises the most money, they should be about who has the best ideas. Not going to happen now for sure.

    It is very unsettling, because it seems to me that this is a caving under intense pressure, rather than something that medical professionals are in favor of.

    This ‘pressure’ that is currently being used is exacerbated by the 24/7 so called news channels, and social media. I am surprised that corporations and the 1% have not made it mandatory for all voting age adults to carry a smart phone at all times.

    What they want most of all is absolutely no restrictions on any aspect of business and corporations.

    And there is still plenty of time for John Roberts to deliver on this. I am still of the opinion that we will soon be seeing advocates for corporations getting the right to vote… I mean really, how can you prevent a person from voting ;-o)

    concepts of “freedom”

    The basic GOP concept of freedom has become freedom from any idea that has been proposed or supported by a Democrat or group perceived to lean Democratic.

  5. I got today’s answer on the second guess! Never done that before. On my first guess, I varied my usual routine by using a word that William suggested the NYT might ban. It got me three letters. With those letters I made a lucky guess on my second word and it was correct. Snoopy dance!

    • William: DO NOT READ until you have solved today’s WORDL

      I used one of my regular starts, followed by Adieu and only had 2 letters after 2 guesses

      Impressive… those double letter ones always take me a bit longer

      • SPOILER ALERT: Adieu would have been of little help today but I plan to continue to start with it because I think it’s a good strategy. Today’s answer just fell into place for me in a bizarre way. I consider it a gift from the Wordle gods/goddesses (whose names are always composed of five letters).

  6. Jmac and Lethe, I just saw jmac’s first line about “DO NOT READ UNTIL” so I did not, and i figured it was a very difficult one today; and it was, although I made it more difficult by not using a word I usually use, and trying to be too clever. But I did get it on the fifth guess, and that’s what matters in the game of wordle!

    Lethe, amazing that you got this in two guesses!

  7. I see that California has picked up on my suggestion to apply the Texas abortion law precedent in other areas. Now do masks and vaccines.

    I have further suggestions should that prove insufficient.

    • Yes, blue states should use the same kind of “clever” devices to pass legislation without violating superseding laws. We will see if the Supreme Court lets them all go, or has the audacity to toss out the ones which the members don’t personally like, while keeping the ones that they do; and what contorted arguments they make to thread their own needle.

      • Should have applied it to masking and vaccination first, though. COVID has killed a lot more Californians than .50BMG rounds ever have.

      • IMO the best court GOP money can buy will have no qualms about throwing this out. Not only that, because of the Trump judges Roberts will get to preserve his all important legacy, and vote with the minority.

  8. Headline today, “Who uses this word?”Players in an uproar over Wordle 246.” “Another day, another wordle that has befuddled players and stirred up frustration over the viral word game. Twtter users took to the platform in droves again to express their outrage at the puzzle.”

    All I can say is that it was not an uncommon word, particularly in news stories; and that it is depressing to see how many people don’t know very many words. They got upset at caulk, they got more upset at swill, and not they are “outraged” at a word that anyone who ever read newspapers or novels should know. And they go on Twitter to complain about it. I would guess that, say, fifty years ago, most people with a high school diploma would have known that word, but these words are like a foreign language to most people. Learning the meaning of words is not some kind of ego trip competition, it allows one to express and understand nuance. We need much more nuance in our perceptions and expressions, and that is what words are for. Thank you.

    • You are welcome.

      Today’s word is not obscure. It amazes me that people have never heard of it or the words swill and caulk. People are saying these are “not real words”, that they are “made up”. I would be embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know such words and would keep that sort of ignorance to myself rather than broadcast it on social media.

      Further evidence of the decline of Western civilization. I despair.

      • I completely agree, see my just-written lengthy essay about this, Not as crucial as the Russian/Ukraine situation, but worth discussing even so.

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