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What was the point of voting in person in 2020??

I keep thinking we have heard the last of the dumb ideas that TFG had to steal the 2020 election. First it was flooding the courts with nuisance lawsuits about election count shenanigans. (They never happened). Then it was pressuring state officials in Michigan and Georgia to find the right number of votes for him. (They resisted). Then it was invade the Capitol during the electoral college vote count. (It didn’t work).

This next one is the stupidest.

They had a plan to have the secretary of defense seize the voting machines. Yes, that’s right. The Secretary of Defense was supposed to seize the voting machines that TFG’s own voters had used to cast their ballots.

According to NPR, The January 6 Committee has found evidence that there was a plan to sieze the supposedly compromised Dominion voting machines in battleground states because they couldn’t be trusted:

<blockquote>”The order, complete with a dotted line ready for Trump’s signature, would have directed the secretary of defense to “seize, collect, retain and analyze all machines, equipment, electronically stored information, and material records required for retention” under a law that relates to preserving election records.

The draft order provided seven days for the secretary of defense to issue an initial assessment, and 60 days for a final assessment, to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. It then ordered that the assessment and supporting information be disseminated throughout the executive branch.” </blockquote>

Why aren’t the html tags working in WordPress anymore?🤨

Who the hell was running this farce?

Biden voters overwhelmingly used mail in ballots to cast their votes. It was the hapless TFG voter who took orders from their fearless leader who claimed that red blooded Americans voted in person.

So, by seizing the voting machines, thereby throwing the integrity of the vote in person votes into question, TFG would have made his “win” the least believable election in US history. He would have had most of his votes in his teeny tiny hands and then what? Declare them all invalid thus ensuring a Biden win from all the paper mail in ballots??

This has to be the single most important reason for not re-electing TFG. He and his shadow cabinet of wild eyed conspiracy theorists were too stupid to work through this thought experiment that would have wiped out his own supposed victory. All those valiant patriots who voted for him would have participated in a super spreader event for nothing.

Smooth move, Dahnald.

6 Responses

  1. I would like to hope with all the revelations of the past week, that the time is nearing for a day of Jubilation… but I am still not going to hold my breath.

  2. I think that the general idea was chaos, and some kind of martial law, so Trump could hold on to power. And if they could get their media to declaim about the ballot counting being unreliable, general fraud, they could somehow get the election decided by the House, per state delegation, and they would win 26-24.

    So they tried every technique they could: trying to get Secretaries of State to find votes; putting in bogus electors; rioting; killing people. Anything that would lead to such uproar, that the media, as in 2000, would desperately urge some body to decide this; in this case, the delegations. Indeed,it was not logical or consistent, but it followed along the lines of “you can’t trust the Democrats, you can’t trust the vote count, you are being cheated.” They figured that one of their ploys might work, and it may be that they had some of the military on their side. Rationality is definitely not their strong point, but relentless stoking of anger and distrust, is. Their followers are not rational, either.

  3. Off topic, but i thought it is worth noting, as I just confirmed by looking it up, that during his campaign in 2000, George W. Bush was with Dick Cheny at a rally, and unaware his mic was on, he leaned over to Cheney, and said, “There’s Adam Clymer (a reporter for the NY Times), he’s a major league a______.” And Cheney said,”Oh, yeah, he is, big time.” When Bush was asked if he would apologize, he said, “I regret that it made it to the airwaves.” Bush spokesperson Karen Hughes said that, “it was a whispered aside to his running mate. It was not intended as a public comment.” Cheney refused to discuss the matter, said, “it was a private comment to me, and I don’t intend to say anything about it.”

    Unamazingly, the media, as far as I know, has not mentioned this one time, while evincing outrage at Biden’s remark to Doocy. I tend to remember things, even if they do not, or do not care to.

  4. William, You aren’t completely right about the media. The article in The NY Times about Biden’s description of Doocy did very briefly mention that Bush incident. However, rather than include Bush’s words directly in the article as well as all the specifics you describe in your post, there was a clickable NY Times article about it.

    Roz in NJ/NYC

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