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Another “Morning After” Realization

“I’m Raymond Donziger, anchoring the news, and today we are talking about the important election race in Markville. As you probably know, Mr. Blue was expecting to win this race, and he was leading in the polls. But when his opponent Mr. Redd started to focus the race on the vodka issue, things began to turn around for him. Redd claimed that Blue was going to hand out bottles of vodka to the students in all the high schools of the state. He based this on a picture of Blue taking a drink of vodka at a dinner party, and raising his glass in approval.

“Redd has focused his campaign on the promise that while he claims that Blue is a proponent of vodka, and supports getting drunk, Redd is against alcoholism, and will keep it out of the schools. At this point, no student is allowed to drink at a high school campus, and possession of alcohol by minors is illegal in the state. But Redd is making gains with the contention that if Blue wins, alcohol will be freely dispensed to everyone, no matter what age. Blue is trying to keep talking about the state budget, domestic violence, and the environment, but the vodka issue is swamping his efforts.”

“Carla Ortega reporting from the site of Mr. Redd’s big rally on the eve of the election. Redd is seizing on his campaign’s momentum, where he has turned a ten-point deficit into a two point gain in the last two weeks, hammering away at Mr. Blue on the vodka issue, which a recent poll showed that the people of Markville are now saying is the most important factor in their upcoming vote. At the rally, Redd has brought descendants of the members of the Temperance Union, as well as victims of drunk drivers, who claim that Blue is going to turn the children of the state into alcoholics who will be either criminals or homeless drunks. ‘Not in our state!’ ‘Liquor is evil!’ ‘Down with John Barleycorn.’ Chants we have not heard for over a hundred years, but we are hearing them tonight.”

“Bob Davis from election headquarters, where Mr. Blue has just conceded to Mr. Redd, in what was a race he was almost certain to win, but has lost because of Redd’s very effective campaigning. In Redd’s victory speech, he promised as his first act to make possession of liquor by high school students illegal. Another big pickup for Redd’s party, which seems to be able to capture the key issues of the day, and convince voters that they are the ones who will deal with them.”

What am I going on about? I just noted that newly elected Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia signed eleven executive orders on his first day of office. He banned Critical Race Theory from public education, where it has never been taught. He also ended the schoolwide mask mandate, and rescinded the vaccine mandate for state employees.

Youngkin also removed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion section from the Virginia Governor’s website. It was reported that “Today, the incoming (Virginia) AG fired, along with many others, the incoming Conviction Integrity Unit. With no notice. I found out at 10am. Two of my colleagues found out at 4pm. I’m so sorry for to all the people we didn’t get to help.” This Unit was tasked with trying to make sure that people were not fraudulently convicted of crimes.

And another report said “He (Youngkin) just fired staff working on grant-funded human trafficking projects, including a case manager with an active client caseload, working with juvenile trafficking victims. No warnings, no transition, no plans to handle client meetings and court dates in the days/months ahead.”


And that once again shows how easily people are manipulated into thinking that the fake issue that Republicans and their echo chamber invent and amplify in each election, is the one they should vote on; and thus hand the Republican totalitarians the victory they need to do all sorts of inhumane and repressive things. As an old comic strip used to say, “They’ll Do It Every Time.” The Republicans, and the people they trick into voting for them.

Every time. Boston Harbor. Sighing during a debate. The candidate’s wife. Emails. There are an endless number that the Republicans can make up, and then they stampede the electorate into thinking that they must come out and vote for their candidate, to save the state and country from decadence and corruption. And they also convince many voters on the other side to stay home, which is almost as good as a plus vote, in a zero-sum game.

And so the Virginia gubernatorial race became about CRT, which was not taught in any of the schools, but you didn’t hear that very often from anybody. And the forces of totalitarianism, which are all of the Republicans, no matter what kind of haircut they have, or clothes they wear, or their personas, use this to take away rights and protections, the “cancel culture” that they use to attack their opponents, when they are the ones taking them away.

There is not much use to dwell on this; the people of Virginia, not all of them, but enough of them, made a terrible mistake. Just as all those people from the Far Left, and the media, let the insane fascist Trump gain control of the country; hide a deadly pandemic and cost the lives of almost a million people; further ruin the environment; and fill the Supreme Court with the kind of Radical Right judges that have perhaps never been seen in its history. All because of “emails,” which if you asked any voter about now, they could not tell you what that was about, or what Hillary was supposed to have done or not done regarding emails.

Because it never mattered, it was never anything but a dupe to try to win an election. And every time, after the election, people say that this was awful, that this should not happen again–but then it does. Not to everybody; there are informed and rational voters out there. But where two or three percent is enough to win most elections in swing states, that is where they are lost, when far too many people fall for the con, much like people fleeced at dice tables, or encouraged to spend their paychecks on liquor and drugs. We can’t really convince such people out of it; we can just try do what is best for us and the people we care about. But when it comes to elections, the actions or inaction of such people always directly affect things that matter to us.

So we point it out, again. And we feel sympathy for the people of Virginia, who elected a right-wing authoritarian as governor, who, as DeSantis and Abbott have, will cause more illness and death in their state, and now there is very little they can do about it. They invited the vampire in, they drank from the poisoned cup. Their doom is not inevitable, but it will be much harder to avoid. I feel very bad for them, and us. What will it take for enough people to wake up to the long con which is regularly being practiced on them?

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  1. And that once again shows how easily people are manipulated into thinking

    Once again showing (at least to me) that Marketing is a science and is evil. The confluence of Marketing and Social Media (the best marketing vehicle) is bad enough, but throw in the 40+ year war on education by the GOP and they have the perfect storm for exactly what you are positing William… VERY sad, but also, again at lest to me, VERY true.

  2. So now Trump is to blame for every vaccine death? Are you serious? wow. And Critical Race Theory IS being taught everywhere, it’s just being called different names to disguise it.

    • Trump is to blame for hiding the severity of Covid, because he didn’t want the economy to shut down, and his stocks to go down. For saying it was a hoax, then that it would go away in a few weeks. For refusing to wear a mask, and thus encouraging his followers not to. For hiding data on Covid, and hiding and blocking the release of important medical information. For hiring dangerous idiots and quacks as medical spokespeople. For touting absolutely worthless and dangerous drugs to people, either because he had stock in them, or because he wanted to tell his masses that they should not listen to medical science. For apparently trying to give Covid to Biden during the debate, by not informing anyone that he had it. For lying and misleading at every turn, treating the American people like easily disposable pawns in his quest for dictatorship. There is no one in American history who would have been worse to have as President during the pandemic. A halfway decent, sane, and caring President, and we would have saved at least half a million lives, and the pandemic would have been stopped here. Trump and his people like DeSantis are still doing everything they can to make it worse.

    • The whole controversy about “critical race theory” was invented by a conservative activist Christopher Rufalo. He is on twitter celebrating every useful idiot like yourself and the Kremlin has picked up on and has started pushing CRT. What conservatives are calling “CRT” is teaching history like the history of the civil rights movement. Mr. Rufalo is right about one thing though—you can always depend on conservatives to be useful idiots.

    • What the hell happened to you? And is learning about the civil war and slavery now being called critical race theory by you and your ilk?

  3. This can all be made an issue if the D’s are smart enough to do it. Every D can point to Youngkin and his lies to get elected and then his actions since getting elected and use it to beat every Republican candidate over the head with.

    • Hi, Ga6thDem, nice to see you. I agree, this has at least to be an object lesson for voters, but how many of them do they need? I know that the majority of Virginia voters did not want what they are going to get from Youngkin and the rest of the people they just elected.

      • It is another example of a lesson that will be learned the hard way. So when 2023 rolls around the D’s will have a ton to run against. The GOP seems to not care one iota that the majority of Americans can stand them or their policies. They just bulldoze ahead because they know they are done and are trying to instate policies and white supremacy that cannot be undone.

  4. Predicting Abigail Spanberger runs in 2023 for VA gov and wins. I don’t think VA will put up with Youngkin. VA is a very sorted state but they tend to not tolerate nonsense for long. Terry’s loss is going to impact VA much like Hillary’s loss impacted the entire country. Things are going to get weird and very To Kill a Mockingbird, but it will end. The sad thing is that after the tragedy ends we won’t have people like Terry or Hillary to pick up the pieces… they are sadly a dying breed. We still have some great party leaders out front, but with the Manchin/Synema duo and the anti Pelosi caucus in the house I’m not sure what the hell the future of the party is going to bring.

    • I like Spanberger quite a bit, even though she is on the more moderate side, but she is bright and honest and patriotic. I think the next governor race is not until 2025. And the voters not only put Youngkin in but also an R Lt. Gov., and AG, plus I think they control at least one house of the legislature, so can do all sorts of bad things. Youngkin only ended up winning by 2%, after most of the media said “sizeable win” all night, but a win is a win, particularly when so many voters voted for every R on the ticket, and maybe some Ds did not vote. Virginia deserves much better than him, and they were mostly a blue state, but it shows how one fake issue can hand power to Republicans.. PA and WI and MI have never managed to retake the state legislatures which were lost in Republican midterm landslides in 2010 and 2014, and even though there may be no more than one R holding major state office in WI, they still control the legislature, and some of the judges, and are trying to suppress the vote even now.

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