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Fitness: Cool down, COOL DOWN!!

My foot feels completely better! We’ll see how it feels tomorrow though. I’m trying to work off my Christmas season in advance. Today, I redeemed some of my wellness points for a company contribution to my HSA and noticed that my Fitbit wasn’t synched with my iPhone health app so all the workouts since September weren’t recorded. Not a huge deal. They were only worth 10 points per zillion steps but I did apply some of my extra points to a sweepstakes giveaway for a new Apple Watch 7 GPS + Cellular in midnight. (Oh please! Oh please!)

This is not a sponsored post. But you know, I could be bought. I’m not ashamed. I’ll plug all the new Apple toys for swag.

This week was a pretty good one at work. I’m having fun, which could be dangerous because the LAST time I felt this switched on at work was right after I got an extra bonus in the lab with my lab partner only to be laid off the very next week before they shuttered up the labs. Sooooo, you know, gotta be careful to not get too excited.

The one thing I can get excited about is that Dr. Oz is planning to run for senator from PA and I can’t *wait* to see who he’s running against. (Bwahahah!) Pay attention to this race, boys and girls, there might be a lot of promising highlights in the next year, I can just feel it.

Anyway, I’m going to try to cool down now. Or get in the tub and take a long soak. Or something. I dunno. I’m kinda wired now.

Here’s tonight’s cool down music:

7 Responses

  1. Somewhere, it’s already Friday.

  2. (1) Death
    (2) Taxes
    (3) IBW will post this song, at least once, during December. Probably more than once. :mrgreen:

  3. Since I’m being ornery in the other post’s comments, I thought I’d come here to tell you I agree with you completely on the “midnight” color that Apple watch comes in. It’s lovely. (Pretty much all of those “aluminum” colors are really nice, even the green.) Hopefully that color will work its way into some of their other product lines.

    *fingers cross that you win the sweepstakes*

    • I love debate. 😉
      And I love new toys. Can’t afford to replace my MacBook Pro yet. So, I might go for the new Apple Watch.

      • Same here. I love debate with people of good will who are arguing in good faith. I don’t comment here often (though I read here a lot), but when I do, I know pretty much anyone I interact with in the comments is coming from that good place. 🙂

        Plus how do you hone your ideas to talk to the folks who really really disagree with you if you can’t talk them through with people who you have more common ground with.

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