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Has Kevin McCarthy Finished Speaking? Yes!!

He “spoke” on the House floor from 8:38 PM to a little after 5AM. The point of it was…incomprehensible. He wanted to make sure that the House could not vote on the BBB last night? He wanted to show Trump that he had more physical and vocal endurance than anyone else? He wanted to go down in history?

I’m sure that someone will print a transcript of the speech. He of course attacked the BBB bill, as a reckless waste of money. This when the “Republican Tax Cut for Millionaires” bill in 2017 cost more, in terms of raising the deficit, and had no benefits whatsoever for anyone but the millionaires. He spent six minutes describing George Washington crossing the Delaware River in 1776. What else he said, I have no idea, but it was over eight hours.

Is McCarthy unhinged? Probably, though not in the way a psychotic person who should be in care facilities, but is wandering the street, is. McCarthy wears a coat and tie. His Republican colleagues previously chose him as leader of their House delegation. He would presumably be Speaker, if the Republicans gain a House majority. The thought of that should horrify anyone who wants America to be a functioning democracy with sane leaders.

I actually did see about five minutes of his diatribe, as I was waiting for the vote which he apparently was determined to prevent for a day. I have occasionally seen filibuster speeches or part of them. I have seen very long campaign speeches. I have never seen anyone, outside of deranged fascists in the 1930’s, yell, and snarl, and sneer like that for so long a time. It is hard to imagine, just like I could not imagine Sir Edmund Hillary climbing Mount Everest, or Gertrude Ederle swimming the English Channel, when I read about that as a boy. But those feats at least had some purpose to them, and were not done out of arrogance, unsettling anger, and intense hatred of something or other.

If I were running the national Democratic Congressional campaigns, I might consider running tapes of this deranged performance art over and over, just to show what would happen if McCarthy became Speaker. Investigations of Biden. Investigations of every Democratic cabinet member. More Benghazi hearings. Pizzagate. The theft of the Hope Diamond. Who killed Cock Robin? Why did the mouse run up the clock? We demand answers!

I do hope that there is some blowback on this; that the media actually would dare to criticize and mock McCarthy, rather than jumping back into “Democrats in disarray,” and their favorite phrase, “Democrats, but…” They just can’t let this pass by, as, “Very interesting, but let’s focus on inflation and Biden’s poll numbers.” Can they?

There is a weird and very angry, and psychologically disturbed person who is a very high-ranking elected official in the country, and who may well become the most powerful one on the Republican side. This is what the Republicans have to offer. This is the “formal public face” of what happened on January 6. All McCarthy needed was a spear or flagpole to stab with while he was speaking. Don’t let the wardrobe fool you.