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      I read two fairly good articles this week. One, in Foreign Affairs, makes out the maximalist Russian case: Putin also believes that Russia has an absolute right to a sphere of privileged interests in the post-Soviet space. This means its former Soviet neighbors should not join any alliances that are deemed hostile to Moscow, particularly NATO or the European […]
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Be bold and kill the bill

David Pakman describes what’s at stake:

The LAST thing we need is another idiotic Obamacare type program with so many frustrating holes and hoop jumping. Even the climate change section has been stripped out. It’s like America has opted out of the 21st century.

I’m pretty sure that working class people would prefer nothing than some stupid gutted bill that will linger for generations like the smell of a fetid dead animal and do nothing to improve their lives or the effects of climate change.

Do it right or just kill it. Make Manchin and Sinema the only Democrats who vote for it.

And may Joe Manchin develop an anaphylactic reaction to coal dust.

Return to Fitness

Sounds like a sequel, doesn’t it? it kind of is.

My foot finally feels better. I’m back to square one on the treadmill. I sprained my foot just about the time I started to include running in my workout. It’s going to be awhile before I can do that but I walked hills tonight for 2 miles.

I tried the peloton last week. The Bluetooth wasn’t working properly though so I couldn’t hear the instructor yelling at me and telling me how many quarter turns to do. That was fun. 🙄 Twenty minutes later, the beginner ride was finished and I was sucking air. But my foot was fine. Gotta get the gym dude to show me what magical incantation I need to use to get the sound of overly enthusiastic commands in my ears.

What do those guys live on anyway?

I read something in WaPo about how many of us are feeling schlubby after 18 months at home. Yep. And before I sprained my ankle, I was feeling like my metabolism was starting to return to normal. But in a couple months, I should feel sleek and energetic. It’s a goal.

This is about my cadence tonight: