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Well, it was a women thing anyway

Thanks, Joe Manchin! We will continue to hold the distinction of being the only first world country where the stress of being a women at work is completely defined by the retrograde coal miners of West Virginia and their owners.

Hey, if anyone decides to primary Joe next year, give me a call. I’m in SWPA.

13 Responses

  1. If I wanted to be on the optimistic side with regard to this (and I’m not necessarily saying that it is warranted). but I’d like it to be), if we were to win the Senate seat in PA, and in WI, both doable; and maybe win FL, or even OH, and hold onto GA and AZ with Kelly, and NH (Hassan trails Sununu in a projected matchup–how many Sununus are there in NH?), we would have enough senators to pass a bill on paid family leave, which I am definitely for. Maybe get in whatever climate change provisions were stripped from the bill, as well.

  2. And now for something completely off topic:

    I liked the original song, but I like this “1980s-fied” version better. I assume it is unauthorized.

  3. I WISH someone could primary Manchin next year, but his term isn’t up until 2025. I’ve had more than enough of his manchinations.

  4. Joe Manchin is a distraction who is providing cover for a horde of corporate Democrats including President Biden.

    “I looked behind a dresser and there was Howard Keel!”

  5. What has the Washington media devolved to? Shouting questions at Peolosi about how one or two House Democrats are unhappy, or why this or that is not in the bill. Questions are supposed to be to gain information, but these media act as if they are the debating team against Democrats, that since the Republicans aren’t there to complain, they will do it for them.

    It “seems” like the media want this to fall apart to add to their invented narrative of “Democrats can’t govern.” If that won’t happen, then they’ll keep pointing out what was taken out of the bill. These aren’t questions,they are accusations. The thing the Republicans have passed since 1976 were tax cuts for millionaires and then billionaires.

  6. Riddle me this, Batman. Why can’t Biden get his agenda through Congress?

    Because in his father’s house there are many Manchins.

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