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Basic life update

Hi everyone. I’m still here, still reading William’s excellent posts. Still paying attention to the news. But my other life is kind of taking over for the moment.

I did change jobs within the company. The change was a positive one. My skill set is definitely more suited to this position. It confirms that I’m more of a problem solver/motivator than a drone. (Not that there’s anything wrong with drones, it’s just not my thing, baby). It just feels more comfortable and parts of my brain are switched on again and feeling frisky. And that has had a positive effect on curbing my anxiety. I can start to deal with some other issues that have taken a backseat. The only thing I could wish for now is an increase in pay. Otherwise, I’m working with a feisty bunch of people, who I like, and I think I’m needed at the moment. So, it’s all good. Not as good as solving protein structures in a lab but definitely a very close second. Work is getting to be fun again.

Everyone should be so lucky.

I’m going to start paying attention to the almost constant barrage of John Fetterman for Senate texts I get everyday (btw, John, I have a recurring contribution to your campaign. It’s small but all I can afford right now.)

Anyway, thank you all for being the intelligent, informed and opinionated people you are. The country needs you. I’ll pop in if I have anything important to say. I’m starting to feel a post coming in about how support of paid leave and child care policies will be beneficial to household income and how men should support them but it’s still cooking in my brain along with the other work related things I’m dealing with. Let’s just say that I have to start adulting better now and that’s where my focus will be for at least another month.

Thank you all for coming to this blog in the liberal Oort belt and giving William support. You all deserve a call out and I intend to do it soon, especially to IBW who consistently connects us with top shelf blues on Friday nights.

Later, taters.

2 Responses

  1. Excellent news… let’s hope it’s the start of a long run.

  2. RD, I am very glad that work is becoming fun and challenging again for you! Now I hope you get some more pay, which may be a more mundane aspect,, but is also very important!

    I do appreciate the support!!!

    I will hopefully have a really good Halloween story for everyone soon. I am assiduously trying to transcribe it (No copyright issues, because it was on Adelaide Library online site for years, until they closed). I am pretty sure that you will like it, because it is not horror, it is perhaps more in the realm of Fantasy, but it is mysterious and haunting, one of my very favorite stories of all time.

    I will of course look forward to your post on paid family leave, and others as well!

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