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The Plot Against America Is Very Slowly Being Revealed

The whatever you want to call it at the Capitol on Jan 6, is now over ten months ago. Trump and other Republicans called it a nice event, lovely people, just a regular day. Some Republicans said it was not good, but we should put it behind us, and get to the business of suppressing votes and attacking Biden. They didn’t say all of the last part, the vote suppressing part, but that is what they meant.

There was an article a few weeks after the event, which stated that four former FBI officials said that there was no plot, just some people there causing some problems. Some of the media excitedly ran with this. I wonder if they were the FBI officials who said that they “found no clear link” between Trump and Russia, in the waning days of the 2016 campaign, when the New York Times was screaming with headlines about “new emails” which did not exist.

I and many others had said in the early days of 2017, as more was revealed, that this was the biggest story in many decades, but much of the media acted as if it was not very important. Did you know that Carl Bernstein said in 2016 that the Hillary email story was bigger than Watergate? Quite a stupid, irresponsible and despicable thing to say, but no one really called him on it. But the story of how Trump colluded and conspired with Russia to get himself elected in exchange for subservience to that country’s goals, never was more than a three-month or so lead story, even though there was a long Mueller investigation which didn’t interview Trump, or follow up with records. The biggest story of the century, the perversion of our electoral process, and the making of illicit deals with foreign enemy powers, was not too interesting to the media, not nearly as much as the emails, which they covered for a year and a half.

Now, we finally are learning from certain respected media, primarily the Washington Post, that what happened on January 6 was plotted and schemed by Trump, Giuliani, Bannon, Eastman, and others. The goals were deadly violence, chaos, and the invoking of the Insurrection Act, where Trump would seize martial power. Then there was the concurrent and related attempt to have Pence not certify the electoral vote; to have Jeffrey Clark get the Department of Justice to say that the vote count was unreliable, that different electors should be chosen. And then in the ensuing chaos, the Congress, on a state by state basis, should choose the winner, which would be Trump.

This was plotted and coordinated. According to two insurrection participant sources who very recently spoke to a reporter, there were many meetings between the insurrectionists and Trump people, planning how they were going to carry out the violence at the Capitol. Bannon, who loves to hear himself talk, and who thinks he is untouchable since Trump pardoned him for fraud, actually got on his podcast a day or two earlier, and said that “we are right above the target.” He knew exactly what was planed to happen. Trump said, “It will be wild.”

We have have previously heard bits and pieces of things; people speculating about how the mob knew which doors and windows were open; and I wondering why they were busily trying to open the drawers in Pelosi’s office. Just rampaging, trying to throw around things? I think not. I think that they were looking for specific items. I also think that they were trying to get the state vote certifications, but some smart people had kept them safe.

There was malevolent and specific purpose behind all of this. There were “sources close to Trump” telling the media that Trump had come to terms with his election defeat, but that was deliberate subterfuge, to hide what was going on, which was a concerted and planned attempt to overthrow the democracy of this country. It was the worst crime in American history, and we still don’t know nearly enough about it.

And what is the media doing? A few good reporters are assiduously following up. Nicolle Wallace covers it every day on her show. But most of the rest of the media remains focused on Biden’s poll numbers, Democrats in disarray, their usual staples.

The slowly revealed substantiation that a group of traitors were plotting to take over the country by subverting the electoral process, and inciting their followers to deadly violence against elected officials and Capitol police, does not seem to impress them much. Or maybe some of them want to divert from it.

How can we forget the daily, by the minute, focus on Hillary’s emails, over and over and over, as if it were the rosetta stone, which once unlocked, and deciphered, would reveal deep and dark secrets. about Hillary and her family, and the “A”-rated Clinton Foundation, But this story about the insurrection and what we are learning about its planning and goals, is mentioned only a bit on the news, mostly out of a chore-like sense of requirement, and then they move to something else. What else is there, what is even close to as important as a coup against American democracy, and the installation of a fascist state?

Do you note how demonstrative and determined Lynn Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, the two Republicans on the House Select Committee have been? Maybe as Republicans, they have access to more information about what went on, and how deep the treachery has been? And they know that if Kevin McCarthy or any of his colleagues take the Speakership, the investigation will be shut down.

What a tragedy for the country that would be. But it is what Republicans want. Not the truth, not the depth of what was plotted and who was involved. Just shut it down so that they can win, and keep winning. Can you imagine what the country would be like if these people were in charge? Not just the obvious terrible programs and laws. It would be a group of people bound together by a terrible crime, which must be covered up and buried, no matter what they have to do to achieve that. It is like a murder mystery novel in that sense. Or a saga about a crime family.

Ten months after the event, and we are only now learning the new information? Only a year until the midterm elections, and everyone will be out campaigning after July. The crime of the century becoming the cover-up of the century. Even worse than the Russian conspiracy cover-up, though that scarcely seemed possible.

The Committee is racing against time–unless the Democrats can hold the House.There is one party which wants the truth and the facts, and the other party which wants nobody to know but them “There are only two people who Putin pays, Trump and Rohrabacher,” said by Kevin McCarthy during the 2016 campaign. “We have to keep it to ourselves,” or words to that effect. This is a saga of Cops and Crooks. Government Agents and Mafia. But it is not an engrossing movie, it is real. And it is our country at stake.

And what does the media, the supposed guardians of our freedom of information, mostly do? Act like it’s just one of many stories, soon to be dwarfed by which party wins the Governor’s race in Virginia, what is happening at the border, will Republicans take over the House and Senate in a year? As if it is all a never-ending sports event, where first one team leads, and then the other; and the issue as to whether the referee or the league has fixed it, or is trying to kill one side’s players, is just another part of the box score, when actually it is the only part which ultimately matters.

6 Responses

  1. Some Republicans said it was not good, but we should put it behind us, and get to the (1) business of suppressing votes and (2) attacking Biden.

    (1) John Roberts is ready… his raison d’être is vote suppression, and with his majority, he can even sneak this through even while giving the appearance of moderation and voting against it. Got to protect the legacy you know.

    (2) It seems that nobody does this better than NASCAR fans. Let’s Go Brandon How stupid is NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast?

    HL Menken would be amazed today. His attributed quote: “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people”. This is a paraphrase of what he wrote in 1926, the exact quote is not Menken, just the gist of it.

    PTBarnum would too: “There is a sucker born every minute.”. Again no direct proof he said exactly this, but it is attributed to him.

    Imagine the quotes these two would come up with today after 40+ years of the GOP’s master plan to ‘dumb-down Americans’. It truly is sad, but the damage is done, and due to the advances in the science of marketing, and the quick dissemination of memes on the internet, I do not see an easy way past this.

  2. If Democrats pass no meaningful legislation this year, they may be able to run successful campaigns in 2022 and 2024 focusing on the threat to democracy.

    Good luck with that.

  3. Oh that was good. I need a cigarette.

  4. Therein lies the rub…many of the “supposed guardians”, in the media, are bound by profit driven overlords, yet they are relied upon for information.

    • Yes, there are no neutral players. In the older days of journalism, there were a few actual small newspaper publishers who were not driven by profit. They needed to make enough to pay the bills, but they did it because they loved journalism. They did sometimes have strong opinions which they put into their editorials, but some actually tried to find and print the facts. which should be the essential code of journalism, but is found all too rarely in the era of the mega-corporations

      I felt years ago that CNN actually cares much less about their actual news shows and ratings, than the effect of their bias. They made billions from the Trump presidency. “Trump may be bad for the country, but he is great for CBS,” said by former CBS President Les Moonves.

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