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Make It All a Referendum on Trump

Chuck Grassley, who always liked to act as if he was a decent, reasonable man who just had Conservative principles, stood up at what was in essence a Trump rally, and cheered him on. Cheering for the man who not only instigated and plotted the violent Capitol insurrection, but was exultant at the violence, and would do it again, even right now, if he could.

That is it, at least for me. We cannot just treat this as interesting, or “How low will they go?” If we are going to lose our democracy (and I am not saying that we are, but we all realize that it is possible) then do so while we are courageously calling evil by its name. Do not let the populace get away with pretending to themselves that it is just a pleasant game of politics, or that both sides are equally unappealing.

If it is war for the soul, and even the survival, of America, then let us say that. There is no way to minimize the damage and destruction that any political party headed by Donald Trump would do to the country. Don’t just sit by, hoping that it won’t be so bad. Don’t expect that some “good Republicans” will dilute or mute any of it. There are almost none left; virtually any man or woman who identifies as a Republican at this stage is Trump in miniature.

So run against Trump in every national or local election. “A vote for Jones is a vote for Trump.” “Smith is a mouthpiece/surrogate/minion of Trump.” Every time. Obviously, some of these candidates will win, some are virtually guaranteed to keep their seats. But make them own who they are. Get people to realize that these men and woman are virtually slaves of Trump. See if they deny it. See if they will say that their opponent keeps focusing on Trump, instead of the “good people of our state.”

Keep attacking Trump. For his acts, his speeches, his immorality, his lies, particularly about the pandemic, and the nearing a million deaths as a result of it. Don’t be afraid to go over the top, if this were even possible with this monster. They lie about and misrepresent everything, anyway, so let their propaganda networks scream about that, too. The most important thing is to warn and warn and warn people that Trump is Hitler; that the only book he ever read was “Mein Kampf,” that he wants to turn this country into the Fourth Reich.

I would want every future election, starting right now, to be about Donald Trump. Let people decide if they want to elect him, in person, or his acolytes. Do not let them escape the implications of what they will cause with such a vote. I could never guarantee that most of them won’t do it anyway, but some might shrink from going off the precipice.

In a way, the news media helps allow them to avoid this moral reckoning, by continuously acting as if things are normal, that all we need to discuss is the fate of Democratic bills, or Afghanistan, or areas of disagreement in the Biden inner circle. What we need to be discussing, and reacting to, and dealing with, is the very real danger of a Nazi regime headed by Trump. That would completely subsume these other matters. If someone is threatening do destroy your house, you do not worry about which of the cereals in your cupboard is preferable.

If we got paid by the word for all the articles written about “What Should the Democrats Do?,” “Where Are They Going Wrong?,” we would be rich. No one writes articles about what Republicans do, because like the entities in the Kendra Smith song “Maggots,” “They do what they do what they do.” Or it is like analyzing zombies, there is no point in it. But Democrats, they are a good target. I say “target,” because I am not sure that some of these writers actually care if they win or not, they just dive into the juicy topic.

People who are Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to engage in self-searching and recrimination. One reason is that they are far more intelligent and nuanced than Republicans. Another is that they are a party of disparate identities and goals. So by mathematical probabilities, there is bound to be at least one segment of the party which is very unhappy with how things are going.

And Democrats cannot help but want to tell everyone where they disagree with the other Democrats. In a healthier time, this would be acceptable. Now, it is almost suicidal. To be fair, not many Democrats in office are doing it, but just enough are to let the Republicans win. It is the staple of the media; what would they do if there were no Democrats to criticize and mock? Write about their office parties? More likely, pledge obeisance to the new fascist leader. Like an alarming number of people, they probably are more comfortable being told what to do, and herded behind a rope, as Trump did to them.

The media is mostly hopeless, but the Democrats need to go out there and tell everyone, over and over, that they are running against pure evil. The devil, if they wish to use that term. Those who would subjugate them. And if they don’t believe that, then those who are grifting off them, stealing their money, taking away the social safety net, and all the benefits and programs the Democrats pushed through in the 1930’s and 1960’s. And throwing away the budget surplus that President Clinton once gave them, and now making them pay off the eleven trillion in debt that Trump and his cohorts in crime ran up.

Those who say that Democrats get too bogged down in policy details, are probably right. Most people don’t care, or don’t understand. What they might understand is what living in a totalitarian state would be like. No right to abortion for any woman. No Medicaid. No help for schools or medical providers. No disaster relief, unless you lived in Texas or Florida.

Show them pictures of the tenement slums of the 1880, and the Dust Bowl, which came because farmers who did not care about anything but short-term profits, over-farmed the land, leaving insufficient soil. What to they imagine is going to happen to our environment with another Trump term? One would think that the media would also worry about that, but they are apparently intoxicated with the high of chasing Democrats.

Tell them about climate change, what it has done and will do. I know that no one wants to think about it too much, but people have to be at least told what is at stake. And tell them what will happen with this or the next pandemic, with Republicans in charge. Tell them how Trump lied about it, every day, how he told people to take worthless and dangerous chemicals. Tell them what will happen if he or indeed any of this followers get elected.

We may lose even so, but at least we will have met the enemy straight on. Run against Donald Trump, the insane, sociopathic, brutal dictator in waiting who is the face of the Republican Party. Keep demanding that their opponent in any race tell the public what he thinks about Trump, and why he supports him. Keep them on the defensive, having to support or excuse Trump, and the insurrection. If Republicans go back to their talking points, keep hammering away at ours, no mater what the cluckers in the media keep telling us about how we Democrats should act, and what we should say. Ultimately, they are just surface noise; dangerous and misleading to be sure, but a kind of illusion thrown up, like the witch Mombi did in “The Land of Oz” sequel to the “Wizard of Oz.”

“We have only just begun to fight,” comes to mind. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

Do not go gentle into that good night.

2 Responses

  1. The media is mostly hopeless, but the Democrats need to go out there and tell everyone, over and over, that they are running against pure evil.


    I wish I would read something like this in the WAPO, but being hopeless it’s mostly just Democrats in Disarray and Both-Siderism.

    • Yes, and it is so frustrating. But maybe if we write about and discuss it here, some of it will get into the atmosphere. It is almost amazing how even what we might see as the “good” media, at WAPO, is fixed upon their little narratives which are not only redundant, but not at all helpful. They are not covering a football game, but so much of the media treats it that way.

      I don’t get to read WAPO, though I think about subscribing to it. I think that Greg Sargent, E.J. Dionne, and Jennifer Rubin try to make up for some of the others. But then, at least with Sargent, there is the “Look what the Republicans are doing, our democracy may be lost!,” which isn”t so helpful, either. I am impressed with the intelligence of Catherine Rampell, but she may be rather mild in her opinions. I do remember Mary McGrory there, whose articles sometimes got reprinted in our papers here, and who was not afraid to take a strongly liberal point of view.

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