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I don’t think the insurrectionists thought it through.

I was on Twitter just now to see that “Alito” is trending. I had to see what’s up and the first tweet that came up was one featuring disgraced and soon to be disbarred lawyer, Sidney Powell. You know, the one who she said she didn’t expect the lies and lawsuits about election fraud would be taken seriously by some members of the general public? Yeah, her.

She was laying out the plan for the insurrection and what the role of the mob was supposed to be on January 6. Check it out:

I am not a lawyer and have no idea what procedures are required to get the Supreme Court to intervene but according to Sidney, Kevin McCarthy et al were supposed to petition the court to get the certification process halted. They were relying on Samuel Alito to put an emergency halt to it. Nancy Pelosi wasn’t taking the bait so she reconvened Congress as soon as possible to get the process finished.

I always wondered why Nancy got her s}#% together so soon and how she managed to get everyone back in the house chambers. Her office had been ransacked, one of her laptops was stolen, the boxes with the state certifications were hastily removed from the chambers and now had to be brought back, probably heavily guarded, her house members were rattled. Somehow, she had the composure and state of mind to get the band back together. It looks like she at least partially did it to avoid Alito getting involved.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate what was going on here. The MAGA contingent was determined to circumvent the wishes of 84,000,000 enfranchised citizens who cast their ballots for Biden. The MAGA mob decided that THOSE votes did not count. All votes are equal but some votes are more equal than others. Somehow, they had got the idea in their heads that they could just do their best Conan the Barbarian imitations, overturn the election, and the rest of us were just going to shake in our Uggs and let them do it.

And I am telling them now so there is no ambiguity about this: they would have unleashed a very dangerous backlash against them. They did not think it through. The rest of us wouldn’t have put up with that for a nanosecond.

We need to keep that in the forefront of our minds. I hope the January 6 Committee impresses that on every subpoenaed witness that is forced to come before them kicking and screaming to tell us all about their adolescent fantasies about invading and subduing their enemies. That kind of outcome would have brought out the Union soldiers in every one of the rest of us.

You do not want to stir that pot.

Also, Alito needs to come forward with what he knew. Let’s dispense with this fantasy that the Supreme Court is above the political fray. This Supreme Court is at the very heart of it.

7 Responses

  1. Thank you for this post. Wow. This certainly makes the outline of the plot much more clear.

  2. I wouldn’t put anything past any of the GOP sycophants on the court. Alito has to be made to answer this charge.

  3. It worked for them in 2000, so they have been emboldened ever since. They got the Court to stop the vote counting in Florida which was mandated by the Florida Supreme Court, which as in any other state, should have the right to oversee its own election processes. But the Supreme Court stopped them, and wrote a ridiculous decision about why the votes should not be counted, so that Bush would win.

    So of course Republicans were going to rely on the Court again. Find some way to stop certification, and then throw it into the House Delegations, where Republicans had the majority of states. The Supreme Court has literally been bought and paid for by Republicans, and ever since Bush v. Gore, I have lost all respect for them, and any belief that they would ever, with regard to something important, go against the wishes of the Republicans, who consider them just another tool in their arsenal. Electing Hilary would have thwarted them, but too many people refused to see it.

    As to your crucial point about whether the people would stand for it, that is a question I would not want to have answered. I don’t know if they could do enough to counteract it. I would like to think that they could, but it would have to be nonviolent, but still devastatingly effective.

    • Would this be a perk of the shadow docket type thing? Something that needs a decision toot sweet but not necessarily an opinion? A temporary stay, deferring to rule on something until a later date? Because that sounds like a neat little technicality that would accomplish just what they wanted. They would have deferred the certification long enough and cast doubt on its legitimacy just by having Alito pushing the pause button in order to examine the constitutionality later. The court would have eventually ruled in Pelosi’s favor but by then the actions would have gained enough momentum to trigger real violence in the streets and Annoying Orange threatening to blow shit up unless he got his martial law.

      • Yes. Stop the counting until “later,” and then figure out how to fix it so that Trump stays in office. In the Gore situation, they stopped the counting in Florida, then issued a decision essentially saying that there was not enough time to count the votes, because “safe harbor” (remember the Republican pundits holding onto that term, as if it were gold?). And of course Katherine Harris in Florida deliberately on orders, slowed the recount down as much as possible, and most of the media did not even pick that up, they acted as if, well, she wants to get everything in order before counting. No, it was the opposite.

        I don’t actually think that our side would have won if the Supreme Court had written an opinion at some point. I don’t trust them now to follow the law or any precedent. But you may be right, maybe they would have followed the Constitution. The main goal was indeed to just stop Biden being certified, so that this could drag out so long that either the House would decide it for Trump, or he would just stay there as long as he could. Yes, the “shadow docket” trend allowed the Court, at least in their minds, to overturn Roe v. Wade for Texans, by not respecting the desperate appeal to have it stayed until they could hear the case.

        The more I hear of these machinations, the more I agree that Pelosi saved the country. And don’t we think that those insurrectionists were deliberately trying to find the certified count papers, that this is why they were tearing into drawers in Pelosi’s office? This all has to be unearthed.

        • I that she had steel ovaries in January 6 when she made everyone come back but the more I hear about what was going on the more respect I have for her. She could have been killed that day. She could have been killed when she came back. But she looked unshakeable. Who is the patron Saint of thwarted coups? That’s who was looking after her that day.
          I’ve never been a fan girl of Pelosi. She shafted Hillary pretty good at the 2008 convention. But if there’s not a statue or office building named after her or she doesn’t get her face on a coin someday, I’ll be very surprised.

  4. Off topic:

    To R. Kelly:

    Go To Horny Jail.

    Go Directly To Horny Jail.

    Do Not Pass “Go”.

    Do Not Collect $200. 😈


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