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The Vaccine Mandate

Biden is expected to give a speech this evening to announce a vaccine mandate for all federal employees without a test out option. It’s about time. I think we’ve given refusers long enough. I’m sure Biden will have some speechwriter frame this decision diplomatically but I’d let them have it. Here’s what the selfishness and defiance means:

  • The hospital system in some states is collapsing. That would include Oregon, Mississippi, Idaho, Missouri and Louisiana to name a few.
  • ICU beds are overwhelmingly occupied by unvaccinated Covid patients leaving cancer patients and people with other life threatening health issues with nowhere to go. Some cancer patients have had to wait for four days in the ER for a bed only to be transported to another hospital hours away.
  • Children are both victims and vectors. The delta variant spreads so quickly and with such a high viral load that more children under 12 are getting Covid. And although their immune systems are better equipped to handle it, the magnitude of increase in the number of patients means that more children will end up in the hospital. They also bring it home to their parents, grandparents, other children. They take it to school and spread it around.
  • It is impacting the economy in the expected ways. If a school needs to quarantine a couple of classrooms of kids under 12, then someone has to stay home with them. That usually means mom. If mom can work from home, that will work. But if she can’t, then she has to decide if she can continue working at all.
  • Unemployment benefits are running out. That means there will be less money coming back into the economy. Less money being spent means fewer goods and services purchased which impacts small business’s bottom line which leads to unemployment. It’s a vicious cycle.
  • Fewer people working means fewer people paying taxes, especially social security taxes. That means there may be an impact to the benefit payoff down the line. That should make the soon to be retired VERY nervous.
  • The more time it takes to reach herd immunity, the more likely there will be more variants. Some of those variants, such as the Mu variant, may be escape varieties. That means the vaccines we already have circulating may no longer be effective or as effective. That means pharma will need to create new versions of the vaccine and everyone will need to get one periodically or the economy will continue to sink, more people will die and the hospital system will continue to be stressed beyond its capacity.

If that’s ok with you who are still holding out, then go ahead and continue to make a stink about having to get a shot. It’s not the hill I would want to die on, literally or figuratively, to defend my freedom but your mileage may vary. Maybe the refusers want the country and the globe to devolve into chaos, pain, and economic collapse. Maybe it suits their purposes. Maybe that will make a big daddy politician more popular no matter how ugly his policies or bad and incompetent his performance. I don’t see how anyone but the very wealthy elite benefit from that. I dunno. I just do thought experiments and follow them where they lead and the chaos scenario only works for you people like Littlefinger. The rest of us will suffer.

But I suspect that this is just the opening salvo in a war against the holdouts. It starts with a federal employee mandate. It will spread to large corporations and I am here for it. It should be a test of character, reliability, teamwork and ultimate employability. Those wellness points should be adjusted accordingly. Just a suggestion.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

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  1. While we’re at it, let’s follow the example of the Texas abortion law and pass legislation permitting anyone anywhere to sue those who refuse to get vaccinated. Sauce for the goose, as the saying goes.

    Meanwhile, I want my damned booster.

    • It might be the best way to tie up Trump, DeathSantis, Abbott and Noem. Just sue them for no mask mandates and touting ineffective alternative treatments. $10k a pop. I need a new driveway.

      • Well, I suppose another alternative is to allow people to claim self-defense for using lethal force against the unvaccinated, but that seems a bit extreme.

      • I was actually more interested in allowing suits against actual unvaccinated people. I’d think a $10k judgement would be a powerful inducement.

        • Texas vigilantes aren’t suing the women who have abortions. They’re suing the people who aid the abortion seeker with planning, money, transportation etc. it makes sense to go for the politicians encouraging people to treat Covid like the common cold. But I can see where you’re going with this. The unvaccinated are messaging against public safety. Hoo-wee!! A new driveway and Mediterranean vacation! Let’s do it.

          • Right, but they’re deliberately doing that to avoid running afoul of Roe. They’re not interfering with a woman’s right to an abortion, they’re just making it more difficult to exercise that right by attacking providers and anyone who might assist her.

            There’s no court decision that specifically gives you the right to refuse a vaccination during a health emergency (quite the opposite, in fact), so the refuseniks are fair game. I also think insurance companies should be free to refuse payment for treatment of the unvaccinated.

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  3. How does the fact that natural immunity gives much greater immunity for longer time than the vaccines fit into your theory of blame and retribution? Why do the recovered who had an antibody response need a weak vaccination that requires boosters every 6 months? How about the fact that the shots have killed 10,000? Covid has a recovery rate of 99.9% for people under 50 and the recovery rate is just slightly lower for people under 70. The UK and Israel have the worst outbreaks and also have the highest number of vaccinated people.

    • Getting the virus while unvaccinated has resulted in over 650,000 deaths in this country alone. The hospital icus are full of unvaccinated people on ventilators. More than 90% of those patients were UNVACCINATED. I don’t know where you came up with 10,000 vaccinated people dead but if that’s true, the morbidity rate among the vaccinated is much much less than the UNVACCINATED.
      Natural immunity is great but there is no guarantee that you will actually survive the delta variant. It spreads faster and the viral load is much greater. So your chances of being sicker are better than they were last year. It’s like playing Russian roulette. Those of us who are vaccinated are unlikely to ever get the bullet to kill us. But YOU may die or be the host for a new more deadly variant. That makes the unvaccinated the most irresponsible people on the planet.
      I’m not at all concerned about booster shots. The mRNA Technology is very good and can be adjusted to make the vaccines better. The quicker everyone gets vaccinated, the sooner we can slow down on the booster shots.
      You really should come to this comment section better prepared. Maybe go read some scientific papers or follow a science Twitter account or just learn for gods sakes.

      • Providing “scientific findings” without any whiff of linked attribution, at the bare minimum, here?

        Points for audacity, I suppose.

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