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      I woke up last night feeling like I was suffocating, because in my dream I was. It began in a church, or an old university lecture hall. Antique. And everyone in attendance was being asked to say little prayers honoring Jesus. Everyone was reciting little prayers that are common among the devout. But when it was my turn, I stood and exclaimed: Jesus was a ph […]
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Re: Catholics

The anti-abortion crowd is very concerned about the souls of Catholic lawmakers today. They’re swarming AOC, well, who wouldn’t, she’s smart as a whip and can take down a right wing talking point in a single tweet. Then there was this:

This is analogous to the Catholic question that John F. Kennedy was asked back in 1960. The implicit assumption was that he would place his fealty to his religion and the pope over defending the US constitution. That was the fear of a lot of white Anglo Saxon Protestants back then. But he assured a slim majority that he wasn’t going to take orders from the pope.

Joe Biden is hewing to that line. He’s not going to check his support of the constitution in order to comply with the Vatican. He didn’t take an oath to the Vatican when he was inaugurated. He took an oath to defend the constitution. As a faithful Catholic, I’m fairly sure that he’s not pro-abortion. There are very few people in this country, if any, who are pro-abortion. But the first amendment does protect freedom of religion and he has quite a few constituents who are not Catholic.

So even if the pope had a say over Joe’s opposition to abortion, Joe does not have the right to impose this view on others. In other words, we do not all have to become Catholic. Joe is leaving the choice up to the people who are affected by abortion the most and that is not the nebby busy bodies in the anti-abortion movement.

I sense that the tweeters are starting to change their tactics a bit today. More than one has said that their opposition is not religiously based. It’s based on ethics. Ok. I’ll bite. Let’s talk about ethics. The choice issue is very much like the Trolley dilemma ethics problem.

It turns out that how you solve that problem depends in part on your culture. The solution could be either outcome. It is a choice you have to live with and you weigh the rightness of the solution depending on many factors.

“Oh, but it’s MURDER!!”, they wail. Yes. In the above example, someone(s) is going to die. That’s the problem. Are you going to condemn only one person or 5? There’s a variation that requires the problem solver to decide whether to push a man off a bridge to stop the trolley from hitting the five people. This is actually much closer to the actual abortion problem. In the first problem, all the solver needs to do is throw a switch. Maybe the trolley kills someone, maybe it stops in time, maybe the people on the track get out of the way. But in the second instance, the problem solver has to actively kill someone to save other people.

This is what it’s like to have choice. It is a very difficult choice. I don’t think the religious, I mean, newly converted “ethicists” actually appreciate that.

But let’s get back to Catholicism. I’m so glad these anti-abortion activists are finally bringing up the topic of religion because, goddess knows, we heard enough of their yelling and screaming about how unfair and impolitic it would be to ask Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barret, Roberts or Thomas about their attitudes towards their catholic religious teachings. For the record, Gorsuch is now an Episcopalian but he graduated from a Jesuit prep school. I think he is a convert to episcopalianism so he might as well be Catholic. That right there is 6 Catholic Supreme Court justices. I believe Sotomayor is Catholic as well but she seems to be perturbed by the constitutionality of putting enforcement of state laws into the hands of private citizens. She seems to be ruling in the JFK manner.

What about the other 6 Catholic justices? We couldn’t ask them about whether they would put the constitution first. It should have been a legitimate question. Why is it that so many Conservative presidents nominated Catholics? They could have chosen Sikhs, or a Buddhist or a Quaker or an atheist. But they didn’t. Each and every time there was an opening they could appoint or steal, they chose a Catholic. Once or twice is reasonable. But SIX times? That is definitely a trend, nay, a correlation.

I think there is a lot of culture that a Catholic brings to the court. Their religion teaches them that abortion is wrong but as we have seen above, public servants at their level are expected to serve the US Constitution not Pope Francis. Also, they are taught from an early age to revere authority. But you know, it’s not a requirement. You can think for yourself as you uphold constitutional principles. It should be noted though that women have no authority in the Catholic Church. Maybe they did in elementary school but they don’t write papal bulls or vote on the next pontiff or get to be cardinals or bishops or priests.

Anyway, they can’t get around the party that brought them to power. The were nominated because they were more likely to adhere to the Republican Party platform, and all that it stands for, some of it unjust and not pretty. And for the most part, they have, even if that means they are opening up American jurisprudence to all kinds of outcomes that we will all regret later. They are smart enough to think things through and I have no doubt that they have.

Sam The Vigilante Man

Are you stuck in a dead-end job, where your boss does not appreciate your worth? Are you being forced to wear a mask, or to show that you are vaccinated? Are you furious that your precious rights are taken away by liberals and Communists and bleeding hearts who want to impose their values on you? Well, here’s your way out, and your chance to get revenge against all of them!

Work with me, Sam The Vigilante Man! I have done vigilante work for years, helping to turn in traitorous liberals to organizations which will go after them without letting up. And now I have the opportunity to find and punish those women who insist on getting abortions, and the men and women who help them, and to make them pay, literally! A worthy cause, right? Yes, and now, we can make money at it! What is more appealing than virtue combined with big monetary rewards?

Texas has just passed a law which allows anyone who has information about a woman getting an abortion after six weeks of conception, to bring them all to justice. And they will pay us for doing it! You have the right to sue any person who contributes in any way toward the woman getting the abortion! That can be anyone, from the husband, to the boyfriend, an abortion doctor, and anyone who works in that office. Anyone who contributes in any way to the abortion! Taxi drivers, bus drivers, anyone who might have given the woman a lift. Store clerks who sold her something she used to help her, before or after the abortion. Support group members. Psychologists and counselors. Members of her family. The list is endless, and it all pays us!

And this is growing! Florida’s state legislature announced that it would soon be passing a bill just like the one in Texas! More states will follow! This is going to be a massive opportunity! And if you work with me, we can get in at the ground floor! In fact, come to think of it, we can go after elevator operators, too! You see what you can come up with, using a little imagination, and the will to get rich?

Here’s how it works: You sign a contract with me, Sam The Vigilante Man (Business license K8270XP). This will give you a $500 payment for any person you turn in, whom we effectively sue. And we don’t actually have to sue them, we can just threaten to sue them, unless they pay us a fee! In those situations, you get 10% of our fee. We expect to have thousands of cases to bring, and we are compiling a list of judges who will always grant us hearings on our suits, so we will have great power to threaten and scare the daylights out of anyone who ever knew anyone who is going to have an abortion, or even consider it! And $10,000 is the minimum we can sue them for, the law allows higher amounts! Black Gold, baby! Texas Tea! And soon to be coming to a state near you!

And here’s even more good news, to get you motivated. The woman does not even need to have had an abortion! We can still call the boyfriends and the husbands and the taxi drivers and her friends, and threaten to sue them all unless they pay up. Most of them won’t be sure that she ever was pregnant or not, but when they think about having to go to court, and fight our suits, and particularly that even if they win, they will still have to pay all their attorney’s fees, they’ll be more than happy to pay our reasonable settlement demands! More money for you, and us!

We want you to have the chance to get in before anyone else. We will make millions in our first year, and we want loyal Americans like you to have the chance to share in it. We’ll show those libs what enterprising and devout people can do! We can make their lives Hell!

So call this number today, and we’ll schedule an interview with you, to see if you are the kind of Vigilante Assistant that we need! No education required, and no knowledge of law. You just need a car, some good telescopic equipment, a pair of binoculars might do. The ability to see at night, to be able to look at the contents of garbage cans, for bills, phone receipts, anything you can come up with. We’ll turn it over to our team of investigators to follow all the leads! And you make cash, as long as we can either win in court, and we will, or get them to settle out of court, even better!

No matter where you live, you can be a Vigilante Assistant, though applicants who reside in Texas, and any other state which passes a similar anti-abortion law, are preferred. Or move there, to be where the action is!

Join the posse of Sam The Vigilante Man! We’re going to be on the case! Millions of cases! We’ll get them all, and hang ’em high! Or at least make them stand and deliver cash to us!