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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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Dissenting opinion: Accountability is not a bug. It’s a feature.

I get the frustration that William and others have expressed that we are holding Democrats to a different standard than Republicans.

This is not actually true.

The truth is that we actually HAVE standards.

As Democrats, we hold ourselves to some standards and require accountability.

No human is perfect. People in power make bad decisions or behave badly or break the law. To some, power is intoxicating and drives this behavior. Yes, it happens on both sides.

BUT accountability happens on only ONE side. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Every voter should ask themselves: does my party have checks on bad behavior? Do they follow up accusations with investigations? Are there consequences for breaking the law? If the answer is “no”, then you have to wonder why anyone would vote for that party. The voter in that case is guaranteeing that their politician is going to screw them over someday because there is nothing to stop them.

I don’t know enough about Andrew Cuomo. If I had one observation about NY politicians it is that they tend to do amazing things to address a crisis. They’re brilliant really. But as time goes on, they squander their reputations with stupid personal behavior or latent fascistic alliances. There must be something in the water. (Note to self: bring bottled water when visiting friends in NY)

But if the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Andrew Cuomo has been thorough and he broke the law and there are witnesses, he should resign. What really bothers me the most is the threat of retaliation. That’s Harvey Weinstein territory there and none of us should tolerate it. If that’s true, we can only imagine who else he has threatened for whatever reason. It’s corrupt, it’s untrustworthy, it promotes secrecy and transactions outside the public’s perception or knowledge and it’s unacceptable.

Is that really what we want to stand for? That we will protect someone who is doing things that we don’t know about and isn’t accountable for?

It’s a bit different with Al Franken. I really feel he was railroaded. As far as I know, he didn’t break any laws and he didn’t hide anything he did as a performer or practical joker. Censure should have been enough.
But in both cases, accountability was required.

It seems unfair because only one party is doing it. To me, it means we have more people of integrity and character and that’s not a bad thing. We should be able to hold that up to voters and say that nobody’s perfect but who can you trust more? The people who do anything and get away with it or the people who set limits and face consequences?

Now, if only Democrats could put that into a focus group sound bite that conveys information without causing their target audience to get MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) That is where Democrats actually suck.

Nuance iz hard.

8 Responses

  1. Rudy Guiliani seems to be the only person defending Andrew Cuomo right now. Rudy calls the treatment of Cuomo “unjust, dangerous and entirely un-American”. Geez, if Rudy thinks Cuomo is being treated unfairly, you know Andy’s case is strong! It is unfortunate that Guiliani has lost his license to practice law in New York or Cuomo could hire him as his defense attorney. I’m sure that would turn out well.

    As Democrats, we should hold elected officials to a high standard. We must demand accountability. We believe in the rule of law. The other party does not. We should never stoop to their level.

    If Andrew Cuomo refuses to resign, he should be impeached.

  2. To put it a little more succinctly:

    We’re the good guys. We have to *act* like good guys.

    They’re the bad guys. That means they get to act like bad guys.

    Sometimes it might be more convenient or profitable to act like the bad guys. But we can’t do that because if we did we wouldn’t be the good guys anymore.

    • We have to be more clever.

      • I agree with Beata and Prop and RD, so that makes 4-1 so far for “Off with his head!” 😈

    • Not that anyone has said that I am urging Democrats to act like bad guys; but just for the record, I am saying that Democrats have to win, because the fate of the country and the world is at stake. Not win at any moral cost, but realize that a self-appointed concept of virtuousness can be a distraction, even an impediment. You don’t sell your soul for victory, I would never advocate that. But you cannot be so full of your own self-righteousness, that you hand your enemies the victories.

      Our recent history is full of Democrats in power trying to be so fair to Republicans, that they accomplish nothing. Unless we believe that there is a power which will ultimately reward everyone for their virtue, even though they lost the planet to climate catastrophe, diseases, and totalitarianism, they need to be much more pragmatic, and determined to win, than they have been.

      I don’t think that making their primary goal in the last few days, the forcing out of Governor Cuomo, accomplishes that. But it makes them feel virtuous, just as with Franken. Even though the stories were different, the same result occurred, with the vehement support of Democrats, which made Republicans rub their hands with glee. And we’ll do it again.

      I don’t think that Cuomo was a threat to much of anything, and I always wonder why professional women, including a police officer, didn’t just say to him, nicely or sternly, “Stop doing that!” If they did, and he ignored them, that is a different story. I am not advocating for Cuomo to stay, but we are very close to losing our democracy, and this is what we focus on? And I am sure that part of it is that we can never punish Republicans for any of this, they just ignore us. So we go after Democrats, because we have some effectiveness there. Democrats fell all over themselves to condemn Cuomo for what they read or heard about in a report, and demand that he resign immediately. Would that they did something about the disappearance of the right to vote, or when Kavanaugh, who apparently attempted to rape at least one person while in college, got put on the Supreme Court. Oh, they protested, but apparently that’s all they have. Does one think that if it had been completely reversed, that such a Democratic nominee would have gotten all but one of his party’s votes for confirmation? Of course not, and that is how we got here. Nor would Democrats have forced through a nominee in the last month of the term. In fact, we didn’t even respond strongly when they held up a vote on a moderate nominee for ten months. So they win again, in a variety of ways, but we claim the Virtue Award.

      • William seems to think that if the reactionaries win now, they win forever.

        Our reactionaries, a shrinking and aging bloc of the population, apparently think that, if they succeed in making it impossible to dislodge them from power peacefully, why, the rest of the population will just meekly submit to them in perpetuity.

        Even though the rest of the population outnumbers them more dramatically with each passing day.

        Even though the reactionaries are increasingly old, and it’s hard to goose-step with arthritis, or to aim your Official Second Amendment Phallic Compensator ™ through a wall of cataracts.

        Even though the military brass made it clear that they do NOT side with the reactionaries, when they refused to give Benedict Donald troops for his waddle to a church to hold a Bible upside-down.

        Why are our reactionaries so confident?

        Do they know something the rest of us don’t, or are they just repeating the miscalculation of the leaders of Imperial Japan in 1941?

        However, their greatest mistake was not just disregarding the economic muscle which lay partially dormant on the other side of the Pacific. In actuality, their chief error lay in misreading the will of the American people. When the American giant awoke, it did not lapse into despair as a result of the defeats that Japan had inflicted upon it. Rather, it awoke in a rage, and applied every ounce of its tremendous strength with a cold, methodical fury against its foe.

        The source of the blockquote:

        And our domestic fascists are nowhere near as mighty as the fascists of Imperial Japan.

        Again, why are our reactionaries so confident?

        Especially when 99% of them would soil themselves and run at the first whiff of grapeshot?

        But what if I am wrong, and more of them are braver than I expect?

        Well, since they tend to refuse the vaccines, Corona-chan will scythe their ranks.

        It’s hard to mount a violent revolution from one’s ICU bed, or from one’s
        slab in the morgue.

        But as Saruman said to Frodo, that will not be my doing. I merely foretell.


      • The New York State Assembly has the power to impeach a governor in New York. If the Assembly votes to impeach, an impeachment court consisting of members of the New York State Senate and seven members of the New York Court of Appeals begins a trial. After the trial, the impeachment court has to vote to convict in order to remove Cuomo from office.

        “Democrats” are not forcing Cuomo out of office. Biden and other national Democratic leaders may be calling on him to resign but they have no power to remove him as governor. Calling on Cuomo to resign is not keeping Democrats in the Senate from abolishing the filibuster, passing voting rights, infrastructure bills or any other legislation. You know that, William. Your argument is faulty.

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