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Well, that was fun while it lasted.

Hey, all you vaccinated compadres, if you’ve unmasked over the past month or two, it’s time to stop doing that. The epidemiologists have studied the outbreak of 900 Covid cases in Provincetown, MA and most of those people were vaccinated. The good news is vaccinated people are asymptomatic or get mild symptoms. Only 4 vaccinated people out of infected needed hospitalization. Nobody died. That proves that the vaccine is working as expected. That’s the way all vaccines work. They don’t necessarily prevent infection. The point of the vaccine is that when you get infected, your body fights the suckers off. So it’s no surprise that the vaccinated are asymptomatic or feel a little sick. We’ll get over it.

The problem is that the delta variant is so infectious that we can spread it to the unvaccinated. Not only is it much more infectious, it also causes more serious disease in the unvaccinated. So, now we have to watch out for the unvaccinated.

I guess we could just say “f]}# it. It’s up to them to protect themselves”. But, um, that’s not who we are. It’s not entirely without self interest. If we infect the unvaccinated and there are more unvaccinated incubators walking around, they could be cooking new escape variants. Come to think of it, vaccinated people might be doing that too. Anyway, just mask up again for awhile. Yes it is a pain in the ass. But the good news is that the UK has been ahead of us dealing with delta and their numbers are suddenly dropping. So, it’s not forever. Just longer than we like.

My guidelines for masking (feel free to make these better to work for you):

1.) If you are outside, are you alone? If yes, don’t wear a mask.

2.) Are you near any crowds? Outdoor restaurants, bars, live music venues, amusement parks etc? Wear a mask.

3.) Are you standing under a ceiling where other people are? Wear a mask.

You can’t tell who’s vaccinated or not by the maskless status. Assume anyone you meet can get infected and act accordingly. I mean, if they’re really obnoxious insurrectionists, breathe all over them.

I’m kidding. Don’t do that.

6 Responses

  1. It is dispiriting. If figures that the uninformed and absolutely unconvinceable people of the lunatic right wing would risk the lives of everyone. I did hear the good news from the UK, except that they have a higher vaccination rate than we do, and also benefit by the fact that the National Health Service there can more readily check data and tracing. And of course they have less of the determinedly insane people we have here.

    It might come to the government making vaccination mandatory, and then the outliers will hole up in their abodes with guns, but at least they might stay in there. Or give them $500, not $100. Of all the ludicrous things to take a stand on, not getting vaccinated has got to be the most ridiculous–unless they are truly trying to kill everyone else, too, which I would not put beyond them. I saw somewhere that one of the complaints they voice is that they’re “tired of Democrats trying to tell us what to do.” I think that there is a lot of psychological truth there; they cannot stand liberals trying to tell them about medicine and science, and acting superior and more intelligent than they are. So they’ll show them.

  2. *sigh* Break time.

    “Psssst! I’m over here!” 😛

  3. No doubt RD understands why the FDA is seemingly taking so long to grant full authorization for the vaccines. I know they have their procedures and that conservatism in these matters is generally a good thing. And I know I am not the only one who can’t wait for full authorization to strengthen the hands of organizations looking to mandate vaccinations for employees/ customers.

    The big New York banks are already doing it — Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi (at least at headquarters, I don’t know about branches). And now news is coming through about Walmart and Disney tiptoeing in the right direction.

    More, please. Even if it may be too late in the day.


    • The FDA takes forever. But let’s put it this way, they’re not going to rescind approval. Especially now when there have been so few averse reports among the hundreds of millions of doses. The vaccine has been wildly successful. All you have to do is look at how cases plunged when people started to get the shots. If you’re thinking an full FDA approval will make refuseniks get the shots, I don’t think so. They are resisting for ideological reasons. What may get their attention is seeing people they know get sick. Or being turned away from restaurants and baseball games and such. Then there may be a change of heart among some people. The really hard core will probably torch any place that refuses them access.
      One thing I REALLY object to is giving Trumo credit for the vaccine. Those vaccines were the product of decades of research. They just happen to be ready when we needed them. Operation. Warp Speed is a joke. All it might have done is speed up the clinical trials. Getting the right results was in the hands of researchers and the volunteers.
      Trump was such a bad president I wouldn’t give him credit for anything. He did much more harm by his complete and utter disrespect of science. He could have saved lives. He turned out to be a villain. No. I’m not coddling ANYONE’S political or warped reality worldview to get them to get the shot. I’m not giving anyone an excuse to cling to trumpism. Get the shot and save lives or don’t get it anc risk sickness and death. They all know what’s really going on. I’m not going to be a part of perpetuating any lies or veneration of trump just so they can save face. They SHOULD feel embarrassed at this point. Sometimes, it’s the only way people learn.
      Feeling shame is not the worst thing in the world. Bring it on.

  4. No, FDA approval won’t persuade refuseniks. Absolutely right. My only argument re the FDA is that full approval will make it easier for hesitant corporate CEOs and purple state governors to institute mandates, once the “emergency use” excuse is gone. People who know what the right thing to do is, but want their asses covered first against MAGA blowback. People who should start exercising the power to make millions more do the right thing — you know, doing their jobs as leaders in this society.

    Nor does Trump get any credit, either. In Michael Lewis’s telling in “The Premonition” (great read), a group of seven public health officials (not exactly a secret society but deliberately keeping a low profile so as not to anger Trump) were the ones who got the push for mRNA vaccines moving (after, as RD says, the basic research had long been in place). These officials committed funds that the Defense Department already had in its research agencies, toward scientists and pharma companies who were already on the case.

    The only constructive things Trump did on “Warp Speed” was not block it and give it a flashy name.

  5. Well, no matter what the anti-vaxxers might think (using the term “think” very loosely), Katalin Karikó ought to get the Nobel, the Legion of Honor, all of Jeff Bezos’s money, and anything else we can think of to award her. Her work is the biggest breakthrough in infectious disease control since Pasteur. She’s probably saved millions of lives at this point.

    I would be happy to give Trump undeserved credit if it would get a significant portion of these idiots to get vaccinated. As it is, I’m worried about the capacity of the healthcare system to handle the Delta variant.

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