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    • The Attacks On Nord Stream I & II
      Let’s point out the obvious. Russia had no reason to attack its own pipelines. If it doesn’t want gas to go thru them it just turns off the tap. Sabotage to the pipelines weakens Russia’s position, since it will be months before they can offer to turn fuel back on, which they would have wanted to offer during the winter in order to pressure Germany in specif […]
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Well, that was fun while it lasted.

Hey, all you vaccinated compadres, if you’ve unmasked over the past month or two, it’s time to stop doing that. The epidemiologists have studied the outbreak of 900 Covid cases in Provincetown, MA and most of those people were vaccinated. The good news is vaccinated people are asymptomatic or get mild symptoms. Only 4 vaccinated people out of infected needed hospitalization. Nobody died. That proves that the vaccine is working as expected. That’s the way all vaccines work. They don’t necessarily prevent infection. The point of the vaccine is that when you get infected, your body fights the suckers off. So it’s no surprise that the vaccinated are asymptomatic or feel a little sick. We’ll get over it.

The problem is that the delta variant is so infectious that we can spread it to the unvaccinated. Not only is it much more infectious, it also causes more serious disease in the unvaccinated. So, now we have to watch out for the unvaccinated.

I guess we could just say “f]}# it. It’s up to them to protect themselves”. But, um, that’s not who we are. It’s not entirely without self interest. If we infect the unvaccinated and there are more unvaccinated incubators walking around, they could be cooking new escape variants. Come to think of it, vaccinated people might be doing that too. Anyway, just mask up again for awhile. Yes it is a pain in the ass. But the good news is that the UK has been ahead of us dealing with delta and their numbers are suddenly dropping. So, it’s not forever. Just longer than we like.

My guidelines for masking (feel free to make these better to work for you):

1.) If you are outside, are you alone? If yes, don’t wear a mask.

2.) Are you near any crowds? Outdoor restaurants, bars, live music venues, amusement parks etc? Wear a mask.

3.) Are you standing under a ceiling where other people are? Wear a mask.

You can’t tell who’s vaccinated or not by the maskless status. Assume anyone you meet can get infected and act accordingly. I mean, if they’re really obnoxious insurrectionists, breathe all over them.

I’m kidding. Don’t do that.