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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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New vaccine in town.

I got this message from BFF this morning:

Sarah Huckleberry Sanders says there is a “Trump Vaccine” — how do I get it? I’ve already got the coronavirus vaccine, so I’m safe against that, but I’m worried there could be a new surge of the Trumps, and I don’t want to catch it. Really made me sick last time.

So I had to look it up. It’s true. Sarah Sanders is hawking a Trump vaccine. But it’s not designed to treat a bad case of the Trumps. It’s designed to work with the blocker Trump inserted into the minds of his base so they’ll get vaccinated against Covid.

Sarah Sanders White House press secretary to former President Donald Trump, said Sunday that President Joe Biden hurt public confidence in COVID-19 vaccinations by criticizing the Trump administration’s rollout of the shots.

I know what you’re thinking. “What Trump administration rollout?” That’s what the Biden administration is thinking. I know this for sure because I’ve heard them talking about it on different podcasts. (Probably any one of a dozen that features Andy Slavitt.) It was probably a super secret rollout that involved letting their supporters and campaign moneybags go first. I’ll bet you that if Trump had won, everyone in Florida would be Faucied by now. No, within the first month. Even better, within the first week. New York and California would be waiting until 2022 to get the shots. Maybe he would have narrowed it down to the specific counties and precincts that voted for him. Didja think of that? Let it not be said that the Trump administration didn’t think these things out.

But whatever the plan was, they took it with them when we kicked them out. They did not leave a plan B so the Biden administration had to start from scratch. Was it perfect? No. But anyone who needed a shot could have gotten one by now at their convenience and no extra charge. They would have been protected well ahead of the delta variant. Notice the use of the past perfect conditional tense. More on that later.

But anyway, Sarah tells us why the base hasn’t gotten the shot yet:

In a Sunday Arkansas Democrat Gazette op-ed, Huckabee Sanders, who is now campaigning to be governor of Arkansas, noted that when the Trump administration announced in May 2020 that vaccines would be available in December—at the latest— “the ‘expert’ class tried to undermine those statements with baseless fear-mongering.”

But she argued that “no one did more to undercut public confidence in the vaccine than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Ok, I’m just going to stop quoting her now. This is stupid. Her whole rationale is stupid. It’s designed to appeal to the tribe. You know, those white male libertarian holdouts who will not get the shot until one of their guys says the magic words. No one will tell them what to do until their fearless leader tells them to do it. Then they’ll dutifully get in line and obey the orders to the letter as we have seen them do over and over again. freedom.

I’d say go with it. Be the real sheeple. Don’t use your own judgement or listen to the so-called scientists and healthcare professionals. No, wait until you have made your point, that you absolutely hate those unAmerican liberal, commie, Biden voters who want to take away your freedom, then go get the shot.

We are dealing with 30% of the population that is going through the Terrible Twos. Ok. Lay there and kick your legs and scream about how you want to do it all by yourself. We’ll just wait it out and let you embarrass yourselves.

I’d say that but it’s too late. If you didn’t want to be a part of the “Spike of the Unvaccinated”, you should have gotten the vaccine 5 weeks ago. Sure, there’s probably still good reason to get the vaccine but it’s marginal. Delta spreads like wildfire and, unlike the rest of us vaccinated people, they’d have to wear a mask again and follow social distancing protocols and we know how compliant those guys were the first time we asked them to pretty please with sugar on top wear a mask.

Yep, your leader killed some of you, just like sheep to the slaughter. Nature has a way of culling the unfit. Normally, nature doesn’t GAF about our political affiliation. Until now. lt will probably just balance out the voter suppression laws. Maybe we’ll avoid a bad case of the Trumps after all.


Update: Pennsylvania’s own Dr. Rachel, now working for the Biden admin, says you can get infusions of monoclonal antibodies within 10 days of the first symptoms.

What are the chances that a vaccine defiant guy is going to accept the advice of a transgender liberal Democrat “expert” when it comes to treatment after infection?

Stop laughing.

I don’t even want to think about how expensive that will be compared to just getting a vaccine shot. But in all likelihood, your insurance company will be required to pay for it or the Biden admin will direct Medicaid/Medicare to put it on the government tab.

Someone alert Lauren Boebert. She’ll want to get on this right away.

12 Responses

  1. One almost has to admire the absolute Orwellian nature of Sanders, who stood up there for a year and lied about absolute everything to the media. So now Trump invented the vaccine, but Biden criticized it, so people did not get vaccinated. My very brief look at the TV headline today says that Trump blames people’s distrust of Biden for not getting vaccinated. So whoever sends out those orders and faxes, obviously made this today’s theme. Trump is a hero, he developed the vaccine, or made it happen, not the scientists, and it was Biden who made people not take it. So hail Trump, destroy Biden, it is going to be wild.

    One wonders how much longer, maybe forever, the so-called Trump base will be willing to be blatantly and contemptuously lied to. Sanders is a mentally disturbed person. Did she learn all of this from her father, or her avowed religion, or is she just depraved? There may be one awful truth here: that the radical base has been so brainwashed, that they will not listen to one word that any Democrat, or “expert” scientist or educator says about anything. This is thus the ultimate extortion: if you don’t elect Republicans, no one will follow any of the laws or mandates. And of course Sanders will be elected in what used to be the proud home of President Clinton, but has now been taken over by the proudly ignorant followers of the Huckabees and the Sanders.

  2. I note that the number of Covid ICU cases has *tripled* in Tennessee since July 5, but they’re still fully reopening. Confirmed cases nationwide are higher than the first peak last year, approaching the second peak of last year, and still accelerating. It’s going to be an ugly, ugly fall.

  3. “One almost has to admire the absolute Orwellian nature of Sanders, who stood up there for a year and lied about absolute everything to the media.”

    Actually, one faces no such obligation. But then, William did say “almost”. 😛

    “It’s designed to work with the blocker Trump inserted into the minds of his base so they’ll get vaccinated against Covid.”

    Minds? Trump’s base? Minds?!? 😆

  4. Speaking of medical matters, I sat down and figured out my medical expenses, and my savings on them due to my medical insurance, versus the cost of the medical insurance, for last year and for so far this year.

    In 2020, medical insurance premiums, minus original costs of medical expenses (before member discounts and insurance payments), cost me a little over $2,100 in net expenses.

    However, so far in 2021, the same calculations have me ahead by nearly $11,000 so far, mostly because my insurance saved me a lot on those heart tests earlier this year (which, let me remind the group, showed NO CORONARY BLOCKAGE, just a slightly enlarged heart. My heart doctor thinks I can get away with not seeing him again until next March :D).

  5. Sanders doesn’t say whether the Trump vaccine is effective against the “Q” variant, though.

  6. The REPUBLICAN governor of my state got booed for saying that the COVID vaccines do NOT sterilize women. 🙄


    • The irony is that Covid itself might very well reduce *male* fertility (testes are loaded with ACE-2 receptors).

      Were it not for the danger they’d pose to the immune-compromised and the risk of new variants, I’d be willing to let these yahoos stay unvaccinated as long as they waived treatment (so as not to waste scarce medical resources on them).

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