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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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He gets blamed for everything he does.

Ron De Santis is selling merch with the slogan “Don’t Fauci my Florida”. I must be a little slow this week but it’s the second time in as many days that I’ve heard that Fauci is being blamed for the big orange’s (BO) loss last November. So it must be the latest right wing distraction… meme…thing.

As Andy Slavitt said in his conversation with Frank Luntz about the Covid vaccine rollout: “Democrats are held accountable for saying things that Republicans can twist.” Fauci is now the fall guy for saying stupid nannyish things like the truth.

It has something to do with Fauci being foolishly faithful to science instead of making BO look good, like he wasn’t doing his job. But it didn’t have to be that way. I doubt that Fauci ever wanted to become a celebrity, dragged out in front of the press to give reassurances and recommendations on how we prevent death by Covid. He’s more like Bill Nye the Science Guy than Simon Barsinister. Fauci was a very unlikely Democratic secret weapon to bring down BO.

It’s really weird how people like De Santis and BO defiantly double down on the blame game like that’s going to make the virus impotent. I don’t get it. Did they not pay attention to what happened in India? They too thought Covid was no big deal and that their immune systems were more robust. Honestly, some Indians thought they had natural immunity and that they had conquered Covid back in March or something. Then the delta variant that had been simmering in a country of 1 billion people broke out.

By the way, have you seen the latest graph of how well vaccinated the states are? Check this out:

The greener your state, the better the progress towards herd immunity. The more Orange your state… well, it’s interesting they chose that particular color in this graph to convey additional information. It’s a shade of foundation that is universally unflattering. Tufte would be so proud.

Pennsylvania is doing pretty well. We’ve got a kick ass Governor and had a transgender secretary of health who got poached by the Biden administration. Add to that the way the additional Covid relief funds have been allocated and I think we Pennsylvanians have a lot to be proud of. Oh, sure, there are always going to be rebels without a cause but there are a lot more team players in PA than we get credit for.

I don’t know what to make of Florida.

Anyway, back to Fauci. So, he’s getting the blame for BO losing, as if BO was powerless before a diminutive 79 year old biology geek from New Yawk. Is BO saying he got whipped by a guy he didn’t even bother to give a derogatory nickname to?

Ever since the pandemic began, I had this feeling that BO was using it to gain followers. Covid was a gift to his campaign. He could use it to promote high conflict by creating tough guys who defied every bloody epidemic defense mechanism recommended. He used it to bludgeon governors who prioritized saving lives over their own precious economies. He made enemies out of relatives, friends and sweethearts. You were either with him or against him. Covid was a gift for BO. It solidified his base going into the election. For all we know, he did better than he should have last year and Democrats worse specifically because he was able to use it to attack how the elections were run. Let’s face it, Democrats we’re never ever going to vote for him even without Covid. But can we say for sure that Republicans would have turned out for him if he hadn’t activated their inner obnoxious teenagers in defiance of everything sciencey and rational and coastal elitist with its effete tendency towards caution and self preservation?

Anyway, the delta variant is upon us. I checked 1point3acres.com yesterday and noticed that there have been spikes in confirmed cases in the past week or two. But that’s mostly happening in the Orange states shown above. You really don’t want to be living in Arkansas right now.

How is Florida the Anti Fauci state doing?

New coronavirus infection numbers plummeted in Florida after vaccinations became widely available, but they have ticked up in recent weeks. The state is reporting daily cases close to four times the national average — 26 new infections per 100,000 residents, the second-highest number in the country. The state’s latest covid-19 death rate is almost double the national figure, and it ranks fourth for current hospitalizations.

Nice. But it would have been nicer if the truth didn’t look so relentlessly partisan.

The doctors say that the refuseniks have an epiphany after they get Covid. Like, they had no idea how badly it could kick their butts. BO made it look easy but he had access to experimental monoclonal antibody treatment that virtually no one else who gets Covid will have access to.

So, here we go into another round of sickness and death with Ron De Santis leading the charge and Anthony Fauci back in the lab, watching from the sidelines, shaking his head and facepalming.

You just can’t learn some people.

Frank Luntz says the refuseniks are holding out because they feel we don’t respect them.

3 Responses

  1. Republicans have become unmoored from any connection to science or facts or truth. They only look for propaganda, and enemies to rouse their forces against. It is more convenient for them when they can affix names and faces to them, as with Fauci. They don’t have much chance of convincing many people to vote for their policies, as they don’t have any, besides defeating the liberals, and not being told what to do, while they get to tell everyone else what to do. At least McConnell, for all his awfulness, says that he doesn’t understand why people do not get vaccinated. No sane person could.

  2. Agreed that we have a kick ass governor and LT. governor and had a great secretary of health. BUT… our state legislature totally SUCKS, but the same bozos (at least my bozos) keep getting elected.

  3. I can’t leave the Arkanshire–but I and Mom (I live with her) have both been double-shot. We’re still masking up when we leave the house.

    Still, I heard tonight that 98% of the people who got Corona-chan were not immunized against her first.

    Ohayoo, Corona-chan! Have you met my immune system? She’s a real cut-up! 😈

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