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#freeBritney update: Her lawyer resigns.

Yep, the guy that didn’t tell her that she had a right to petition the court to end her conservatorship for 13 years, is jumping ship. This after the Bessemer Trust and her talent manager Larry Rudolph have resigned.

I guess she really meant it about never working again if Jamie remained conservator. I mean, how could she continue to work given how feeble minded she is and everything?

In other news, other performers are starting a fund to get her new legal representation so she can fight her father in court.

By the way, her former lawyer Sam Ingham was supposed to file a formal request to end the conservatorship. He’s been sitting on that request for almost 2 weeks. Interesting, considering that there’s going to be another hearing next week. Who’s going to represent her? Does she already have someone lined up? No idea. But I find the speed of the change in her circumstances fascinating to watch. Timing is everything.

When she is finally free, I hope she doesn’t get married. She should just find a sperm bank, make a purchase and never have to share custody with anyone. The last thing she needs is someone else issuing demands and threatening to take her money.

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  1. Off topic: Amanda Marcotte on how American conservatism fascism loves its lies.


  2. I don’t know the details of Britney’s mental status, although I do have some experience with someone afflicted with bipolar disorder (an ex). It can certainly be managed but compliance is sometimes an issue. I think as a matter of principle that one ought to be very, very careful about depriving adults of control of their affairs, particularly when the motives of those seeking to do so are less than clear. Spears has been exploited her entire life and subjugating her to those who profited from that exploitation seems really questionable to me.

  3. If Britney Spears was male, would this have happened to her? I wonder?

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