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      Few things make more more tired or contemptuous of someone than, when a masking mandate is removed, someone saying “well, you still have the choice to wear a mask, we’re not effecting you” or some variation. Masking is not primarily about protecting yourself. Only a respirator and a well-fitted N95 offer good protection from Covid if other people aren’t mask […]
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#freeBritney update: Her lawyer resigns.

Yep, the guy that didn’t tell her that she had a right to petition the court to end her conservatorship for 13 years, is jumping ship. This after the Bessemer Trust and her talent manager Larry Rudolph have resigned.

I guess she really meant it about never working again if Jamie remained conservator. I mean, how could she continue to work given how feeble minded she is and everything?

In other news, other performers are starting a fund to get her new legal representation so she can fight her father in court.

By the way, her former lawyer Sam Ingham was supposed to file a formal request to end the conservatorship. He’s been sitting on that request for almost 2 weeks. Interesting, considering that there’s going to be another hearing next week. Who’s going to represent her? Does she already have someone lined up? No idea. But I find the speed of the change in her circumstances fascinating to watch. Timing is everything.

When she is finally free, I hope she doesn’t get married. She should just find a sperm bank, make a purchase and never have to share custody with anyone. The last thing she needs is someone else issuing demands and threatening to take her money.

#freebritney updates

I hope you will indulge me here for updates on the Free Britney meme. It’s not that I’m not interested in politics anymore. Far from it. We all have to gird our loins for the upcoming battles. It’s about self-determination for our country. Are we going to be able to make decisions about how our government is run or are we going to put it in the hands of a malignant narcissist and his knowing enablers? It’s funny how the Big Orange’s supporters are embracing authoritarianism when the last thing that any of them want is for somebody to have power over them. The thing is they hate liberals MORE than they love their country. So if liberals, and others who are not Republicans, have to live under dictatorship or become a permanently disenfranchised majority, that’s ok. Until it’s not.

But that isn’t the topic this post is about. This post is about the very real human tragedy that is happening to one person. Yes, there are many human tragedies that happen every single day, including the loss of 150 lives in Florida. And why should we care about a wealthy pop star whose music many of us have been avoiding for the past 20 years? I have to admit I was missing something as I now review her body of work. Her Toxic video is amazing.

The Hulu documentary started something. Then it was Britney’s raw testimony a couple of weeks ago. Someone recorded it and the fury and desperation in her voice is so palpable. She’s keeping it together in spite of what’s happening to her. I think there’s going to be one hell of an autobiography about this period of her life someday.

Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino’s article in the New Yorker has cracked open and exposed the horror of a legal system that can deprive you of every constitutional right including the right to hire your own attorney. It shows how easy it is to enslave a vulnerable person who has wealth and a marketable persona.

Now, Miley Cyrus is screaming “Free Britney” at her performances.

And there have been some unusual moves with respect to Britney’s circumstances.

The financial institution that was part of her conservatorship, the Bessemer Trust, has requested to be removed from the arrangement. (Warning, the article appears to be poorly translated):

“As a result of the protected person’s testimony at the June 23 hearing,” says Bessemer’s presentation, “the petitioner has realized that the protected person opposes the continuation of her guardianship and wishes to terminate the guardianship. The petitioner has listened to the protected person and respects his wishes. “

The group later added that it “has made the decision to resign only after deep deliberation, taking into account the wishes expressed by the Conserved.”

I’m not sure how to interpret this but a couple of possibilities come to mind. For one thing, it is completely disingenuous for Bessemer Trust to claim that it didn’t know that Britney’s conservatorship was not at her own request. They should have been clued in about this when the Trust was appointed in 2019 since she specifically requested that her father be removed as her sole conservator at that time.

How does that work? “I’m totally fine with not having access to the millions of dollars that I earned but I don’t want my father to have complete control. It’s ok if I live on half the money my daddy takes home each week.” What pop powerhouse/mother wouldn’t voluntarily give up her independence and adulthood so her rights to her money, children and freedom would be terminated possibly permanently? Golly, that sounds swell to me!

According to the New Yorker article, Jamie Spears has had an iron grip on Britney’s conservatorship and estate since this whole deal began. He has hired powerful and expensive attorneys and Britney’s own counsel is suspected as being in collusion with Jamie as well. So, I’m going to take a guess that the Bessemer Trust was also colluding with Jamie in some way. They are in the business of managing estates and that means they take a cut and money is money. “Oh, we had no idea this was involuntary” doesn’t cut it. They likely know a lot more than they’re letting on and in the wake of recent events, they are joining the other rats deserting the ship. All fingers are pointing to Jamie.

More proof of this observation comes in the form of Britney’s professional manager, Larry Rudolph, resigning today after 25 years of service to her.

He says it’s because he understands that Britney is retiring. He also says that he hasn’t spoken to the singer for two and a half years. So, has she been paying Rudolph for two and a half years and gotten nothing for it? Or has Jamie done all of the negotiating on Britney’s behalf?

Didn’t Rudolph think it was weird that he couldn’t talk to his client for two and a half years, some of that time while she was performing in Las Vegas?

(Hang on, Larry Rudolph *might* be one of the good guys here. The inability to speak to Britney directly may have prompted him to start looking into what is happening here.)

As for Britney retiring, she has vowed to never perform again as long as Jamie Spears is a conservator.

I don’t claim to know what’s going on. But from her public statements and the fallout, it sounds like her conservators have been colluding with each other and keeping her intentionally ignorant of whatever rights she still has. It sounds like her personal management team has been lying to her about her reproductive rights, her ability to get married and whether or not she has the right to request to terminate the conservatorship.

And they might have been right when they told her that getting out of this thing is nearly impossible. The reason is because Jamie is a malignant narcissist who has access to all her money and can theoretically petition the law repeatedly to prevent termination. He just might be the kind of person, and they are out there, who will make sure that she walks away with nothing before he loosens his grip on her.

He made her. Look at all he’s done for her career. She should be grateful. If she doesn’t shut up about it, he’ll tie her up in court for as long as it takes. She’ll be sorry she defied him.

But “nearly impossible” is not impossible. The truth is coming out. Jamie can’t keep his Big Lie that Britney is crazy and incapacitated going for long now that the spotlight is on him.

Britney may well lose a substantial amount of money now that she’s decided to take him on. Freedom shouldn’t be this costly.

That kind of reminds me of my theory that the country as a whole would have been better off if we had just paid the Big Orange $10 billion to go away quietly. Maybe it wouldn’t have been enough unless he had more money than Jeff Bezos. Maybe it would never be enough. But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking he’s willing to hold the country hostage out of concern for our welfare.