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Surfside residents are just looking for a handout, amirite?

Ron DeSantis, so-called “governor” of Florida is refusing to call for a state of emergency to deal with the collapse of a condo building in Miami where approximately 159 people are buried under rubble. Some of those people might still be alive. We will probably never know for sure because… well… we don’t really know.

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis is taking time to pose for the cameras and talk to Fox News in the wake of the stunning partial building collapse that more than 12 hours later has left 99 people missing, and feared dead.

DeSantis reportedly added an interview with far right Fox News host Mark Levin to his calendar for Thursday.

Biden has urged DeSantis to break the glass and declare a state of emergency but De Santis had a super important interview to go to on the TV so he hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe he doesn’t think there’s a point. They’re probably all dead anyway.

FEMA is going to check it out under Biden’s orders but it can’t do anything until DeSantis declares a state of emergency. But what’s the rush?

The residents knew when they bought those condos that there is no guarantee that human stupidity or acts of nature won’t happen. Presumably, that’s why they bought insurance. Or something. C’mon, are we supposed to get a rescue squad together every time some citizen in Florida gets crushed by their apartment? S{}% happens.

People have got to start taking care of themselves and stop counting on the federal government to step in and provide housing and food and assistance. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. So some dogs just got eaten. The world still goes on and there are interviews to do.


Update: DeSantis finally got around to declaring a state of emergency after Miami’s mayor did it earlier in the day on Thursday.

DeSantis did it at around late last night. So, you know, Ronny on the Spot!

Then there’s this:

DeSantis also said displaced residents can utilize the Florida Housing and Finance Corporation rental locator at FloridaHousingSearch.org or call 877-428-8844.

Message: “I care. But come on, people, do I have to do everything for you freeloaders??”

7 Responses

  1. My next question is, who is responsible for building standards in Florida? The county, the city, or the state? Was this building sound? If not, did anyone get bribed in order to allow sub standard construction? Was it subject to periodic inspection and what was or was not found?

    I don’t profess to have any knowledge one way or the other. I do know that in the wake of such disasters questions like these should be and often are asked. One spectacular example: After 9/11, records regarding the permitting and construction of the World Trade Center re-surfaced; the records had seemingly been all but forgotten since the early 1970s.

    But after the awful fact in 2001, many of us learned for the first time that before the Trade Center got built, New York City Fire Department experts had lost their quiet, behind-closed-doors fight to have the Towers built in a more fire resistant manner, though no impropriety was alleged. The builders failed to use state of the art fire protection for the steel structure that held up the Towers, and that is one reason the Towers collapsed so rapidly after the planes hit. The sort of thing that might never have mattered, until it did.

    Maybe DeSantis would like to avoid such an inquiry. Florida is all about real estate operators who profit from the state’s promotion of sun, surf, and fun — not to mention everyone else in the state. And real estate folks are as generous as any with campaign contributions.

    • Very good points.

    • One man says his mother called the day before the collapse and told him that the building was making loud creaking noises.
      She and his grandmother are missing.

  2. Oh G-d, anyone who has ever used one of those state housing search rental websites (or tried to call their number) knows that they are an insane exercise in futility that leads to wanting to permanently curl up into a fetal position and just give up forever. And Ronny expects people who are suddenly homeless and incredibly traumatized to have to use those sites? It’s Sociopathy 101.

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