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      There are hundreds of types meditation. Maybe thousands. But most of them have a simple pattern. 1) Do something. 2) When you notice you aren’t doing that thing, go back to doing it. Breath meditation: follow the sensations of your breath. when you notice you aren’t paying attention to your breath, go back to paying attention to your breath. All types of con […]
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Walk home: the world’s most expensive hair cut.

It’s a glorious day in downtown Pittsburgh today. The weather is sunny, dry and about 80°. So I ventured into the downtown office today. There still aren’t that many people in the buildings. We have the option to work from home and many want to keep that up. But I need the exercise and stimulation of trying to remember everything to and from work. Like a mask. So I don’t get thrown off the bus. It has happened. (It was in my pocket)

For my return to the real world where people who do not love me have to look at me everyday, I went to the salon. It was a new salon. The guy who cut my hair at the last salon was taking our relationship for granted. And I tip well so that’s not a good reason to chop my hair weird and part it on the wrong side. I could tell he was seeing other people.

The new salon is tres chic. And so was the way they tried to finesse me after the colored and styled my hair to my specifications. “We’d just like you to know that we really enjoyed styling your hair today and I think you can tell we did quite a lot to it. Lowlights, foils, toner, razor cut. It looks really fabulous. And the next time you come, it won’t cost nearly so much!”

Uh oh.

The check made me gasp. I have to reason with myself that I didn’t spend any money on clothes in the past year. Or eating out. Soooo, there’s that. But still. Omg. That was painful.

But it’s not blindingly ultra platinum anymore. I don’t look like a ghost on Skype.

And I got a modified Joan Jett out of it. 😏

I love it.

So I walked to the bus stop singing this:

9 Responses

  1. I’m in SF. I pay over $500 for the same services. I should go every 10 weeks but the budget only allows 16.

    • Holy snot!! That hurts more than mine.

      • The end product is beautiful and colored so that 16 weeks and the roots blend. Back in Philly, it was half that price. If I didn’t color it would be silver threads among the mouse brown. One positive thing, no cluttered closets.

  2. I’ve been cutting my own hair for the last year+. I’m actually really good at it but worry that I might accidentally cut off an ear or stab myself in the neck, neither of which is a good life choice, IMHO. So I need to go to a salon, soon. Never have I paid close to $500 for salon services!

  3. $500? For THAT price, it better be enchanted so that you don’t need another one for a year! 😮

    My favorite song by JJ&tB might remind some of us here of certain, ahem, freshwater crustaceans. 😈

    • IBW, I live in the land of $4 toast. I don’t like it either but during the pandemic when SF was in lock down it was hats and the the reality underneath was not pretty. Believe me, I could think of a lot of things to spend my money on. BTW, I have been reading your posts on several sites and your words and musical choices always educate, inform and entertain me.

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