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Ohhhh, I get it now

Happy Betsy Ross Day.

I’m starting to get how it is that right wingers can obsess about the flag and yet spit on democracy in general.

They pledge allegiance to the FLAG and to the republic for which it stands. So, if the definition of that republic changes, they pledge allegiance to the flag of that republic. Liberty and Justice for all could have many definitions.

Justice for all, well, who’s to say? There’s got to be a reason why black people keep getting in the way of bullets. Who are we to question the authorities?

And Liberty has been around since the beginning of the Constitution and it didn’t say anything about Liberty for everybody. Like women. Same with the vote. Not everybody got the right to vote in 1792. Poor people with no property, why should they get to vote? (I’m looking at you, Ohio)

So, if the right wing party says Liberty means the ability to compete in a dog eat dog world and get everything you want without worrying about the lives, needs and feelings of others, what’s wrong with that?

Just an aside here: I read a sci-fi book a few years back about a mage navigator who needs to visit a planet run completely by libertarians. You had to buy your own oxygen and bounty hunters roamed the terminal looking for bodies they could turn over for cash. Visitors were warned they were on their own. Everything had a price. Like breathing and hydration. They didn’t just give that stuff out for free. Do they look like a charity??

I love speculative fiction. It takes crazy ideas to their logical conclusions.

Ok, I’m back on topic.

So, anyway, this flag thing. Lauren Boebert is part of a subversive, anti-democratic coalition that lives off of the supporters it lies to. It feeds its followers emotions, rage, misdirection. The result is that the press, voting, Liberty and justice are being threatened.

But by golly, they sure do love their flag. It stands for their version of America and they will pledge their allegiance enthusiastically.

You know what would be cool? If we asked Gomert, Gaetz, Graham, Boebert, McCarthy and Green exactly what their definitions of Liberty and Justice are. Like, get them to elaborate on that and their philosophy. I’d love to hear that.

If they say whatever the former Oval Office occupant says (he’s not coming back. Sorry), let’s get it all out so we can look at it.

3 Responses

  1. Even as a boy, it bothered me that some people always seemed to care more about the symbols than the meaning. They loved the flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance,, and The Star Spangled Banner. I think that everyone has been moved by these things, but most do not make a kind of religion out of them.

    These people of course cannot articulate a philosophy, not do they know history,. They would rather focus on the symbols, as if they assure that the followers are sanctified and protected from ever being called undermocratic or wrong. The idea that some young person would burn a replica of a flag would send them into absolute fury. There was a Dodgers player, Rick Monday, who ran across the outfield and stopped a man, I think a foreign person protesting something, from burning a small and inexpensive replica of a flag. And Monday became a hero for it;, it is sometimes shown on sports highlights. “He saved the flag,’ was often said.

    People like Boebert cannot articulate anything meaningful. They want what they want, and turn it into a religion, with symbols. They think that flag-waving makes them one of the Elect, just like those people who fly flags on their houses all year round, which was sometimes the case in the quiet and mostly genial but right-wing dominated suburb where i grew up. There was a picture today of Ted Cruz standing in front of a flag, and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, as he attempted to shame and demonize those who disagree with him. And far too many people see it the way he and Boebert do; wear a replica, sing the Anthem loudly, recite the Pledge, and then you get to tell people how they should believe and act.

  2. I suspect that Gaetz’s definition of “liberty” involves a couple of high school cheerleaders and a Motel 6.

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