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    William on Adam Schiff, Potential America…
    eurobrat on Adam Schiff, Potential America…
    Beata on Adam Schiff, Potential America…
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Early Morning Fun with “Ghost”

After I wrote the post the other day on the game “Ghost,” I started to play a bit of it in my head. I thought of a few sequences, and I wonder if you might figure out how you could turn possible defeat into victory in these.

The rules of the game are below in the post entitled “The Game of Ghost” I did not look up any of the sequences, so you might possibly find other options, too. It’s just for fun. Each situation involves you against just one other player Remember, you do not want to put the last letter in which spells a four or more-letter word, or you lose. And you must always have a word in mind when adding a letter, or you will be challenged and lose, if you do not have one. And don’t look any of the sequences up, that spoils the challenge of it!

1, He starts with B. You say A, for BA. He says I, for BAI. What do you do? You do not give up!

2. He starts with V. You say I, for VI. He says A, for VIA You…? I can think of two winning options.

3. He starts with S. You say T, for ST. He says A, for STA. You say N, for STAN. He counters with C, for STANC. What do you do?

4, You start with C. He says L, for CL. You say E. for CLE. He says A, for CLEA. You…?

5. You start with P. He says R, for PR. You say A for PRA. He says N, for PRAN. You say…(easy one!)

I could always be wrong on these, but I don’t think so. If I am, I am sure that somebody will point it out! Answers below.

  1. Z, thinking of Baize
  2. N, thinking of Viand, is best. D, thinking of Viaduct.
  3. H, thinking of Stanchion
  4. V, thinking of Cleave. If he says A, you say G, thinking of Cleavage.
  5. C, thinking of Prance

8 Responses

  1. It is really early in the morning here! I can’t sleep so I will try the first one:

    He: B
    Me: A
    He: I
    Me: R
    He: N

    I win!!! Right? It’s a wee bairn!

    The Scots lassie in me is coming out. I know that word from old ( auld ) ballads I heard as a child.

    • What if the other person doesn’t know the word I am thinking of and just says “Huh?”. Then do I tell him the next letter that forms the word? Do I still win?

      • That is very good, but I don’t think a Scottish word counts, unless it has general use in English. There are no hard and fast rules here, though, so I guess it might get through! But enfant obviously would not, so I would look for another letter.

        As to the other person not knowing your word, that is fine.. He challenges, you tell him the word, and you win.. All you have to be doing is thinking of a legitimate word, and spelling it correctly.

        • It is not just a Scottish word. It has become part of the English language as well. I’m sure it can be found in any English language dictionary. It is more of a “legitimate” word than soogy.

          Will you never let me win??? LOL

          We are like chalk and cheese. You are chalk, I am cheese.

          • I will give you two more words to ponder:

            “The Moonstone”

          • “Bairn” is originally Anglo-Saxon (“bearn”), so it ought to count as “English”. It’s common in Northern England as well as Scotland.

            Beata FTW.

  2. I came up with another one for PRAN.

    I say “D”, thinking of Prandial. It’s a word referring to a meal, used in medicine. I know it because my grandfather was a doctor and my grandmother was a nurse.

  3. Back to politics quickly: isn’t it hard to imagine a more pathetic bootlicker than Ted Cruz? Lest we forget, in 2016 Donald Trump accused his father of being an assassin and crudely insulted his wife, yet there he is in Florida kissing the Donald’s ring (or whip, if you prefer). What a weak little worm he is!

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